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Elephants Dream dubbed in Farsi, to be be broadcast on Iranian national television


A team is preparing Elephants Dream for broadcast in Iran.

Mohammad Fathi  wrote:

[...] a group is now proceeding to prepare, dub and broadcast the animation of elephants dream under management of Mr. Ali Fathi. Accordingly, elephants dream this movie is going to be sooner broadcasted in 3rd Network of Iranian National TV under license of CC. elephants dream first, a 30-min program will be broadcasted in last 15 minutes of which the shower talks about the movie, its directors, efforts performed to develop Blender software as well as some pictures; this movie will be dubbed by two of the best Iranian dubbers, which is a brilliant honor.

Till now, 90% of the movie has been technically carried out and remaining 10% is related to the legal affairs.

Broadcasted in Iranian National TV, this program will focus many individuals and audience's attention on Blender, causing the increased users of Blender and moving them from similar software to a strong software of Blender...

All costs of preparation, dubbing, broadcasting and etc were undertaken by Mr. Ali Fathi

The 30-min program is accounted as a very great advertising tribune for Blender software Furthermore, according to the phone call I had to him, I was said that he had many orders from irib and… and he is trying to establish an institute Pars Blender after broadcasting the program Elephants Dream are the different sections such as the part of training-sales, publications and reporting. Moreover, a monthly magazine Pars Blender will be sooner published in Persian language and the followers can have it throughout Iran, containing the complete and efficient subjects concerning Blender By establishing such an institute, a great number of Iranian young specialists, near 60, will be employed in software, animation, graphics, applied mathematics, journalism, translation and etc, which is very important. Only one thing can reach these attempts to a good conclusion that is the continuous cooperation of friends and dears of Blender Group Institute in Netherland.

You can observe the result of efforts not only in Iran but also throughout the Mid-East in a near future,...

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. wrong_said_fan on

    there should be no cartoons for those islamic iranians until they give up making nuclear bombs DARNIT!!!


  2. it brings a tear to my eye to know that blender has such fame, and still is a humble organization . A BIG THANX TO ALL THE BLENDER PROGRAMMERS AND DEVELOPERS OUT THERE. You desirve the real credit

  3. @wrong_said_fan:
    USA, France, UK, Pakistan, China, Israel, Russia, North Korea all have nuclear bombs. Guess what country used it against civilians in a war that was already won. I know that everyone has the right to be ignorant, but you seem to abuse that right.

  4. Interesting .. ...(have no idea about farsi) :P ...

    efforts applauded ... wishing you guys the best of luck :)

    hoping for an Arabic version, even if only to spread the word ....

    @wrong_said_fan (and at the risk of fueling the argument):
    whatever your opinions are man,
    and i agree to your right to be racist as long as you do not impose on others,
    however lets keep hate out of the forum...

    people who come here are artistic people such as yourself, regardless of religion, creed, country or gender, and i doubt any of us in here have any effect or influence on what our governments does ... if you have a problem with Iran or any other place, address a letter to their president ...

    I'm sorry guys, I'm not trying to impose, this is just my opinion, and I'm hoping most would agree(silently), lets not go through the Microsoft debate and get comments closed on this forum again people.

    @Toon Scheur: thank you for voicing your opinion passively (passive-aggressively). i understand and respect someone sticking up for what he/she believes but i hope you will also agree with me this is no place for politics

    wow- it turned into an essay .. sorry for posting yet another (hopefully final) political comment. i was worried about more ahead ... and i hope you don't think me a hypocrite for doing it .

  5. Second maxwildcat. This isn't a forum for debating politics.. (Unless the animation / project is about those issues or course...)

    Great effort being done to bring ED to as many people as possible, hopefully this will continue with BB and future projects... The more people interested in Blender equates to more a better work being done with it and possibly bring more developers into the mix to continue improving the toolset for us poor artist.

  6. It's a very nice initiative. On national Iranian TV too !

    :D hope they will also broadcast Big Buck Bunny (it's easy... nothing to dub... that's the magic of visual comedy)

    I think the documentary is bound to interest anyone who wish to do movies with Blender in Iran.

    Go Blender !

  7. Great to hear the further spread of Blender

    Let's keep the political comments out of this arena. Art should transcend politics and racism.

  8. Oh relax, folks. I think wrong_said_fan was just satirizing the prevailing conservative zeitgeist in the USA. I mean, proposing a *cartoon embargo?* (OTOH, the wingnuts have gotten so wrapped up in their own little bubble universe, it's become hard to do satire of them, since there's always someone crazy enough to honestly espouse whatever you come up with.)

  9. This is so cool. When this movie arrived on a disk of our local version of pcformat magazone around september/october 2006, it got me back into blender so am hoping it inspires more people to make that leap into 3d.

  10. This is not a political forum.

    If you make an Animation to express your racism , no problem , make it and see who likes it.

    On TOPIC : Nice news, expanding the user base of Blender it is a good thing.

    OFF TOPIC : Remember the "Fat" and the "Little" you know ..that cartoon things that landed on Japan site and ... SO STOP THE ARGUE they where not black neither islamic neither iranian and neither european country or asian or african

  11. Well it sounds like blender is reaching further though I am concerned. I'm not saying this can't be a good proposition. I just query how blender will be used for journalism.
    Art can truly go beyond racism and politics, but if blender is used as a part of propoganda, (such as anti-western and anti-Israel messages) then to not recognize that would be ignorance.
    Blender is a powerful tool, it must be used wisely.

  12. Well done.

    That gets a work by Blender to a very large group of people who would not normally see it.

    There is Iranian people spread all over the middle east, US and Europe, so that will massively increase the audience for a film created by Blender.

    Most Iranians are very poor. Knowledge of Belnder will help some realise they can access free software for there own cartoons, advertising, medical demonstration and to use for teaching, as has alwready been demonostrated on these forums.

    Virtually everything that is shown on Iranian TV usually ends up on TV in the entire middle east, parts of Africa and on the European Islamic broadcasts, which incidentially are broadcast by the owners of Fox, the Murdock group.

    On a personal note, the film is nothing to do with oil or weaponary, so I don't really think some of the comments above were appropiate.

    Humour and laughter is a great way to bring people together and to build bridges between people. Trust me I know, I was raised in Northern Ireland.

    I think dubbing it into Chinese and Hindu if you have not already, would be a step towards getting a truly global market.

    I personally think that to get compelte workdwide coverage, that dubbing into Chinese, Hindu, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English, would literally get you a large part of planetary coverage. It would be a true sep towards a truly global market.

    Once again, well down Blender people.

  13. ...dubbing into Chinese ... global market...

    Hmmm. About time!
    World of Warcraft had five million subscribers China, two or three years ago.

    When I look at Elephants Dream, I have to marvel at the fact that this was done with Blender version 2.42 !

    By comparison, Big Buck Bunny seems underwhelming (forgive me).

  14. Toon Scheur:

    I'm fully aware that this isn't the place for political discussions, but I really need to correct some of your facts.

    "Guess what country used it against civilians in a war that was already won."

    War that was already won? Shame you weren't there to let the Japanese know that. If you knew anything about WWII and the Japanese mentality at the time, you would know that they were training women and children to fight to the death once the American forces reached the mainland. This would have resulted in huge casualties on both sides, far exceeding the death toll in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bomb was in fact a necessity that ended up saving thousands of lives in the long run. Read up on history before making uneducated comments.

    "I know that everyone has the right to be ignorant, but you seem to abuse that right."

    Right back at you.

    Back on topic, this is great news for the foundation, as Iran has a history of great independent Cinema.

  15. Blender is about providing access to a good 3D animation tool - no matter where and who you are.
    Generally speaking, people are GOOD. It is usually the politicians who are bad. Just look at the HUGE contribution a Syrian made to Blender: Bassam Kurdali!

  16. Elephants Dream is a horrible movie. The graphics are fine, but the voice acting, plot, script, etc. are all wretched. It was an embarrassment to release it here, and it will be an embarrassment to release it in Iran. Very disappointing.

    Big Buck Bunny is far more worthy of an international broadcast.

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