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Image Created with Blender for Magazine Cover Page


Silvio A C Gollega Jr  made a digital image using Blender for the cover of a magazine titled "Your Home".

This magazine had 33,000 copies distributed along with the local  newspaper for our city.The magazine is about buildings, opportunities to buy and tips for your house.



  1. Hi, the cover looks very nice and it is the most important thing. Yes, model is not too detailed, but who need it? As I said before, it looks very nice.

  2. >>That's actually pretty poor for a magazine cover.<<

    Sometimes, "less is more". Not every image needs to have total photo-realism, I work in the graphic arts industry, and many images are "signed off" on (which are actual photos) which have been deliberately modified to look more like artwork. It's not a matter of reality, it's a matter of design aesthetic.

    Just because this image isn't photo-realistic is exactly why is was approved by the art director. It was approved for it's aesthetic, rather than it's technicality. While I personally see it as a bit "early ninties", I agree it's a well-made image that fits the objective of the magazine.

  3. cool... the round table looks odd (angle and texture,) but nice job anyway!

    Wow... from the wire screenshot - that can be a lot of objects, etc., to set up in a scene like that. ;) Whew, I need to get back into Blender, been doing other things... so much fun!!! Blend blend blend... God bless, -b

  4. Thank you all for the comments!

    Yes, I know the image is not photorealistic, but, as Vidrazor said "is exactly why is was approved by the art director". The idea was to fit the objective of the magazine, for sure.

    We had to remove some details like a neswpaper and 2 mugs from the table and a
    statue from the back wall, as the art director said that "it could take the attention off the objective".

    I invite you all to have a look at other pictures and works at

  5. @vidrazor: hey, that's great to know! Thanks for the valuable info... good word, and ciao! (P.S. I know it is good to make things look artistic, but making something photo-realistic in a 3D app can be very appealing to the viewer - but yes, I get your design point... thanks for the info!)

  6. The background picture horizon is quite a bit higher that the horizon of the model, which obviously makes the picture look a bit weird. Just draw lines along the railing, slab and the roof edge and see where they meet. Other than that it's not that bad. ;)

  7. I'd have to say that the resolution of the beach image should have been higher, this is a nice enough effort but with a bit more time it could have been stunning :D

  8. I'm curious: why would a publication such as this want a modeled image on the cover, rather than a real location? I mean, I couldn't buy this property as it's shown. Or is it based on a real building?

  9. The odd looking table is a condition of the camera, easily overcome by a pro photographer when a real lens is used, or by using Photoshop in post production. True, the Art Director might have wanted such distortion for effect.

    But, does anyone know a blender solution to such distortion? Is there a context panel or script that could accomplish a wide-angle correction to the blender camera?

  10. Dalai, the beach is from Santos - SP.

    "Bah", about your comment: "I'm curious: why would a publication such as this want a modeled image on the cover, rather than a real location? I mean, I couldn't buy this property as it's shown. Or is it based on a real building?"

    Actually the art director needed a picture like that - a balcony. We had that picture in our portfolio and the art director said that it was perfect for his idea.
    We made a few changes and voilá.

    The picture is based only on the blans of a building. The
    building dos not exists yet.

    The balcony is small, so we had to change the camera lens, thats why we have the odd looking.

  11. >>I'm curious: why would a publication such as this want a modeled image on the cover, rather than a real location? I mean, I couldn't buy this property as it's shown. Or is it based on a real building?<<

    Again, it's an aesthetic decision. I was involved in a cover shot for a product catalog, and after retouching the crap out of it, a decision was made to go with a drawing! The shot was scrapped, and a drawing representing products was used instead.

    There's no need for "reality" when you're trying to convey a thought, mood, or pitch. That's (sales) show biz! :-)

  12. Nice like the shot.
    Come on ! 33,000 copies is out!
    why you need photo-really or add thing that you don`t need, the point is
    to get the viewer what you want to show him. Right?
    A 3D artist MAY go like , look at the model, lighting and setup etc.. but as for a
    normal person will look at the magazine and may say "that just what i was looking for"
    Coz that person is thinking about the topic on magazine.
    I agree with vidrazor and Silvio after all its all with the BOSS and art director they see
    thing that SOME other Don`t.

  13. Come on guys!!
    The composited cover looks very awful!!
    No colorcorrection and the camera-perspective is terrible!
    Open your eyes!!

  14. The Silvio is congratulated for the work created. But in fact, I think it is not yet something with a level of quality that give us some inspiration. I believe he can achieve that level in future projects. But I think the BlenderNation should be restricted to publish work with such a level of quality that provides some good inspiration and enjoyment. Otherwise, if published work of all who are beginning, the really interesting posts will be hidden among many works of beginners.

  15. Lucio,

    Thank you very much for your comments. It was an unexpected work oportunity. It was a pleasure post
    this work here, share it with blender comunity and receive all good or bad comments. I really liked it. Great feedback!

    Indeed, we could have done a better work, but we had nothing planned and a very short time to do.

    I am pleased to show you all this work. I believe, despite the quality of the image
    that, yes, it is an inspiration for everyone. As the same way the magazine was distributed freely,
    so was the image we did. We didn´t charged for it. And we were happy with that oportunity.

    How many of you has talent to make a photorealistic image, a high quality work? I believe many of you have!How many never had the oportunity to show how good they are?

    We share it with you all to show that everyone can have a chance. Just take the chances that appear for you or work hard to get it.

    Yes, it is an inspiration. Reached 33.000 diferent places and even
    more people than that. And do you wanna know what it gave to me? The pleasure to make,
    the oportunity to have a Blender work in a magazine cover, the chance to grab one oportunity and make it happen!

    Today I´m even more inspired and I know I will do more and better in the future! And i know it inspired other too!

    We are just making our paths, it´s all about the choices
    we make in our lives. Stop whining and get a life!

    And work hard!

    Best Regards,

  16. Silvio, you did nothing wrong. Good luck with your works. I just wrote trying to keep
    the BlenderNation with the level of interest that has always had. I imagine how important it
    was for you. Looking for some help just call.

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