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Blender Art Gallery


Art GalleryUntil recently the Blender art gallery has not been updated. So, I decided to do a bit of investigating, and find out what is going on with the minor update.

I asked Ton via E-Mail and he stated that there are now three people maintaining the gallery. Also, the galley will no longer be updated monthly, and only showing the best Blender creations. Thanks to Ton for the great information regarding the Blender gallery, and you can checkout the update in the link below.

Blender Art Gallery:


  1. That's somewhat sad that fewer artists will be able to post their work on Oh well, there is deviantART and BlenderArtists to showcase some work, and only having the very best artwork is actually a very good idea because it reduces clutter and get's to the point: "This is what Blender can do".

    Thanks, God bless,

    Benjamin Bailey

  2. I posted alot of images to them a few week's ago, it was an a newer version of my night rider car, it was way better than the one they have posted, but they havent updated it, even though i asked them. I also sent better looking work, i.e. my ferrari for instance, but nothing, i thought they had stopped maintaning the gallery to be honest, but i guess they will be getting alot of work submitting.

  3. Yes. Great way to get people interested in using your software by not allowing people to submit their stuff and be seen on the official website...

  4. "the galley will no longer be updated monthly, and only showing the best Blender creations."

    Exactly what does this mean?

    I thought the gallery had previously been handled by only one person and it was updated monthly. And why wouldn't a gallery demonstrate the most outstanding works? Has there been a consideration for asking for more help from the community? I think the gallery (for a graphics application) is far too important of a "selling point" for it to become watered-down due to logistics. If help is needed...ask for it.

  5. @kernond: I already tried offering my help.

    About 6 months ago, I sent an email to I believe bart, who was apparently in charge of updating the gallery? (I don't know if it's the same guy that works here though) And offered my services to update the gallery regularly (as it hadn't been done in ages). I said that I had website skills and had been using blender for 4 years etc.

    And well, I didn't get a reply but 2 days later the gallery was given a major overhaul and heaps of new work was added. Then it wasn't updated again...

    I for one don't like the idea of the main gallery not being updated regularly and think it should go back the way it was. If the person handling the gallery can't fit in time to update it every month then as kernond said, "ask for help". There's plenty of people out there that would love this job!

    That's my opinion anyway. But maybe this idea will work well... I spose we'll see.

  6. Sorry, but there are 2 reasons to visit blender org - to check out isn't it a new version of blender and to look at new artworks of blender artists. It was always very inspiring see 10-20 works, esspesialy when you see artwork made by your blender-chat fellow.

  7. Gallery is indeed extremely important as selling point, that is the main reason for all this changes, now after the work of selecting material from previous years there was still need to review over 600 submissions for this year. This work is all done now and a much better system is used for mail handling now; an update is coming in less than a month. Blender gallery is, as the first post here correctly said, a reference for what blender can do, that we the regular users can show others and people visiting and reading about blender for the first time can see all top quality work. See how other mayor 3D software sites do it; users galleries are hosted elsewhere, not in the main site because thats simply not what the main site of an application like this is for.

    I hope this helps clear the confusion

  8. Can someone explain to me why such a wonderful community driven applications have such a poor galleries. Inkscape and Gimp aren't exactly rocking me with their galleries either. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think with the huge community blender has, their galleries should be updated weekly. It's so sad to see only a few updates a year. At the very least, I think they should be able to keep up with the updates blender itself receives.

  9. Why all the time pics with resolutions for 14" monitors???????
    Upload under 1024x768 has to be forbidden!!
    Why no new pics???
    This is meanwhile a very boring gallery!!
    Is Blender not winning new artists??

  10. DD: The idea is that if there's to be a gallery showing everything by the month or just lots of work by lots of artists that that should go onto a community site, because that is where it belongs. So that could be picked up by or blendernation even. isn't a community driven website. It is the site for the software only. So it should just show the very best... and definitely not a huge nr of images.

  11. Hey macouno,
    if it is so, they just could close the gallery.
    Because since months there were no good Blender renderings produced!?
    Other packages always show new stuff!

  12. @ all guys who critizize:
    what do you want?? Blender is OpenSource!
    So accept no service/support, thousands of versions (SVNs and branches) and only hobbyists!!
    The demand to give other applications a hard time is a joke!!!

  13. I think the gallery should be updated weekly for users to find new inspiration and new users to be amazed of what Blender can do, and after a month the best works will be saved in the Archive and so on... Why is this not possible ? Please make it an interesting place for everybody !

  14. Why not get a link setup between a gallery site and the main site, much like the blendernation headlines are now on the main page, that shows the newest gallery selections from the gallery site and points to the gallery site? That way you get the newest work shown, no overhead or support problems on the software site, and we all get a bigger, better gallery? Something like a

    Just an idea.


  15. How about BlenderNation Gallery...since theres already updates automaticlly with the News on this site with

  16. "See how other mayor 3D software sites do it; users galleries are hosted elsewhere, not in the main site because thats simply not what the main site of an application like this is for"
    But blender is not like other applications. Blender is built by the community for the community. Other applications need to sell themselves to make money to survive. We need to build community to survive. Or have I missed the point?

  17. Hey,

    the gallery is fine as it tis now. The problem is that:

    a) There are not enough high quality images for the gallery produced every month (see gallery which only adds 1-2 high quality images per month)

    b) It is alot of work to select images, ask artists for permission, etc

    Beside that, macouno is right when he says that is not a community driven website. It belongs to the Blender Foundation which represents the Blender software. So best way IMHO wouldd be that the community build the galleries like on

    @ Dazzler: Blender is not about to die so speaking about survival is a bit exaggerated ;)

    Daniel / Genscher

  18. Well, I for one really miss the old monthly gallery. I used to check it all the time. It was the way I learned what was possible and who were the movers and shakers in the Blender world. Now the gallery is stale. I sort of follow the reasoning behind doing it this way, but I also know that it takes a lot of work to sort through a site like BlenderArtists in order to find something cool to look at.

    Here's an idea: why not have a "Hall of Fame", which would be sort of like what they are doing now, and then have a monthly or weekly archive. The monthly/weekly pages wouldn't have to have a ton of images in them. If only 2 good images are made during the period, then only put up 2 images. Simple right? And then, if a new pic comes out that just totally blows away the competition, add it to the Hall of Fame. That way everybody's happy, and I think that Blender will "sell" better too.

  19. "the galley will no longer be updated monthly, and only showing the best Blender creations."

    Okay, I think I misinterpreted this to mean that the gallery would no longer be updated monthly, and NO LONGER only showing the best Blender creations.

    I thought it seemed a little bit bad. :)

  20. OK. The future of galery is pretty clear.
    How about reanimate, shake and make mounthly updating blenderartists galery? (or maby blendernationgalery as you already say)

  21. *hello
    *a community driven gallery is the best solution;something like blendernation as some people already suggested here
    *blender foundation is giving while blender users are taking so it is their turn to thank back blender foundation by showing not only the best but all that blender can do....
    *something off topic probably: does blender run under ubuntu and/or mandriva linux the way it runs under win xp...

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