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Buckets Of Blood


bobHeres something cool, a new game being made using Blender for all the 3D work, and the Unity game engine. The smooth and professional style of the game is promising and it looks like it will be fun to play, with plenty of gore :)

The Indie game company writes:

The first game that we will be releasing soon here is titled Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood. A third-person shooter where you must defend a town hall full of frightened civilians from local rebels. Riddled with blood, gore and violence, we hope Foreign Legion will make a fun little game for people who want a quick gaming fix for 5 to 10 minutes.

A team of 3 game developers from Belgium have been working on a little game called Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood. All 3d artwork and animations are done
in Blender.

Check out official site, which has one post about the Indie software being used (they of course mention Blender)

There is also the teaser video:


  1. hmm, the older I get the more I despise games that simulate war. War sucks big time and shouldn't be part of a fun game imho...
    of course I wouldn't say that everybody who plays war games goes berserk sooner or later but WAR IS NOT COOL, so why simulate it?

  2. Yet another media showing the bad arabs. The author seems to be very talented, it's a shame to see this talent contributing in what mainstream media are spreading.

  3. @zapman
    Because war is highly competitive with rather clear goals and unique scenarios, it lends itself very well as gaming material.

    I have a hard time seeing how a lego-man with a red hat is suppose to represent an arab.

  4. @BX: yep, that's another thing... the setting and simplicity reminds me of the black and white world of a former us president.. :(

    @scibotic: agreed, war has some features that suit gamedevelopers and gamers. But the negative vibes overweight imho. Please don't deny the obvious good and bad scheme that is shown here. It's built on an insular viewpoint of mainly simple minded westerners or people who like to abstract things and thereby biasing the real world...

    I'm also a "westerner" but I want to resist adopting such a reduced reality.

    I'm ok with people who play and enjoy those games but please keep in mind what war is originally about. That's mainly all my concern ;)

  5. The thing with war games, is that it relieves stress. Taking out all your anger in the virtual world is better than doing it in reality. I wish more people would realise this.

  6. "Riddled with blood, gore and violence..."

    I'm not sure, if this is the right way to advertise a game. I'm ok with blood in games, but to associate it directly to the fun factor??

    The character is only the target to eliminate. But you get quickly the impression about the culture of "this target" by looking at the surrounding environment (desert, architecture of the building, and the other usual features portrayed by games with similar genre).

  8. "...where you must defend a town hall full of frightened civilians from local rebels..."

    The same script by the game makers;saving LOCAL civilians from LOCAL rebels(or insurgents) by NON-LOCAL saviors (particularly US soldiers)

    I'd like to have a game please in which we can kick some invaders' asses.

    PS:Isn't it a loathing situation that seeing open-sourced applications used for promoting the dirty wars supported by the greedy corporates while knowing the spirit of this kinda applications is totally opposed to this

  9. Cool game....but I'm not really impressed..war sucks and the title? buckets of blood...jeez you should call it buckets of horse poo....:)Don't really like the idea!

  10. Looks good. I'll play the evil war game.

    People need to relax a bit. It's a game. If you don't like it don't comment. It's not like they're turning people into evil, bloodthirsty murderers. That's what the news is for.

    War games are popular because it's you fighting against someone else. Usually it's a 'Good vs Bad' scenario. Sure - maybe the whole "dessert people" scene is over played but it's one the world currently relates to. Sorry, but a lot of the world terrorists currently come from that Middle East area - it's just how it seems to work out.

    In the end, just remember - this is a game. It's a personal expression. If you don't like it - move on. Don't play. But don't make an attempt to sound like it's an evil thing or throw little jabs at past presidents or the western world. Just move on.

  11. From a visual style point of view I like it and I'm glad Blender is getting some attention as a tool for game pipelines.

    As for the other points, may I recommend:

    Day of the Tentacle!

    You fight the power as the unlikely (non military) heros. The enemy is a legion of time travelling tentacles who can talk. Very little violence (if any, been a while since I played it.) Absolutely hilarious! One of the greatest games I have ever played. Just my two cents.

  12. @Tadd
    Yeah, and a lot of the world's nation crushers currently come from that United States of America area...

  13. release stress?!? >>> go buy yourself a punching bag
    war is in human nature?!? >>> you have mixed up Homo sapiens with Human

    it is very sad that developers and creators have no imagination, so they stick with ketchup & mayonaisse to spice up the oh, so boring fish&chips

    DoT rulez

  14. Tadd wrote:"People need to relax a bit. It's a game. If you don't like it don't comment. It's not like they're turning people into evil, bloodthirsty murderers. That's what the news is for."

    In most cases, I agree with you; if you've got nothing to say that will add to the discussion, stay out of it, and please post somewhere else. However, I don't think that's what's going on here. These comments haven't been "this game sucks, I can't believe you n00bs are reading this." It seems to me that people are expressing legitimate concerns about disturbing trends in mainstream gaming. If Blender is to grow, it needs developers who will make new, interesting games that are fun to play. And at a glance, this particular game looks almost like more of the same. It's another shooter. Again.

    That said, I don't want to suggest that this game, or at least the trailer above, doesn't look awesome. The visual style, rendering, animation and camera techniques look very professional. I can't speak to gameplay yet, but I hope that this game turns out to be fun. I also hope there's a "turn blood off" button in the settings somewhere.

    Blender needs games. It needs Trauma Centers, and Scribblenautses, and The Last Guardians, but before we worry too much about what we're doing that's totally new, we need games that are fun to play. 'Cause if it's not fun, then what's the point? And, though I hate to admit it, shooters are fun. If Indie delivers a shooter that's fun, that's a step forward, and they are to be congratulated.

    So thanks for the scoop, Ad-Edge. You've given us a discussion.

  15. I don't think it's a relief to stress or that it makes u relax , on the contrary you end up with allot of adrenalin and no where to get rid of it
    plus look at the effect of action movies on children they grow up thinking that killing is easy it's a way of living and sooner or later one of them takes a gun to school and shots his friends

  16. sorry to say that people how move on are the people that live and die without making a deference in life and are the ones responsible for a lot of bad things in our world today .
    do you know that I have stopped watching action movies because I caught my self trembling from adrenalin after one movie and thinking that it was good that he killed the bad guy the same thing happened when I was playing resident evil .
    so tell me what will happen if people started to sink it's okay to kill especially the bad guy and believe me most Arabs and a lot of other people too think that America is a bad guy then u end up with 9-11
    and bad guy is a relative term any one can be labeld bad with some truce to the word
    i even might end up being a bad guy for writing the obove words so...

  17. A) This game seems very immature. We're GEEKS! We innovate! We make things better! We don't sit around and play video games!

    B) In my opinion, this gives blender an immature name. Yes, Big Buck Bunny, Yo Frankie, and this game are really good for the community, but it keeps us from being taken seriously by the users of the big guns. Hence, few good character rigs for blender.

    C) This appears to be a total ripoff of Team Fortress. That's not good.

    Please don't take this offensively, I just have a friend addicted to games and it hurts me to see such a creative mind praise video games and forfeit his intelligence.

  18. The game looks pretty well done to me. Graphics looked pretty sweet. As far as the game genre goes, yeah, it's been done before, but I really don't think that this game will make blender look bad or immature. Of course if the game play is bad people may blame blender rather than the game designers.

    The goal should be really to see good quality games that use blender's capability well.

  19. Tom (not Ton) on

    Just a thought

    I'm sure anyone bashing the game and lack of innovation would be free to apply to the company as a developer, artist, script writer, or any of the other positions needed to make a non-violent, innovative game.

    Were it set in the 1800s when the French were colonizing Africa would you be so quick to bash? How about it was set in the future killing aliens? Is that any different? Maybe those aliens came to give us wonderful technology. How about if it was all about the Iranian elections and a civil war? IT'S. A. GAME.

    It comes down to one thing. It is a game, made to sell I'm sure, so the look (Lego-like) and the shooting is just using the formula of what sells. Once they get established they may very well branch out, but from the sound of it they may need that "foot in the door" and to get on the radar.

    If you still haven't figured it out yet...

    YOU ARE JUST AS FREE TO GO MAKE A GAME YOU LIKE. Don't sit on some website bashing their efforts being jealous or picky, go make one. I understand that some folks despise war, I tend to agree. There are good things that have come from it, generally technological and medical innovation that does go other places to improve life.

    You saw the title, you clicked the link. If you don't like it don't play/watch/click just like if you don't like TV you turn it off. If you don't like war refuse to participate and make the world a better place.

  20. Alexander Blank on

    Well, regardess of which side of the debate surround the content in the game, its never bad to see Blender getting more attention. My guess from reading the previous posts is that there are many people that will find this game suits their interests, and it may just inspire someone of the masses to create other content in Blender. Not my style to see so much gore, but I still wish nothing but success to its creators...

  21. 'Sorry, but a lot of the world terrorists currently come from that Middle East area - it's just how it seems to work out.'

    That made me smile, especially since the world's most dangerous terrorists with the highest count of civilian casualties on their names are coming from the USA.

    Besides that, it's just another wargame. Why not come up with something more original? I think the visuals are just mediocre, and the whole war scenery is just too often used. I don't think I'm going to try this when it's finished.

  22. It's a game! This site needs to implement the same policy as the blender forums - no politics. Man everyone is a politician now days. Look so you've got an opinion, we all do, now get over yourself. Youre thoughts are not as new, unique, original as you think they are. Dont mark yourself the greatest intellectual mind of our time, no really. We dont really care man, not cause were ignorant but we knew the facts and moved on long time ago. It's a game that utilised blender. Comment about that! And how cool that is forget the politics.

  23. If "war" as a games topic is ok - why not a game about blowing up an airplane and sending it with all the passengers to the ground of the atlantik. This whould surely be as much fun. (irony!)

  24. Nice work
    Shame that their expensive engine doesn't allow a native Linux client to be made :(
    But it's not a big loss - we already have loads of 3d shooters.

  25. Wow, you guys talk as though this is the first war game to come out? I understand the need to vent about so many games being made about war, and so few adventure games (man, those really need a resurgence, but it isn't really happening, telltale aside) but I don't think it's really fair to single this game out for that discussion. At least this one doesn't 1. take itself seriously, or 2. focus on killing innocents a la gta.

    I just want to know if the game is good. Anyone play it?

    Yay blender!

    If only linux was a more viable platform :(

  26. It's a war GAME if everyone played war games maybe they'd find a way to bond though them like i do with people. Its fun to hit people with nerf toys and fake videogame bullets. cause no one really gets hurt.

    Anyways the game looks great they didnt say they used the Blender game engine. but whatever. Blender is great. Love to hear news like this and cant wait until a blender movie hits the big screen.

  27. As I read all the comments in this post, I couldn't help but laughing/raging.

    There's something wrong with you.

    "Games make people shoot stuff".
    Uh, no.
    "This game promotes war and Arabs as terrorists"

    Yes, it's another Shootan game, but that doesn't mean it can't be fresh.
    How many shooter games has a scoreboard in it?

    Not that many.

    Also, it's their first game, give them a break.
    Alot of fancy-pansy indies make new, innovative and "artsy" games, and quite frankly, those suck humongous balls.

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