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Making of Classical Girl by Wang Shiyong


"Classical Girl" is an excellent piece of CG artwork made by Wang Shiyong, and he has written up a making-of article on the creation process of this fine work.

Even though this may not have been made with Blender, it is still an excellent piece of art and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  May we all passionately pursue gaining the skills to create our artwork and to find our dreams!

Recent version of "Classical Girl" by Wang Shiyong

Recent version of "Classical Girl" by Wang Shiyong

About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. Aww for a moment I thought that at last one of these great CG-talk-style 3d artists have made something in Blender :P

  2. @Gradir: Yeah, sad, isn't it? But in the end it doesn't matter what software you use, it's the results you get. The artist behind the brush. We can always learn from other artwork, even if it's not done by an application we are familiar with. Thanks! -b

  3. I agree with Gradir - not because of familiarity but because this is a website that's (to my knowledge) a Blender new portal. It also got my hopes up ... "Wow! Photo realism in Blender!?"

    It is a beautiful piece of work and I applaud Wang Shiyong for his work. Just disappointing it wasn't in the application the site is dedicated to. Ah well.

  4. Ah I got all excited then thinking someone had written a making of on how to create this sort of stunning image in Blender. Great art work just a pity its not in Blender.

  5. Damn, I thought it was a painting !

    @the others : less ranting and more blending and you might end up with similar results !

    I like these articles. It's like giving the recipe for a succulent milkshake. The brand of the blender doesn't matter 0:) (hahahahahahahahahehehehehehohohohoho)

  6. @aws357: LOL, interesting take on the milkshake. :) As for actual treats, I'd rather have a Wendy's frostie, tho...

  7. Oh, by the way, I notice that artists still tend to use mesh for hairs as it gives more control on the shape and volume of the hairdo... Wonder if it would be possible to add the advantages of particle hair and meshes by making hairs that grow along a mesh plane...

    Just my 2 cents :)

  8. @aws357 and others: If anyone knows how to have the particle hair grow "inside" a mesh object's shape, flowing along the interior volume of the object, that would be simply awesome. Any tips, anyone?

  9. @mookie: true, that would make the hair grow "in" instead of "out", but what I am seeking for is how to make the hair grow normally, except have a mesh guide, so that whatever shape the mesh takes, the hair grows (from the head) within this mesh guide, so that it shapes the hair. Thanks!

  10. Larry Phillips on

    Great work.

    @Blenderers who have attempted this type work:

    I'm curious if all the fantastic beautiful realistic faces I see always seem to have the porcelain or geisha white (makeup) look not because it's popular but because nobody can get fantastic beautiful realistic faces without it... no matter how good they are or what app they use.

    Haven't seen anyone do this in Blender. The porcelain look, that is.

  11. I love Blender. It is obviously my software of choice, and it is always cool to see something great made by the same tools I use. But I am also a cg art fanatic, so I don't really care what package is used to create something, if there is a chance to see how an artist used his/her software to create artwork, I get excited to see it. Thanks for posting this kind of stuff as well as all the wonderful Blender related news we see.

  12. Hmm... Out of curiosity, how did he suddenly get the necessary loops for the eyes? I'm trying to think of a way to do that in Blender.

  13. @ banor - cheers for the post!

    @ others - The posted article contains an inspiring artwork and a modelling tutorial, both of which are applicable to Blender even if it wasn't used. As someone who has used several packages for modelling, the basics are more or less the same in most of them. That means if you try a few Maya or Max tutorials (modelling more so than some other things in general) using Blender, with practice you can follow a lot of them without too much trouble. Seeing as Blenders documentation is growing but still somewhat scattered and lacking in some areas - this becomes a very handy skill. - would have to be my best example of this yet. The concepts are kept as generic as possible with regards to software, but they have to use some so they stick to Maya and Photoshop. I managed to follow most of it in Blender and Gimp. If I had said "Boo-urns, they don't use Blender" I would have missed out a lot. Not specifically trying to sell the book or anything, but I'd recommend it if you are into 3d faces and can afford it.

    @ Larry Phillips - it's the middle ground that seems to be hard. Old men with wrinkles, beards, pores, scars and details to spare are easy enough to make convincing, relatively speaking of course. When creating a younger woman for example with much less visible detail, it seems to be easier to push them further that direction and go for the flawless model makeup look. Creating a realistic younger character with some subtle detail in pores and such seems to be the hardest area. (Personal experience + generally looking around)

    While on the subject - - doesn't use Blender, but the portrait / face work is top notch inspiring.

  14. How do they make such stunning hair from meshes? Is it a custom made texture? If so is there a well known way to make such great hair texture?

  15. Thanks for the article! Very impressive. I think I'll have to practice a lot with blender so as to get fantastic results such as this girl. She's very stunning. I love that "classical" look. Thanks a lot for posting. Go blenderheads!

  16. well. first I saw this realistic Chinese artist's work she shocked me a lot, after I go through the making of I find out that he isn't using Blender, but his method inspired me and give me some idea to create realistic character, the tool is not important but the idea share can touch and help more people~ good job 王大哥!

  17. funny, i wouldnt have said it was that amazing. its lovely and has MASSES of potential but when you see some comparative work on CGS this is actually a bit average. The skin shading isnt that great considering it was done in mental ray, its sort of waxy and sweaty looking. It kind of looks like they took miSSS and inverted the Fresnel Specular shadin . The clothes could have been so much nicer. As it is they look a little bit plastic.

    Dont get me wrong its a beautyfull model. but for a mental ray piece it could go so much further :)

  18. There are thousands of resources on the net for how to model this, workflow for that etc etc. I also understand and subscribe to the idea that those resources are a benefit to blenderers. BUT why post them on Blendernation, because you're struggling to find enough blender related news? Perhaps because you've lost site of the strength Blendernation had some time ago by watering it down with non Blender related news.

    This is one of the reasons that Blendernation is no longer my first port of call for blender news, it's not what it was, I get more and better news from Blenderartists. BUT I get no news from the other blender forums around the world because I can only read/speak english.

    There is so much blender related news going on around the world and I think that is the key, Blendernation would be better if it drew together blender news from around the world, translated it and presented it here, to I guess a generally english speaking community, many of us can't speak Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese etc to visit the individual blender forums around the world and gain from the knowledge there.

    As for the female and comments about skin shader etc, my first thought was porcelain or china not real SSS skin shader stuff. It's a nice enough image, fantastic skill to do it with 3D but ultimately just another semi photorealistic image with little else to offer.

  19. tyrant monkey on

    @There was the Blending Life contest that run last year, so I see no need for the Blender Institute to be giving awards. The winning entry was pretty cool, I was away on holiday at the time the winners were announced so am not sure if this was proposed or done, but it would be cool to see a project overview from some of the winning entries

  20. I've actually seen this one and the 'Making of' before. It's a beautiful artwork, and there's certainly some things that Blender artists can learn from it.

  21. Classical girl? No wonder why girls are pressured to do surgery.... But yeah beautiful work- but it aint a ''classical'' girl it is a korean plastic surgery girl. I suggest if you want to find a real un niptucked asian face you go dont take inspiration from the celebrities.
    But, good quality.

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