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PlanetBlender and other sites down


nuclear.jpgNathan Letwory wrote: Hey BN - this is as short message about what is currently happening to:

Begin May the hosting provider for sites managed by Nathan Letwory (jesterKing) got DDoSed. It is unknown yet if the failure in some clusters was related to this, but the one with above mentioned services went down very, very hard. To give the entire debacle a nice finishing touch, also all (yes, all) backups seem to be very, very gone.

I intend to bring back these services, which for some of you have become a nice place for information and coming together of ideas. I'd put up short index.html's on my services explaining the situation, but currently I seem to be unable to even write in my directories.

I thank every visitor for the time spent on the services. I am sad they are not available now, but please, keep your eye on - "I'll be back".

With a very heavy heart for now,

/Nathan 'jesterDepressed' Letwory


  1. Holly Sh*t !
    How could this happen ?
    Who would do such a thing ? (must be those Autodesk guys ;) )

    Backup, backup and backup ... (to isolated hard media if possible).

    Anyways I am very sorry to hear this and I wish you good luck and quick recovery.

  2. Sad :(
    Backups shouldnt go out with the service! not cool!
    Really hope the process of fixing it isnt too difficult.

  3. When I read this I felt worried and sad, then I look a little to the right and saw a nuclear explosion and laughed.

    I really hope everything comes back together, and comes back ten fold!

  4. I think all the databases are still intact. The problem is that I cannot get to the database server now that I am unable to do anything with my account. I'll report back later.


  5. Lot less likely to be autodesk as we all know but more likely some little script kiddy or a rogue exploit not patched etc. sorry to hear about the loss of the remote backups as well.

  6. Ivan Paulos Tomé on

    We are having the same problems in Brazil with, what appears to be muslims atacked the site last year and took the entire site out of the way, leaving a message "Converted to Muslim site" or something. We yet don´t know who did it, but we change a lot of things to fix the problems, the site is continuous under atack.
    I don´t believe real muslims spend their precious time bullying sites, but will be far better if they start to use Blender software to explain the goods of their religion, bullying sites isn't a good thing for their image.
    Could be a conspiracy too, using the name of their religion to deviate the route to the real atacker...
    Better or Worse, the best thing to do is to update CMSs...

  7. Nathan Braswell on
  8. Nathan Braswell on

    I just checked, google still has the chected versions of all of them. I downloaded them, just in case. (both main page and other page, if applicable. For blenderstorm got main page plus first idea page.)

    Email if you need them. (you probally won't)

  9. When you get things back up and running be sure to look at setting up a CRON Job to have your databases compressed and then emailed to you once a week, you can then store these locally or externally.

    Check out whilst it is for WordPress simply changing the database information to whatever software you are running will work. May need to google it a bit more to get it going, I know CRON Jobs are available in cPanel but dunno about PLESK, im sure there is something similar.

  10. When you get back up and running be sure to create a CRON JOB for each of your sites. Using a CRON Job you can create a script that will automatically compress and email your databases to you on a scheduled basis.

    Check out

    While the 2nd is for WP it is simply a matter of changing database information in the script. This may or may not be available in PLESK im sure there is an alternative whereas cPanel supports CRONs natively.

  11. I didn't know about the first three listed links existed!
    I only used the last link to get the updated PDF of the Blender Wiki..

    I hope you get them back soon, up and running..

  12. News, Ton our prime minister is about to issue a statement about these seek attack on our colonies.Blendoria today is sadden by today events that a emergency meeting is schedule in hours from now.

  13. Nathan, I am sorry to hear of the loss to you and all of us. I think some good may come of it. When the sites return like the Phoenix, rising from its ashes, more people will know about them. I look forward to seeing them back up for one, as I am one who did not know about them before. My wish is that, there will be an easy solution found.

  14. I'm very sorry to hear that. I mean crash a oh so secure MS Server to show that they are absolutely not secure at all, that's one thing, but take down Blender Community servers thats a crime and nothing else.
    Hope you have the energy to set all up again. I have only time to help, but that in big amounts. So if you have som tedious, time consuming tasks, just shout.


  15. I'm happy that is jesterKing still alive, that's more important than other way around! He will make better, nicer and faster sites anyway! He is the King after all, right!? :)

  16. amusing_pseudonym on

    I just thought the servers had H1N1 A and that we were all going to die because of it, nothing to worry about.

  17. Lucas da Costa Dantas on

    never know these links ,
    looks like an ads for visitour count about a new internet business
    and a what a better name .

    Well lets check later and see what's next .

    Just checkout BlenderNation first .

  18. Its not as big a help as you might think, but to start, there is always the wayback machine ( which is an archive for the entire internet. Pictures are intentionally not backed up (like I said, it archives the whole internet), but text and page formatting are stored, about every 3 months. It might be helpful.

  19. To me this is conspiration, is really strange that things hapend with no reasons or stuff like it, maybe a hakker meybe not but, if this is strange one reason it have, so, conspiration is the only thing i supose. remember, big companys, with a looot of money can make bad things(and say they don´t know noting or look like good people) the envy exist and the egoism too, is like microsof when they want to buy all the informatics companies.

    PS:sorry my english is soo bad, i hope say it a little clear :D

  20. Lucas da Costa Dantas on

    So big company do bad things...
    maybe so ,maybe anyone or everyone do bad things ...

    Then a want for Blender to be the first...looks like this:

    Privatization of free choice.
    But sure Blender is a very good software . Then what its all about ?
    Marketing .I can give you a marketing .
    A global war of international individuals free for the logo .
    To talk about .I can learn it first .
    Good but fail .Available new updated versions are great but
    resources get too fast old for the record .To get trapped for a new buy or forum marketing .
    The open source do not want to follow organization and custumer care,
    cause its already made free and theres a must for you to help improve it .
    Sure but iam only a user .
    Then nobody is guilty for work free for the user ,whe are the software .
    Its available online documentation ,but not like the book you have now obsolete.

    Ok heres something for you to fix .And iam a Blender User .

  21. Hi all again,

    Thanks for all the concern, and to all those who have already grabbed pages from the Cache.

    I'll get back to that whenever I'm able to access my account again (1 day after latest support ticket of highest priority, and still no answer :/ ).

    I had cronjobbed backups going on, but apparently there has been a problem with that server too, resulting in gone backups. For the next time, I'll be getting a few more service providers under my belt which I'll be using mostly as separate backup servers.

    From what I can see and access, I should still have all databases intact (but can't really verify yet due to access problems).

    To all, I don't think this was an attack directed at my services, it just happened to be at the same provider, but concentrated on a site on a very different server machine. It coincided with the failure of 4 other machines, I was on one of them.

    I'll be rebuilding the services (writing new code as we speak), and go online the instant I have the acts together again.

    I'll most likely balance my domains between different providers as well, even though it will increase my administration workload - but so be it.

    I'll also start making DVD-burns of the most important data every month (apart from the off-server backups, which I'll be making daily or at least bi-daily).

    How the old services will improve... only time will tell (I won't tell you right now, it's all SECRET ;)

    Again, thanks all for the comments and concern and help offerings, I appreciate it very much.


  22. I don't know if i say it rigth, like i say, my english suks, and there are a looot of words and other things i dont know, but, I recognize, May be i exagerated it XD, well, when I write, i never think abouth: things like PCs, and some electronic resources, some times fail or break, and well, it's only bad luck, but well, things haped and the world have to go on...

    and well I admire all the effort all put on the comunity, I realy happy to know blender, and all the people who make tutorials, pager resourses, and all the wonderfull things to help the others and teach, etc, so I wish you the best, to do and, i dont know, hope you to have all you need. so GAMBATTE...


    Damn!! and ??? is down too?? ;(

    I hate to sound conspiratorial, but all this strikes me as rather suspicious. Are those first four sites run by Nathan from the same server? That would explain most of that, I suppose, but sheesh!

    Whoever is doing this seems to be pretty adapt at this kind of work. That is, assuming this is being caused on purpose. It's hard to think it isn't. I don't think it's a commercial operation behind it, After all, and blendernation are still up, and it's safe to say they're far more influential sites, no?

    Still, something's really fishy here.

  24. @Nathan Letwory - I read the DH response your posted. Typical automated response. I hope they're able to expedite a solution. If you keep on DH through web panel, somehow it's gotten me quicker responses in their priority list (I guess).

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