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Blender Sightings


blender-in-parallelsI used to think we shouldn't post Blender sightings on BN anymore, but they just keep coming! I guess people just really like them, so here goes - we'll collect them and post compilations every now and then. Enjoy! :)

Morten Najbjerg wrote:

Stills from Big buck bunny is shown on one of the JQuery Tools demo pages.

kddubb  wrote:

Always fun to see when Blender open movies pop up in unexpected places [like this YouTube / Ogg/Theora comparison]

giorgio wrote:

[Blender in Parallels virtualization software demo] watch until the half . blender 2.48a. [6th chapter, 'Accelerate your Games & Graphical Software']

maverick wrote:

Big buck bunny used to showcase xbox 360's 1080p Smooth Streaming technology

R. Goraieb wrote:

Just a short note to tell that Bick Buck Bunny makes two quick appearances at the youtube video demonstrating the new Intel Linux based OS called Moblin. You can see the title scene of the Blender short movie at the begining (00:25) and further the big bunny shows his face at the middle of the video (01:00).

It's just some thumbnails there but I found it cool that Intel people like Big Buck Bunny enough to use it at their video.

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  1. hitechboy722 on

    1) Microsoft has actually come up with something really impressive! no really!
    2) BBB is becoming some sort of showcase vid for tech demos.

    actually 2) might not be that amaizing:
    -because I guess you wouldn't have to pay rights and all that crap as you would with other content.
    -also BBB is actually very quality stuff!

    I think the BBB team should see this as a credit to their work! and it's great to see their work getting free exposure.

  2. I like Blender sightings like this, a bunch at a time. No need for each to get its own post, but it is fun to see them.

  3. Just a point of view from watching news broadcasts here in Ireland, I notice that every time threre is a report about some technology event i.e. last night there was some report that IBM was creating 100+ jobs in research and as cutaways they showed a clip of Elephants Dream. What that had to do with IBM creating jobs I'll never know but amazing to see none the less. The time before that was someone playing with the ludwig rig.

  4. I saw some blender videos in a commercial for an area technical college's video game design course. Oddly enough, they only teach Maya... =0

  5. For the virtualization demo, they use blender in Windows... very usefull when you know that Blender can be install natively on Mac OSX.

  6. @doubleZ,

    I thought the same thing. Plus, as somebody who's actually used Blender under Parallels (don't ask why) I couldn't help but remember what a nightmare hotkeys were... Definitely not a good example of a reason to use Parallels. Still, cool to see Blender (and the Apricot splash screen) make an appearance.

  7. The BBB was used widely for demos in 'Java Day' last week in Israel, specially regarding 'Java TV' demos (it was playing in the background of the presented features), I guess it was also used at the 'Java one' 2009, because many sessions was replicated from there


    1. Create Blender Character/Mascot eg Suzanne - with 3 orange dreadlocks - like Blender logo for hair.

    2. Create high quality short story around this character - perhaps explaining the Coming of Age of Blender/Suzanne.

    3. Distribute as BBB and Durian, contact all companies listed in sightings above, and actively encourage the re-use of this story for demonstrations.

    WATCH for sightings where Blender character/mascot/logo to be seen in demos (as above) - advertising Blender not just a big bunny.

    AND / OR:

    Use a small version of the blender logo in the 2.5 GUI as icon button for click changing between views/modes/modules... so any demo will show the Blender logo in it - regardless of the media content eg video/animation/models.

    This way the Blender logo becomes synonymous with what Blender does - the blending of amazing features.

    And hopefully - lots of sightings are everywhere.

    And lastly, it's a nice way to 'put the icing on the cake' of 2.5.

    Afterall, if some on cgtalk have their way, Blender may end up being customised to look like Maya/Max/XSI/etc.

    It's been said that a successful install of Maya in a studio means it won't look anything like Maya once customised.

    But wouldn't it be cool to use the Blender logo as a unique, useful, and powerfully recognisable logo in Blender's 2.5 interface regardless of how the user customises the interface?

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. And thereafter... the Blender mascot can pop up in all future Blender Foundations videos... as a cameo. ;-)

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