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Novatux, the first open source videogame of Cuba


novatux_presentacion-palacio-de-computacionA group of Cuban Blender users have participated in the National Videogame Festival.

From their blog:

Novatux is designed as a game for children and teenagers 9 to 14 years, where they toured worlds meeting specific objectives, all aimed at learning the main concepts of Free Software and GNU / Linux distributions, particularly making emphasis in the features of NOVA, the Cuban GNU / Linux distribution, and the importance of their use for our country.


About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. blenderman_cuban on

    Hello friends, I am very happy that you have published this article, which also shows that Cuba is being given to good use Blender.
    Good start, good luck!
    Blenderman of Cuban ........... jejeje (estoy fula en el ingles, eh ???)

  2. There is importance in blender and linux but not for your country. For people that populate it. So they can as well find joy in 3d creation even when regime of those two grandpas is not letting your country to be open and grow like it surely deserves.

    You like open source? OPEN YOUR MINDS.

  3. radialronnie on

    @Nezumi, Do you think that the country as a whole is asking the "two grandpas" to stay? Come on...

    It's good to see that Cuba is making improvements! Cheers and good work!!

  4. Please don't get political or religious. Believe it or not, not everybody thinks christianism and american "democracy" are the non plus ultra. Congrats guys great job!!!

  5. I have to say I am impressed that it is not only opensource, but if I understand it correctly, is a program that teaches ABOUT free software! Sounds great!
    (ps - I am religious but not political, so I missed the whole grandpa's thing completely.)

  6. radialronnie, jose - you guys didnt get my point. Read it again and you will see that I have nothing against people of Cuba and EVERYTHING against regime of two ridiculus, old clowns. Thx to that regime Cubans do not have freedom of choice, internet either is censored or for tourists only and people are suffering probably sometimes didnt even knowing any better. How many Cubans you actually met on internet? I can bet that not too many - so think about it - why. Silence and pretending that nothing is happening is not an answer at ANY subject related to that country. I would not mention nothing political but when I hear "for our country" automaticly I see in my head some half-dead grandpa in military cloth mumbling for hours...

    Great that Blender is breaking even into so closed place. RESPECT to all users and creators in Cuba! Go one with your creations and keep your minds open.

    [censoring that post is like taking side of regime in my opinion]

  7. @Nezumi: Thanks to the dictatureship of those old "grandpa's" cubas citizens have one of the best free health care systems of the world and one of the lowest infant mortality. Admittedly they have no freedom of opinion or freedom or press. But it's the right of everyone to be in favor or against that regime.

  8. ChrisH - So they have good health care, ha? As well as good cigars, nice cars, beautiful landscape, music and pretty girls :D Its heaven! All surely to castro Bros.! Hip Hip - Horay!

    I am sure people like Rolando Jimenez - sentenced for 12 years in prison just because he wrote sentence against regime - greatly appreciate those who are in favor of C-Bros.

    But you right. Its right of everyone - and I choose to be against it.

  9. Greetings to all who appreciate working with Blender 3D. Thanks to the international community that has given us so much support. We have discovered that in Cuba is barely known 3D Max, Lightwave, Softimage XSI and others software. FreeViUX is starting to break this ignorance using Free Software in Cuba, we went in FLISOL showing videos for teenagers, and presenting the Blender potentialities at the Industrial Design Institute of Cuba.

    Thanks to Ton that has posted this, and gives us an important visibility within your world. The news will keep showing our performance.

    About politics aspects: Cuba is a 3rd world country. Cubans have a 1st world mentality. 10% of Cubans living in the U.S.. Cuba now has 11 million people. It is a communist country like China, and in each election by secret ballot, 90% do so in favour of the regime. Like every nation in the world, Cuba still has things to do.

    It is important however for the internet community know that, due to the U.S. blockade, Cuba has only a 256Mb satellite link for the entire country. The closer fiber optics is at 50Km in the sea, but is owned by U.S and we can not touch it. This 256Mb link is dedicated to the universities from which we all work. We have 100Mb a month quota and we do wonders with it, so that's why we thanks to the Blender Foundation and Raúl (farsthary) by the gigabytes of information we have received in DVDs.

    We are not upset that everyone has an opinion about our country, not censorship. But at all times please respect our decision, and especially help us to criticize our work in 3D. The decisions in Cuba, must be consulted 11 million times. We do not tell any country what to do.

    Thanks for contributing to our work in 3D.

  10. Hi there!

    trust me those guys are making magic, they have to face many obstacles to go on with a project
    so is something really altrusit what they do
    go on FreeVIUX !

    Cheers Farsthary

  11. Nezumi:

    There is a time and place for politics. This isn't one. If the Cubans want to do something about Castro, it's their decision. If you aren't Cuban, it's not your business. They have a right to run their country the way they want, and sufficient will by the people of the country will always define that (not outside influences).

  12. DXFiles - I am waiting for game to be published, to get my final opinion but screens are looking pretty decent. Again - respect and good luck on that field.

    As for other things: I will not insult your inteligence. I am susre you can realize thse things on your own:

    - "in each election by secret ballot, 90% do so in favour of the regime".
    Like in every single regime in the world. China, Cuba, North Korea even Venezuela now - there will be ALWAYS more then 90% in favor of regime (as long as regime stands) does not matter how bad is in the country. You ever wondered why? It is easy like 2+2 so I go no further with it.

    - "in Cuba is barely known 3D Max, Lightwave, Softimage XSI and others software" No kiddin'? Whos fault that could be? Because surely people do not mind to use some of that software and Autodesk, NewTek and others do not mind sell some more licenses. Hmmm...

    - "10% of Cubans living in the U.S."
    As well I've met quite a few in UK (they get there after first living few years in Jamaica). Even in Mexico I see many of them now. Quite surprisingly - they stop to talk in favor of regime as soon as they manage to get out of Cuba. All of them (unless they have to came back...).

    - "due to the U.S. blockade, Cuba has only a 256Mb satellite link for the entire country."
    And how exactly they are blocking Cuba from getting faster internet? By not letting Cuba use their own cable? Come on man, be serious. In that way of thinking I can say that because of my neighbor who dont want to let me use HIS car I need to use bicycle LOL.
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS US BLOCKADE. It is impossible. There is however regime who doesnt want people to have uncontrolled access to internet. Care for more info? Here it is:
    (and if this link would not work for you - do not blame Americans and think about who and why blocked it.)
    BTW I didnt know shocking fact that " the (Cuban) government authorised ordinary citizens to buy computers and own mobile phones on 1 April 2008.) So what was before? And how they manage to blame America for they own blockades LOL?
    Straight forward - regime do not want people to comunicate easily and have uncontroled access to comunication outside Cuba - for quite obvious reasons.

    "But at all times please respect our decision" - sure. As long as it will be YOURS as people of Cuba not a few tyrans. Think about fear factor when Cubans are asked about regime. Its not that they want it - is that they affraid to say they dont - affraid for a good reason. Is enough to ask ANY Cuban citizen that manage to get out of country.

    Michael Crawford - learn some history. If government is telling you what you may and what you may not do - your decisions as citizen do not matter. Regime is not what people want. Is what they are forced to accept. Try not to..
    Outside influences in this case can work as medicine - when organism is sick he cannot heal by itself.

  13. for NEZUMI i dont know if you are really jocking or you are the most ignorant person on the planet man, to say that is not a blockade what the US have done for almost 50 years to Cuba, I thing that you went from Mickey Mouse straight to Rambo and you forgot that there are other people on earth and all your life that seems really short couse bro you thinking like a five years old kid, grow up and realize that the world is not just the litlle town where you live.

  14. rolinho - and how do you, mister (not-so) big brain, explain that Cuba will soon have good connection in cooperation with Venezuela? USA is still blocking, right? Talking about ignorance - you dont even know what this blockade is about. I guess you just stick to Mickey Mouse....

    BTW, I would appreciate if you use some english that actually make sense...

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