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BlenderPocket 2.48a is now available


 big_caveBlenderPocket is a Blender port dedicated for mobile devices (Phones, PDA, ...) having a touch screen, small amount of memory (RAM), a low speed processor (with no floating point unit) and no graphic unit (no hardware acceleration). BlenderPocket is working today on all mobile devices with Windows Mobile 2003 or newer but it should be "easy" to make it work on any other devices. It just got upgraded from 2.42 to 2.48a!

Salvatore Russo wrote:

I updated BlenderPocket (with its website) so that it now match with the current Blender 2.48a version: the sculpt mode is not yet supported but this version should offer a new 3D mobile experience.

Additionally to all additional features added to Blender from the 2.42 to the 2.48 version, you can now assign any Hotkeys to your Hardware Buttons without limitation. There is also now a better dynamic memory allocations and many other improvements were implemented: BlenderPocket should be quicker and a special care was given to stability (still not perfect).

I hope you will have fun with BlenderPocket, bringing Blender to mobile devices (including phones) that have Windows Mobile.

More information can be found on my website.

Happy blending,

Salvatore Russo

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Blender is written in C; porting it to Java would require a complete re-coding of everything. That doesn't sound very feasible, does it? :)

  2. Seconding the iPhone apps. Not that anyone could seriously model... but wonder if there is a game engine inside that people could use to develop 3D games for iPhone for example...

  3. I'm always blown away by what Salvatore has achieved on his own, with just a copy of the Blender source and a will to make something.

    It would be *very* cool to have the GE working on PocketBlender ( even as a completely separate project, ie not integrated with the main PocketBlender app - well, at least not initially :) ).

  4. Hi,

    For java, it would be really not easy at all ;) Maybe you thing about Android? I cannot imagine that Android will not offer a C/C++ compiler.

    For Iphone, I am not familiar at all with Mac coding...

  5. you should get an OpenPandora openSource handheld and an ARM compatible built of Blender. You would have lots of CPU power and even hardware 3D support :D

    have a look at ; the preordering is still open until March 12th!

  6. oh yes, for all WindowsMobileUser blenderpocket will be really nice. Good job Salvatore and thx a lot! The more blender the better :D

  7. @Andreas

    I agree. It would be awesome to use blender on a Nintendo DS; pushing vertices around and sculpt mode with its stylus. Given the price of $129 for one, would be an excellent mobile blender device.

  8. @imbusy "Cool, but completely useless."
    I could do basic sculpting and scene editing on the train.
    For me (and it ran on linux) it would be a god send.

  9. @ Anton : Well aware of the article, the only thing being that it needs an exporter. It's not as simple as pressing alt+P (I know... I'm a lazy slob)

    Still, it would be interesting to see how multitouch behave for 3D... because it might be the future, and tinkering with that might give Blender an edge for later ( I don't know for you, but I feel all fuzzy inside when I think 3D+multitouch screen... )

  10. @zapman - I like the openpandora idea but I'm looking at
    I think they both use the beagleboard as their base
    The folks are alwaysinnovating are also taking pre-orders for their touchbook and have been very responsive to my questions about the system. It sounds like they are still working on the actual application set that will ship with it but it looks like something that might be pretty cool if blender ran on it.

  11. @ Tomas-

    The Touchbook will already be running a build of linux (based on ubuntu, if I remember correctly) so I think we can all look forward to blender on the touchbook, as I can't think of a version of linux that i've used that doesn't run it.

  12. Awesome, something to do on the subway. Although I'd rather spend the money on a laptop rather than a phone capable of doing this...

    Great job, sounds great.

  13. This is just cool. I've always eschewed the electronic leashes everyone seems to have these days, but this actually makes me want to go get one.

    A friend of mine has a Treo PocketPC. I'm assuming his OS can run it, and the next time he brings his dock over, I intend to find out.

    Blender in the palm of your hand. Awesome.

  14. aws357,
    I'm more interested how could we use ipod touch ( or iPhone ) with accelerometer/multi-touch capability with the modeling/animation work flow inside the desktop blender via wifi, like some ad-on "nD" wifi mouse/keyboard. All this will be possible to implement with the up-coming 2.5 blender redesign.


  15. If someone would port it to the Android platform, then I'd say it would be cooler than cool. But Android is made with Java, right?

  16. WOW!!!

    I heard something about this quite a while ago, but I thought it was just a concept.

    Can't believe it is working.

    "Cool, but completely useless."? I'm pretty sure that if you want to make a photo realistic view of a city with millions of polygons, radiance, particles and heavy ray tracing then this is not the way to go ;). But I'd hardly say useless. What about lowpoly game assets creation? Tweaking models on the fly and sketching out quick ideas on the go?

    My next phone is going to be chosen based on specs to suit this application. A friend of mine recently got a phone with 16 Gig memory (on card...), 670MHz processor, touch screen, etc... and GPUs for mobile are on the horizon. Phones now are more than capable of making this application more than usable.

    Much respect for building this, Salvatore.

  17. for the lack of buttons, try reading the link to the site, especially relating to hardware buttons, and look at the video that shows manipulation, adding materials to and rendering a cube, and extruding vertices on a Suzanne model. This looks great fun for long train rides or long flights. Modeling up mountains FTW!!!

  18. I'd very much like to see this ported to Symbian platform (namely, S60 V3, symbian 9.5) for touchscreen models like the Nokia 5800... it has a big touchscreen, lots of RAM and a pretty fast processor, so I think BP would run just fine on it :)

  19. Ah, cool. I may not have hardly any use for it (at this time at least,) but it's cool that Blender is brought even to mobile devices, sweet! I want to see it for the iTouch or iPhone, that would be cool. Don't have one of those, but it still would be cool. lol. Cheers and a big thanks to all the hard work and endless hours of dedication that went into this project. God bless -b

  20. I use my ipod touch more than ever, and to think that Blender could be on it some day would put that last 15 minutes of free time I had in the dumper! Go Man Go!!!

  21. But seriously we need this on java phones. There must be somebody out there without a life that could compile it into a .jad java mobile app. :)

  22. it will be difficult for java
    then why not symbian (s60v5
    when it is already having support for c and python
    having better performance and huge market coverage than WinMo, ppc or any other
    symbian os is having better scope
    i and many nokia users will be pleased to see blender pocket on symbian os

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