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6-Part Head Modeling Series by Jonathan Williamson


6-part_head_modeling_series_jonathan_williamson_screenshot_032209_cropGuess what? Jonathan Williamson has done it again! This time he brings us a 6 part series on head modeling, completely free to watch online. Check it out here!

Wes Burke of writes:


I am writing to let you know that Jonathan Williamson's six part Head Modeling series is now complete and available to view online at no costs.

This series contains 2.1 hours of online video training that covers modeling the initial edge loops of the model, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. This series is great for beginners or developed artists looking to obtain a refresher on efficient edge loops on an human head.

This tutorial is taught with Blender, but the principles are recommended and can be used across multiple software packages. The focus is more on the structure and technique, vice program specific features.

Downloads of a higher resolution video and the .blend file at the site of the tutorial are available for purchase.


About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. The tutorial is good, but the website is meh... I mean, after three hours of banging my head against the wall I was still unable to watch the whole thing online - as a matter of fact, I was only able to watch part 1 in its entirety; part 2 kept hanging at around 15-20% and I had to refresh my browser, after which it hung again, etc. I guess these guys really go for the hard sale and try to force you to pay the damned $10 for the download so that you can watch the whole thing without having such ridiculous problems all the time.

  2. Gadget2006: No, it's your internet. Dont blame these guys for your own troubles. They dont force any hard sales and you should be thanking them for offering this for free in the first place, other people sell modeling DVDs and downloads like his for 60$, so be grateful and look into the issue before you let your mouth go.

  3. Well, I haven't had any troubles like that with any of the other resources in over five years, so I'm quite positive it's not my Internet. :P And well, opinions differ - if you guys don't have any troubles with the website, my congrats, I'm happy for you that you're able to enjoy this fine tutorial online for free. I can't, so I'll just look for other free resources that don't cause me (for whatever reason) such troubles.

  4. I also have no troubles with the site and everything runs flawless.

    The videos are from 2nd March, so it is a bit old, but it deserves the front page never the less. Really amazing tutorial, makes modellers life a breeze.


  5. Yes, I have downloaded all the files - those really are just a few bucks and very affordable. Video streaming always sucks, so go for the download if you have problems :) After all, you can always rip vids from the browser. The tutorials are most definitely top notch, so spending some money just shows appreciation of a tool that will definitely raise your level!

  6. Hey guys,

    Thank you for the comments and appreciate the visits. Also thanks to BlenderNation for the plug. ;)

    @gadget2006 I apologize you are having problems viewing the videos, and my intent is not to push you to purchase the downloads by any means. I am working to try and establish a backup channel on youtube to ensure that all can enjoy the content for free. The downloads funds go right back to fund the authors to provide more content.

    Thanks again guys for checking out the site, I appreciate it. Feel free to drop me a note at [email protected]



  7. @Gadget2006
    Ever heard the expression "Blendernationed"?
    Might be quite a few people connecting simultaneously atm. since it's frontpaged here.
    There are also very few things in the life of a learning 3dartist that come for free at the same level of quality.
    A big thumbs up to the guys at Montagestudios for making assets like these available to the public both for free and at reasonable prices as downloads. They deserve every penny tossed their way imo.

  8. Like Gadget2006, I too had problems with the second video. I ultimately gave up them for a bit, then forgot. I'm glad to see there's a Vimeo channel for them now and look forward to sitting through the entire series.

    So BlenderNation reminded me about something I'd forgotten AND gave me new information I can use about "old news". That's a couple pluses by my accounting. Double thumbs up!

  9. Jonathan, thank you for such a wonderful gift. I have been having some trouble with my internet connnection, but still was able to watch most of the set of videos. I will probably take my laptop somewhere else tomorrow so that I can watch the rest. I especially appreciate your tips on work flow. Keep up the good work. I hope you do a series on the body as well.

  10. Gadget2006, what browser are you using? Is it updated? I seem to remember having similar problems, and cleaning out some place where the browser stored streamed video, or maybe it was just cleaning the browser history. Hope this helps.
    I would like though, a low-res video though, so I can watch it on my Pentuim 3. :)

  11. Iceweasel (firefox) 3.0.6 on Linux x86_64 with flash 10 64-bit pre-release. No issues here.

    Great tutorials. Thanks for posting banor, even if it's old, people like me wouldn't know about it without posts like this :D

  12. I'm intrigued by how much simpler and easier to animate Jonathan's models are, compared to MakeHuman. On the defense of MH, they claim they've taken a much more accurate mathematical approach, that will survive the test of time. It's taken me the better part of six months to learn how to control facial gestures and lip sync on a Makehuman head -- the quads at the edges of the mouth and eyes are especially fierce-- so I'd be interested in swapping blend files, and animating one of Jonathans. To goal is usually to create Preston Blair visemes that can be processing by Papagayo, but that is not essential.

  13. Pure gold. Just watching and really enjoying this tutorial. Thanks

    @Jonathan Williamson
    I've got a little workflow tip, whenever you hit Ctrl+R and want to put loop in a center, just press middle mouse button, it will pop right in, no need for left clicking, aiming for a center with ctrl and left clicking again.

    Keep up the good work

  14. Lucas da Costa Dantas on

    i have no trouble and yet not give a try to this site resource .

    But ,like before to be all for the thanksgiven...and in all that religious level ,well....

    Its nice to know ,and if the tutorial is like this ,great !

    I want a tutoral that show how to build it like "free line" ,to the great and organizated
    faces to the model .
    Thats its a 2D art that draws it in 3D .No image sources only the 3D as 2D .

    A sculp mode by meches ,like i did my Friend Dog at the first try with Blender :

    Ok it look a bit obvious ,but i made it by look and imaginate to hen view it on the 3D
    perspective ...
    The problem is that the organizated faces is a mess ,unable for animation .

    Ok ,thats a new idea for the free to be payd ,or to be thanks .

  15. Thanks to Jonathan and CGCookie!! Great resource, would love to see more of this caliber! Thanks for keeping in spirit of Open Source!!!

  16. Thanks for the tutorial. I plan on purchasing it, but don't have the time to watch it anytime soon. Maybe sa link to the vimeo channel would be good for Ben's Realistic Human wiki efforts. Thanks again.

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