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Hatsune Miku rigged Blender character available


Article submitted by Tony Mullen. If you're a fan of Japanese anime culture or just want to practice your character animation skills on a top-notch, professional quality rigged model, this news will definitely be of interest to you.

For those who don't know, Hatsune Miku is a dancing, singing virtual superstar in Japan. She's the signature character for the song creation software Vocaloid 2 which enables users to create their own songs for her to sing. Needless to say, her videos are all over YouTube:

The model is posted on Kio's 3D model blog. It's all in Japanese, of course, but if you can't figure out where to click to download the file this direct link should work. The file is for non-commercial use.

Thanks to Daywalker for posting this on his blog, which you can check out for more Hatsune Miku pictures.


  1. This looks awesome! Thanks, Tony!

    ...but the direct link seems to not be working, and I was not able to figure out where to click.

  2. BlenderLovingSquirrel on

    Wow this guy really knows what he's doing, such a small blend file and such an impressive compositing and rigging and modeling and wow... this is such a fun and awesome blend file thank you thank you thank you!

  3. that will be suzanne... maybe someone can complete suzanne and include it in every version of blender... or maybe the demo files

  4. I just cant believe this. I was thinking for myself what am I going to do, I've got a project
    that started up a few weeks ago. I didnt slept for hours inbetween this last weeks, to acomplish
    and fullfy the objectives, or the suposed plan.

    The project was cancelled. Its a music clip. They changed to a diferent song. I could use
    the same reposotory, but the music has a complete diferente fealling and story.

    I were thinking to myself, what if I just draw something with that manga style? with 2d
    backgrounds, to be faster...

    This really comes to hand. The Armature, already done, is perfect for production and I can
    even use the model to inspire a new one!

    So, my question, legally what can we use ? I dont believe I'll use the model as it is, but
    I could keep the face and body. Is that legal ? Whats the conditions?


  5. I'm guessing "non commercial" includes everything in the file. rig, model, etc.
    In case of doubt, just contact the creator.

    I like the sight of this rig. I'm gonna check it out.

  6. Even easier, the download link on the page is located directly underneath the words "Blender Data", which is written in English.

  7. freakydude:

    Well, its not like, I'm going get money from the project. But we never know where it can lead to.
    Unfortunately, I'm hoping to contact that guy. To congrat him first of all! The rig is just great.

    For example, what If I wanted to create a free Rigged character for Blender. Could I use
    this already made rig ? If I putted my own costum bones etc, how would he know about it? I'm
    not saying i'm doing it... I mean, the "for non-comercial", probably means to use the model
    has it is!

    Hopefully, I'll get a contact from him pretty soon, and I'll post later! :D

  8. Another example:

    For practicing the rig is perfect! Not the model (at least, if you dont want that realistic fealing the model
    can provide, and be more cartoonish style);

    Wouldnt be cool, to have "max" the free character rig that lots of people, in other 3d platforms use to
    practice? The character is really simple.

    We've got a similar one, its Otto, but its not that great. We've got others but... :P lacks simplicity, or
    the character is ugly. Like Oscar, ludwig, etc (with all respect);

    Mancandy is cool, but the approach in the rigging process, is really advanced, making things not that
    simple, comparing to this rig in this example of Hatsune Miku.

    Characters that, Animators Mentor use, and Max. are simple, and great! Maybe there are others for
    blender, that I dont know. Any sugestions?

    PS - Found another on his site, called sakine (dont know if its for blender, didnt downloaded):

  9. @jahmaica. Do you have more examples of rigs for blender? I know of a few, include a bunch I made.
    There's my rigs, little_fella, Audine, stickman with a new almost from scratch version well on the way, devilman.
    I like my rigs as simple as possible with as much control as possible.

    And others like delder, bilby from promotion studio, Jonesy, and one that looks a bit like that max character, but I can't find it or it's name right now.

    biped rig by Cessen from BBB is also a very simple and complete cool rig.

    I'm sure there's others I'm forgetting...

  10. Brilliant, thanks.

    I would like to ask if someone could please post an english translation of the usage rights of this model. Sorry I can't read japanese.

    I need to know if it is OK to modify it and mess around with it.

  11. generi for blender!!! I can't believe I missed that one. afaik, this one is THE most featured rig available for blender. I think not even mancandy has as much functionality crammed into him.

  12. I have been looking through that site. There is more there than just the model.

    Google can give a very rough translation to english. Just copy and paste the Url into the translate a webpage section and select japanese to english, or your own language.

    There is stuff there for other programs, as well as Blender.

    Have fun.

  13. Freakydude: Thanks for your sugestions! You've got great work! Keep it up!

    I'm thinking about rigging Max, honestly I dont know why I didnt do it, if I like it
    that much. The character is neutral, its not like, he's coming from out a space or
    something, and feats really well, in competition such as 11 second club dot com

  14. Maybe I am missing something, but where are the facial controls and the hand gesture controls? It's really nice rig, but the most interesting thing in this file for me was the post-production node setup and the nice emulation of the freestyle renderer (the black outline effect). It is really clever and useful for non-photorealistic rendering.


  15. Cool, I will use this 3D Model to improve my skills in 3D programming ( OpenGL, C++,...). I've searched during a long time a good professional and free 3D model but not with a huge size. Thanks a lot.

  16. daywalker:

    could you please responder to one of the posts, where we talk about the usage of the Armature, or a modified versions of your character?


  17. Hi everybody. Just to clarify, the model itself appears to have been posted on the Kio 3D blog by a person identified as / ,' 3 `ヽ. I don't have any other information about that person other than that handle. The model is not daywalker's, he simply mentioned it on his own blog.

    As for the usage of the model, Hatune Miku herself is a completely proprietary, all rights reserved, 100 percent copyrighted character. So basically you've got zero permission to do anything at all with her, just like any other copyrighted character. The rig here should be considered along the same lines as fan art in terms of copyright. This pretty much goes for the whole character, clothes, etc. So you should limit your use of this model to personal use or whatever kinds of harmless YouTube-level copyright infraction you feel personally comfortable with.

    As for usage of the armature... I can't speak for the creator, but if you mean using the armature in an animation, I can't imagine how this could possibly be a problem, since the armature is not rendered and does not show up in any way in the final animation. Given that the person posted the rig in a public place, I assume he or she doesn't mind people using the armature.

  18. Is it just me, but I can't seem to download the rig.
    When I search for 'ダウンロード', I just go back to the downloadsite, and when I press the downloadbutton i go to a 'document failed to download'-page (at least, that's what Google Translate tells me).

  19. It's very good, thanks very much.

    Anybody known others 'manga models' in blender? Are there any tutorial to learn to do 'manga' head, hair etc? Any book?

    Thanks in advanced

  20. @Bolleke go to Kio's 3D model blog , then scroll down looking on left side
    _ then look for the red bar that says "blender data"
    just under is blender用データです。
    and under that in green is 初音ミクVer.1.4
    _that is the link i got it from , try that ``_

  21. The "direct" link doesn't download the file for me automatically.
    What japanese symbol or sign do I have to click after the link to download the file.
    I've tried clicking on a number of places and all I get is some terrible Microsoft Office advert.

  22. Cool! I just found out about the Vocaloids a couple weeks ago; never thought I'd see a Vocaloid blend file. I've been looking to create a few anime-style GE characters for my demo reel, and studying this will definitely be a great help!

    You know, the Vocaloids really bring to mind Mona Lisa from Phantom Crash - a virtual superstar pop singer, which, back when I played that game, seemed purely an object of fiction, but today we have them!

    I'm glad we have the Japanese to keep pioneering in the tech fields. Westerners just don't seem to care, or at least have some imagination. (sigh) Hopefully someday...

  23. Hahahah Hatsune Miku!! I'm surprised its even comes here =D It's taken the japanese Anime world by storm it's not going to stop!

    Loving the cliches in the youtube video hahah. Maybe I'll play around with Hatsune Miku as well.

  24. This is certainly interesting for me. I've heard about both Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid. The videos look pretty cool, too.

    @bryanthevampire Actually, I think babelfish is better, especially when it comes to translating Japanese.

  25. Hey, when I download it and try running the program it says...

    "Windows cannot open this file.

    File: Miku_1_4.blend

    To open this file, Windows needs to know what progream created it. Windows can go online to look it up automaticly, or you can manually select from a list of programs on your computer."

    Does anyone know what I can do?

  26. HOLY CRAp 5/5... this is a totally epic model, im gonna download it RIGHT NOW and see if i can make it work in Carrara, i think ill have to export it using blender tho

  27. yes miku is copyrighted by crypton future media and is used by kio under licence and tripshots as well here are the contacts for the persons who it concerns
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    again please do not use these without contacting the respective owners of the data
    as far as i am aware at this time crypton future media inc is allowing limited use of their copyrighted characters for non monitary gain ie videos on nicovid and youtube
    use of these characters for any other purpose is prohibited and is taken seriuosly

    best reguards
    haruka eden mitutoyo
    crypton future media inc

  28. and on a more serious note here is information from my supirior reguarding the use of these characters and the conditions under which they can be used

    you may not use display or portray said characters in any manner that is degrading imoral or negatively reflective towards crypton or its respective partners
    use of the Vocaloid and Vocaloid2 name is allowed but with all rights to the use of said trade names held exsclusivly by yamaha corperation of japan and its share holders
    use of said characters or other copyrighted intelectual property for monitary gain political speach or comercial use is strictly prohibited and will result in criminal infractions
    use of said characters is granted on condition that the copyright notice and crypton logo be present in the final end of use media and so displayed in a manner that it canot be removed without the destruction of the end of use media
    credit is clearly givin to crypton future media inc and these credits are placed in above listed fashion
    you as a legaly binding agreement by the use of said copyrighted characters hereby in use of said characters agree to take all cautions to protect the terms and conditions above listed and to enforce these same terms of use in the use of the end of use media you have authored and further know that under said agreement you do not have the right to transfer the limited use rights granted you by this agreement to any other person or entity and agree to take all steps to destroy the end of use media should you at any time breach or wish to end this agreement

  29. by the way if any of the users here have their networs behind a FortiGuard. web filter they will list poor kios blog under the pornography heading and ban it from beeing accessd so do as i have done filed a complaint against this company for accusing him of posting content that is not anywere to be seen and i dont think they even look at what they filter out kio has nothing pornographic on his blog so therefore they are falsely accusing and punishing him by blacklisting him

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