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Pigru - commercial iPhone game


Pigru, a new commercial game by daubIt, designed specifically for the iPod iPhone and iTouch brings you a 3D world where you rotate the screen to solve the picture puzzle.

Andreas Klassen writes:

hello, me and my friends just finished an Iphone game (pigru). i did all the graphics in blender.

you can find the game also on iTunes store

From the daubIt website:

Match beautiful pixel artworks! This game is a different puzzle game. Every pixel picture is broken in parts. Tilt your Iphone/Ipod touch to bring the parts together. It seems that it is too easy but try to get the best high score or all 31 pixel artworks at one run.

Pigru take an individual way of game design. It works only with a handful expressive colours and iPhone/iPod touch moves. Procedural made background hue goes step in step with music. All in all pigru go away from ubiquitous games and try to present a pied experience.

A powerful 3D engine let you play the game all the time in 3D. That means that every part of pigru is moving in 3rd dimension space. Moreover, after finishing a puzzle you will see colourful and nice particle effects.

Check out the game in action:

One if the Pigru programmers showing the game being played on his iPod.

Thanks, Andreas Klassen, for giving me the heads up on Pigru!

About the Author

Benjamin Bailey

I am a young creative artist with a dream to conquer the world with my ideas. I love singing, writing, drawing, and modeling in 3D - and I'm ready to put these skills to use.


  1. The game may be nice (although it doesn't look all that impressive), but the presentation in the second video again impressively demonstrates that programmers should stay in their corners and program, NOT give presentations :)

  2. But.....yeah,it's javascript (difficult to make a objetc oriented programm) but what's the link with blender,it's only a lot of little rectangle....

    Can we see the code?That's can be very interresting

  3. @banor: mhhhhhh this is a question for the programer^^. no, it was chalenging but to master^^

    @Zecc: we had to decide betwen javascript and c#

    @Bueno: to see the code i have to talk to me frinds. iam just a blender fan thats why i want to share this

    @Alexander Ewering: yeah your right^^, this was our first project in the iphone world, the next will be defently in c#

  4. andi: I did not mean to 'bash' JavaScript in any way. To the contrary, I find that JavaScript is one of the most elegant programming languages out there, and I'd prefer it to C# any day. Probably the only other language that is more elegant than JS is LUA. But then, you're stuck with whatever is supported by the platform...

  5. Berzerk Raccoon on

    A beautiful, simplistic game that makes you want to play more and more. Highly addictive, yet easy to understand, visually cute and quick to master, yet hard enough to keep one occupied.
    That's what I've told bobblebrook, when they first introduced me to the game "Coign of Vantage", which can be found on their page:

    Kudos for being so blunt and shameless in stealing someone else's product. You did not even name them as inspiration, nor pointed to their site.

    Indeed. What a way of putting it.

  6. Way to rip off an originally beautiful, inspiring, and simple game into a hideous, gaudy, neon monstrosity.

    You have no shame and I'm contacting apple about this shameless ripoff. I hope those guys SUE your asses, and they get every dime of profit you ever make off of this.

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