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More Snail Stories!


Dragons Tale Films has released their latest in a series of snail films, two funny animations that were rendered using GreenButton.

"Yep more snails. A bit back Scott from the GreenButton render farm got in touch asking if we wanted to do some beta testing. This job came up so it was good timing. GreenButton looks like its going to be a good system. You set up the render as you would normally, log in through Blender via a plug-in, upload your blend from the desk top, and wait. The system sends you an email and or text to tell you your job is done and the logo in and down load the files. Jobs done. No mucking about with lots setting and command lines, just nice and simple. At the moment there are a few hiccups, the files have to be packed you cant use a linked blend, but that's being sorted. Also there were a few dropped frames which I re-rendered locally.

Iv got an 8core, 64bit, 2Tb raid with a 500Gb scratch drive and 8Gb of memory, each comped frame was taking 3min. So at 600frames each it would have got a boring. In total Green Button did both in just over 4hours. any way hope you like them."  - James


  1. Nathan Braswell on

    Not bad, but the first video looks like it's no longer avabile. And I agree with zap man, I'm very impressed by your computer. Feel free to send me one. (by the way, how much did it cost?)

  2. Just to avoid irritating the pedantic and literate like myself, can you edit the title please? It should read "stories".

    Anyway, I've posted this before, but I think the creator of this lot would do well to work on something longer with these characters. The creative energy in the little snippets suggests that a five or ten minute video is a realistic aim, and we'd get to enjoy them even more.

    I know it isn't me who'd be doing the work, but hey it's only a suggestion anyway.

    Great stuff!

  3. Thanks, we are, one is a kids drama series and maybe a collaboration game involving ferret lobbing or Twad flutching :0) check out youtube ,,but it all takes time. As for the render question, mine took 3minuets to render 1 frame Green button took around 4hrs to render both blends containing 600 frames each.


  4. Looks pretty cool; was the movie purely 3D rendering, or was it a combination of real footage with compositing.
    do you output to an AVI(raw or jpeg) or Quicktime, FFMpeg?
    how do you add in dropped frames?

    I would also like to know what Resolution it was rendered at?

    Is the orange thing also an Invertebrate? :)

  5. well, the brain reads the first and last letters in order, and the letter sin between..
    For ealmxlpe, I can tpye wdors wtih all the lterts miexd up as lnog as the frsit an lsat ltrtes are the smae, and the rset of the lttres are siltl tehtre.

  6. and they call me Dyslexic,,ko...the back plate was shot locked off at 1080p on a Sony HDR TG1 (with an infra-red ring to help with the fast moving stuff). Then captured via hdmi and converted into a tga sequence 1280x720p. all the intermediate stuff is done as tgas (millions plus). it was rendered out 1280x720 1.0 16:9.

    as for the Satz character if he wasn't when he started he was by the end ;) his next incarnation has a lattice instead. Also Because of the potential game aspect we had go with the game physics side as well, I wasn't as keen on it as key framing. if any one has had a go at direct input could you let me know

  7. If I needed to guess the reason for the high render time is the SSS in the snails.
    At least the one close to the camera in the end of the 2nd video has a nice SSS effect (or it looks so).

    Anyways, nicely done. They remind me of Gremlins ... classics :)

  8. Actually, Blender handles SSS incredibly well.
    Looking at the finished article (James did these ones all alone) I'd say it's the raytracing reflections that slowed things up. That right J?

    Fantastic job there mate.

    Can we do some ferret lobbing when I get back? ;)


  9. keep it clean :0) as for the settings,,,not a clue thats Marks bag, I just move them around. All the setting are the same as the last snail anim. The only thing I added was a low res lighting dome.

  10. Nice!
    It's not easy to make a (very) short that has a beginning and an end and something of a story.
    I liked the movies very much.

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