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Blender2.5 Tour VI


blender-25-screenshotCurious about how the current builds of Blender 2.5 look? Mfoxdogg has published a number of video tours. Remember: 2.5 is still in early development - it's not even nearly finished or available for download yet, and many things can still change.

Mfoxdogg writes:

Hey all, its that time again, time for blender2.5 Tour #6, Horray!!!

Covered in this tour:

  • new buttons and layouts
  • resposivness during rendering and animation playback
  • scripting, both UI and normal Py scripting
  • new drivers system
  • resizable subregions

Check out the other 5 videos on his Vimeo page.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. WOW, looks amazing!!! So, the volumetrics by farsthary are going to be built in? Even the smoke thing by him?

  2. Thats f***ing awesome! It ashames me that i can only do so little to support the development of Blender. Thanks to the Blender team for the continuing effort!

  3. It looks great! this is amazing.

    I have 2 questions:

    what happened to the material and texture preview?
    Would it be possible to change all the text created in the python files to be calls to a dict with dicts, each one with the names of labels, so someone could make easy translations of the interface?

    something like this:

    row.column().itemR(world, label_data[selected_language]["hotizon_color"])

    instead of:

    row.column().itemR(world, "hotizon_color")

    so somewhere there's:

    selected_language = "english"


    label_data["english"]["hotizon_color"] = "hotizon_color"
    label_data["spanish"]["hotizon_color"] = "Color del horizonte"

    it could make making translations of blender easy.

  4. are there plans for a interactive picking sessions, rather than having to type everything into boxes?
    It would also be great if when your setting a driver once the driving object was targeted it's expose a list of valid values on the driver.

  5. I thought the current version was great... but the future version is stunning!

    I can't wait to see this version released and on a screen near me!

  6. Ohhh, it makes me droll!

    blender become more awesome everyday! it looks very professional!
    (even i don't know how professional tools look like, but it's still really cool!)

  7. wow, 2.5 is looking great! will we finally get an exit pop-up dialog asking, "Would you like to save your file before you exit?"

  8. Looks professional , and way better than 2.4 version.

    I like more the look and the way it`s works and that it is a big change and more users will turn Blender 3D from XSI, 3D Studio , Cinema 4D ..... looks more intuitive than Zbrush and Mudbox.

    That`s nice!

    And for free ? That`s a good hand of help for poor people around the world that don`t have real chance to do something in this life with theyr talent due the bad support in theyr country.

    Waiting to see Durian and the effects of it!

    And the ones that have money , please donate cause this worth it!

  9. Thanks to Mfoxdogg for making this really good tour! It's amazing to see how Blender is progressing recently, not only technically, but also concerning the UI, which is really nice to look at now and will hopefully help invalidating criticisms of a bad user experience. Oh, and that editing-while-animating functionality is just awesome!

    One thing though: It's only a preview of 2.5, but that "Update dependencies" button Mfoxdogg accidentally forgot to press after instating a driver would be nice to get rid of, wouldn't it? ;-)

    P.S.: Does anybody know which country/region Mfoxdogg comes from? (I'm asking because of the accent)

  10. @01mf02: he's from Australia

    Thank you Mfoxdogg, taking the time to share this.
    I watched it in .ogv two days ago :)

    Can you get a video of those animated nodes?

  11. Nitpick: Technically, 2.5 sources are available for download from SVN. They're definitely not finished or ready for prime-time, but they're there if you're interested.

    That said, wow. Can't wait for 2.5!

  12. Looks good! I still don't see a visual indication of radiobutton groups, however. And still no good visual indication if a radiobutton is depressed or not. You would have to guess that the light-colored button means depressed.

    The Python scripting is cool. I'm looking forward to customization scripts of the UI for specific purposes. You could make a UI which taylors to Maya or Truespace converts, for example.

  13. This is going to be amazing I liked everything I saw; I don't know where to start! Finally they have integrated python scripts! This is going to be the biggest release yet.

  14. Hi!

    I love Blender as it is now. I will love more version 2.5. It looks so great, astonishing!

    I am not a pro user, I just started to learn Blender for a month. I come from Maya.

    Is it possible to have the camera one is navigating the scene through move as one navigates the scene?

    In blender 2.49 if I navigate the scene, the view jumps to "user's perspecitve" and the camera remains where it was and I have to manually move it around. Would be easier if the camera would move the same with the user's perspective.

    My English....

    Hope you understand me.

    Anyway, congratulations for the great job you and all the other people are doing.

    God help us all!
    Christian I. Ionescu

  15. ^^ you could try Shift+F when looking through the camera this allows you to pan around and zoom(using mouse wheel).
    hope it helps,

  16. @Regele you could try Shift+F when looking through the camera this allows you to pan around and zoom(using mouse wheel).
    hope it helps,

  17. oh crap ...
    Why it's look like 3ds max ... why ?? :(
    For God's sake !!
    Why it couldn't look like Lightwave or XSI, anything but not 3DS CRAPX ;(

  18. Umm... If its not available then how do i have it?!I dint see half those features in the build i have... So exited!

  19. wow, just wow, for an early WIP it really makes an impression, but the python UI and seamless custom script integration left me speechless :-O

    damn you time, for passing so slowly...

  20. Seems there is still no feature to edit vertex normals. Thus it's still not enough to replace max\maya for a serious game production pipeline.

  21. @EagleWing: shift+F is not what I am looking for. I ment one should be allowed to navigate with the camera using the normal commands, like alt+MMC etc. It is somehow unnatural that the view is moving but the camera you are looking through does not.

  22. Regele, what I you can do is navigate the normal way, and when you are happy with your view's position - press SHIFT+NUM0 and the camera will stick to your current view.

  23. Astonishing results so far, thanks for the tour.
    Really can't wait to try the finished product, and I'm incredibly excited about the future of Blender.

  24. It looks very professional! Nice GUI. I hope there will be photon mapping : if true, then Blender will be the killer app for rendering too!

  25. @Regele IONESCU yea i know what you mean this was something i really struggled to get used to with blender. the closest alternative is to switch to a persp view then use your normal navigation to get your persp cam into the correct place and hit crtl-alt-NUM0 this will switch your active camera with the current position of your perspective camera. shift-f is used as a fly-by mode ie. once in a persp view hit shift-f then use w to move cam forward, a and d to move cam left and right and move your mouse to rotate the cam kind of like in a fps type game like quake :-) hope that helps

  26. Thanks for the video. I love the modern look. Reminds me of a very cool version of Star Trek computer screens in the nineties. :)
    Perhaps the integration of a direct command interface (I don't know how this is called - a tool like Enso or Ubiquity for Firefox that suggests and autocompletes commands) could accelerate the interaction even more. I can't wait for the release!

  27. Hey has anyone else tried ctrl+0 to move the the camera in 2.5? It seem to bey WAY more accurate than it was in the older versions.

  28. I noticed in the multires modifier the interface doesn't tell how meny levels of resulutions the mesh has. It would be nice if the level slider had a progress bar.

  29. Gundam Pilot on


    the 3ds Max's interface is probably the worst there is. Although it may have a more familiar to other applications, it is very slow to work with, cluttered with tools that duplicate them selfs and is highly inefficient. Especially for modeling

  30. @_bob there are several i18n libraries for python you could use. Using gettext you would write something like:
    row.column().itemR(world, _("hotizon_color"))

    This would lookup the appropriate translation for the current locale of the passed string.

  31. One GUI issue that seems to still be an issue that's meant I never layed out my buttons window verticaly, and that's the "header" bar that you only have the option of putting at the bottom, top... or off. If the buttons window is to be vertical, than maybe we should have an option to place that bar vertically at the side (left or right) of that window? That way we wouldn't need to Alt+LMB on it to slide it around. That's it.... minor, but kinda anoying. still looks amazing, I can't wait for this release.

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