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Blender 2D animation rig


2d-rigJoost de Jonge is a Dutch freelance 3D animator. He was recently featured on BlenderNation with his music video 'Marsman en Kadee'. He's now selling his 2D rig with an easy to use templating system for drawing your character.

Joost writes:

Super easy to use! Make your own 2D animation in blender.

Draw your character by using Photoshop, Inkscape or an other application wich allows you to paint a good character. Do this by using the template that comes with the package. You also can scan in your drawings and fill out the template or photoshop images from the internet in the template. It very easy to quickly make a lot of rigged characters this way.

What comes with it:

  • lipsync controle
  • eye controle
  • a base texture
  • an easy to use rig
  • how to use tips

Make a €5,- donation with paypal on [email protected] with your e-mail- adress in it and I will sent you a zip-file including the rig and how to use information in it. Don't forget to mention '2D Rig' in the title of your payment or e-mail. Don't have paypal? Send me an e-mail.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Sold! This looks very interesting, I can't wait to give it a go. I've done some 2D stuff with Anime Studio Pro but have always wanted to do more anims. in Blender.

  2. This is great! I'm considering it but would have liked a tutorial on how he did it. I would pay for that! the rig looks great though. I may give it a go!

  3. lol I had a similar idea for a rig... In fact I'm going to be premiering an animation i did entirely with 2d objects at the Tennessee Mini Conference tomorrow. *Facepalm* it looks like someone beat me to it... either way it looks good, kinda cartoony but still stylish.

  4. Joost de Jonge on

    Wow thanx for the many responses I got in my mailbox.
    Verry cool.

    I will try to sent all the rigs monday the 10th when i'm back at my office.

    you guys are great! :)

  5. Awsome Joost! Free tutorial! I would love to see that. I would have paid you a bit extra for the tut too. Guess I'll buy your rig then wait for the TUT

  6. I am going to break out of the crowd and say I don't like it on so many levels.

    First of all, Blender is and should remain free. Paying for training is okay in my book, but making paid extensions to a free program, while being a totally acceptable business practice, is for me something that breaks the illusion of free community and free software that we have built around Blender foundation. If Joost made a webpage from which one could download it for free and added a "Donate!" button, I wouldn't mind. Hell, I would probably donate myself. This, however, I don't like.

    Secondly, there already are rigs and tips for 2D cutout animation on Blender Artists:
    They are somewhat outdated, but hell, perhaps if we (community) or somebody (select individuals who have the knowledge) would put some work into it, then we would have a viable Blender extensions. For free, might I add. Wasn't community and free the two most important aspects of Blender?

    Thirdly, English. Sorry Joost, I am not a native speaker either, but "copie", "sent" and other mistakes take away credibility from something that you are trying to sell commercially. In the era of (free!) English dictionaries available everywhere on the net and in one's browser, this is just carelessness.

    So all in all, computer says no and I really don't understand why everybody is so happy about it.

  7. @Barts: what's the difference between a commercial training DVD and a commercial rig? By your own reasoning, you can probably find videotutorials for free on the web, so selling DVD's should be a 'no' as well.

    You claim that the Blender Foundation 'creates an illusion of free software and a free community', but in fact it actively supports and promotes commercial use of Blender, in the broadest sense of the word.

    So, while I respect your opinion, I disagree with you and I'll continue to fully support people who try to make a living with Blender, either by providing services or any kind of commercial product around it.

  8. @Barts: what's the difference between a commercial training DVD and a commercial rig?

    I see a commercial rig as extension of functionality of Blender, a plugin, if you will, as opposed to training, where one is paying for knowledge transfer and which, for me, is more of a service than a product, really.

    In general, I am strongly against commercial extensions to otherwise free Blender, which includes commercial renderers, queing software and such as well (it is not that I am just picking on Joost). I guess I am a bit of a freetard in this aspect, but I like the idea of Blender Foundation and don't like mixing it with commercial bits and pieces.

  9. You know, it always annoys me when someone pipes up with a "But it should be FREE" argument. It's not only a self serving argument the retards the growth of Blender, it makes us all look like we're too cheap to support nice new things.

    Seriously, it comes down to this: People can sell anything they like made with blender, and you can buy it or not. I personally am going to support those projects that support my needs, and not whine about them trying to profit from their work.

    And for the record, I've worked on dozens of projects with donation buttons. They rarely get donated to. Ones hat I made them pay for before getting anything? THOSE got payment regularly.

  10. I don't care if someone wants a few cents or euros for a tool. As I understand Free and Open source, FOSS, it means that anyone can contribute and can get some cash if it benefits others.
    If Joost makes a few euros he will supply improved versions and variations, (plugins) probably as free updates, this way Blender grows in reputation and ability.
    I can't contribute due to lack of funds but would use the rigs if I had them.

  11. I would add to the above that if serious advertising companies or movie studios use Blender there is no way they will do it for free and therre's little possibility they will supply their rigs at any cost -- they'll be locked down.

  12. I wonder when 3D Magix will sell this rig ;)

    In one way I can understand the way Barts feels about this, you could argue the fact that someone already got some attention last week on their video's, so a little knowledge-sharing would be appreciated. But on the other hand as Bart states, open source software doesn't mean that other people can't make some money of it...

  13. In my opinion, if people asks for €5 euros, for this kind of stuff, its ok! I'm probably going get this, just to play around with it =) I would get it if it was > €10

  14. Wow, Joost! I'm heading for PayPal right now to buy this!

    I am a firm fan of the open source movement and ethos. And I have to give your business model a really huge thumbs up! For a trivial amount of money, I'm getting what I've wanted for at least two years... a tool to create 2D animation out of my illustrations.

    This doesn't contravene the open source code at all. You've put major time and effort into a tool that allows others to do stuff they'd probably be able to do after a lot of time and effort themselves. By purchasing your rig, I'm saving all of that time and effort. The number of human-hours that I'd have had to spend on creating something similar would run to hundreds. Just put ANY arbitrary hourly fee on a hundred hours, and you come up with a huge figure.

    And it *IS* a donation. Nowhere does it say, 'You HAVE to pay for this!' (Of course, nowhere does it say you DON'T have to either. But hey.)

    As for your English... Jeeeeeeeez! If I were attempting a video in die Nederlandse taal, I'm sure I'll get more than a word or two wrong. The POINT of your video is that it communicates beautifully. And, what's more, English is a constantly flexing language. And it's changing minute by minute. Who the hell CARES about a few words? Doesn't mess with my brain at all.

    I'll probably face a rather steep learning curve. Cos Blender and I don't get along all that well. We're kinda like new lovers. Gawky. Anxious. Sticking things in the wrong places. But your rig gives me the motivation to play with Blender more seriously.

    Thank you for making this rig available, Joost! I'm really excited about donating to you!

    Blue skies

  15. LoL at correcting his spelling. It's called the "World Wide Web" for a reason.
    I don't see the issue with him trying to make some money off of his work.

  16. Roy Blumenthal on

    Yup. It is *indeed* the 'World' wide web.

    What's more... There are plenty of commercial, money-making enterprises linked to Blender.

    On the Blender homepage you'll find a link to a company called something like 123d. They sell ready-to-use 3d models for big bucks. Need a car? You can buy one for between US$60 and US$300.

    So who the heck gets indignant when someone sells a 2d rig for five euros?


  17. Looks epic! I would totally buy this if I had a paypal or a card, but as I'm only 14 I don't have either :( Oh well :S

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