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jellibotsYou may recall reading about the project Kajimba which is still in production at ProMotion Studios. Meanwhile, they are also working on developing a children's show entitled "Jellibots.

""Here at ProMotion Studios we've developed a solid Blender pipeline for our primary 3d tool set. In order to test our pipeline in series format, we've put together a pilot for
a series we're developing called the Jellibots."


Click the picture to link to the Jellibots Video

"Its a 100% Blender project , and is a 26 x 2 min series for preschool age children, with lots of slapstick comedy and childish play.

We're taking it to market at Annecy in June 09 and with a bit of luck and perseverance, we might be able to convince someone to fund it into full production."

If you would like to know more about James Neale and Promotion Studio, you can check out this article at "It's Art"


  1. RAD!
    The lighting/rendering setup is slick. Some of the sound effects sounded straight out of Wall-E which if you didn't steal, means your sound designer is awesome ;) I love the way the characters glide and bob around. Looks very smooth.

    Only thing I noticed was that you could see down the tailpipe of the red guy. Which is extremely finicky of me, but just thought I'd let it out there.

    Amazing work! Hope to see more!

  2. Agreeing with Gr8, kids will love the concept (and blenderheads dads who are forced to watch the sunday cartoons with the kids...)

  3. Very polished animation and rendering. Nice concept but quite stark. A bit pocoyo in white environment, but the voice over in pocoyo and distinctiveness in the characters carries the story. Will the environments be the same sort of idea? Odd colourful objects and simple scenery, pocoyoesque wise?

    The various characters eyes all seem very much the same size and appearance and seem to be animated the same way exhibit same emotion or indistinctive of at the moment, not sure whether just the simple idea of characters looking different is enough for anyone to really get to feel like they know them. relate to them.

    Will they have character traits, good guys, bad guys, selfish, snobish etc, storylines to encourage children to enjoy learning, the benefits of joining in, overcomimg fears and isecurites, being considerate to others and other various experiences that children go through for example.

  4. One (minor) thing I've just noticed. When the red (+flames) Jellybot turns it's back to the camera, you can see through his exaust. One (well,two) simple shadless black circles (disks) should fix this in a sec. Good luck with your funding! It's lovely!

  5. I had the same question as Yellow. Will there be some educational aspect to the shows? Do you have any educators consulting on it? Two minutes isn't much time for a deep lesson, but is a good length of time for very young viewers.
    I'll have to let my 2 year old watch the clip tomorrow to see what he thinks.

  6. santogiuseppe on

    Great!!The animation is amazingly smooth..
    I'm a blender super-noob user, i guess how the eyes are animated, animated textures maybe?
    I agree with yellow, something reminds me of pocoyo(really amazing cartoon!!).

  7. I love the way the characters move. I especially like the first scene where the orange guy gets into his robot suit. It's all very bouncy and funny. Good work!

  8. LOVE IT! I know my kids would get a kick out of this. In fact, I'll have to show them the clip tonight and get their reactions. Visually it looks great; sound design is excellent. I hope you guys get the funding you need. And if you ever need to offload rendering tasks, perhaps my studio can assist - we did all the CG rendering for the 'Hangar No. 5' short. Good luck!

  9. Awesome! My kids will love this. I agree with MetaBlue. I like when the orange guy gets into the robot suit. I'd like to see more of them outside the suits.

  10. Great job! If I were in preschool, I'd definitely find this a real treat to watch. (I even found it a treat to watch now)

  11. I would like to know how to stretch the legs and arms out of the orange bouncing sphere at the beginning. I think these are shape keys and subsurf modifier, but how do i manage the amount of additional vertices in the original sphere without getting a pimpled surface?

  12. I would like to know how to stretch the legs and arms out of the orange bouncing sphere at the beginning of the video. I think these are shape keys and subsurf modifier, but how do i manage the amount of additional vertices in the original sphere without getting a pimpled surface?

  13. Very VERY nice rendering, the only crit I would have would be to work on the character animation. It feels(to me anyhow) like there is a large lack of character emotion. It's just not very believable.
    Still though, materials and rendering are just awesome!
    Keep it up!

  14. I just have to say that is AWESOME! Honestly, that's one of the coolest things I've ever seen done with Blender. I love the character design. I could totally see this going big time. The branding is even awesome. Great name / logo.

    My 2yr old daughter would probably love it!

  15. Haha!
    Reminds me of Pocoyo! But the render is much more stylish!
    The creature entering the robot armor looks very funny! I hope this happens often!

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