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Cut out animation in Blender


While some of you may be familiar with these animations, (one was nominated for the 2007 Suzanne awards) they are some excellent examples of cutout animation done utilizing Blender and GIMP. And well worth spotlighting. See a couple videos embedded after the cut and a link to more at their Vimeo gallery.

You can for more info about the artists at their blog here.

Pirates from detail library on Vimeo.

Snakes Can Fly - Blender Ad from detail library on Vimeo.

Find more videos here.


  1. Very nice work, and congrats to the artists involved. I really enjoyed both the style and animation in both. But was anyone else surprised that despite the post title, neither of these works are actually examples of CUT OUT animation?

  2. Nice one!
    Tradicional animation, and cutout. So, yeah, not fully Cut out animation! Amazing work! Excelent quality ;D

    Probably: lot of composition going on! Really well thinked, and prepared!

    Keep up!

  3. What kind of shaders are used in Pirates? I guess that the animation techniques are roughly the same, but I can't figure out thee shaders at all.

  4. Ryan Anderson (a.k.a. Sanguine) on

    I really loved the first clip. It reminded me of the days when I watched Courage the Cowardly Dog....still do though. The art style was unique and it was all very cleanly done.

  5. I really like them. They are different, and I am not sure what Cut Out means, but would like to learn. I am guessing it has something to do with still images ,maybe hand painted, scanned, and used as UV textures with alpha on planes that are animated. Can anyone explain? Anyway they are beautifully done. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Wow! We are on Blendernation! :D

    Now just a fell things:

    The first animation was not done all on Blender (just the flag on the beginning), its all hand made animation. Even the composite is done on another package (but could be made in Blender, actually we are using it for everything now).

    The second one its not cutout animation, but is entirely made in Blender (its a Ad for it!). :P

    Now to the Cutout animations it self. This one is a exemple:

    Its all made in "GIMP GAP" and then the Composite is made in Blender. Its actually various "Planes" with animation made in GIMP gap.... But Daniel can talk about this better than me, he is the animator behind it. :)

    Finally, visit our Blog (link on my name)... we are developing a animation if Open-source only. Go there and give us a feedback. :)

    Many thanks to all and to Blendernation! :D

    PS. sorry for the bad English!

  7. ByronK:

    Cut out is a traditional Animation technique. You can find several exemples on YouTube.

    As for how they are made you guess right! :)
    Here is a response on one the videos:

    I will try to explain, but Daniel is the guy behind it:
    Danilo simple draw tons of things (like characters and scenarios...) and Daniel use GIMP to separate the drawings in several parts. In GIMP Gap he animate loops... Than on Blender he does the movement using the animation made in GAP applied as textures on "planes". Finally all the thing is Comp in Blender.

    Hope that helps.

  8. wow wow wow ,yes !

    Two perfect videos at its own way to show .

    But i want to say that i liked most of the pirates ,
    but the birds is what realy looks a 3d thing .

    For me its still confuse ,how the ..
    those textuires are painted ... a face so deform ,
    how to made it for everything ...
    Soon i will give a try on this texture thing.
    I just dont get it how is paint like that (i cant "see" it).

    Ok,nice Blender thing.

  9. Filipe, Thanks for the explanation, I know lots of people who like drawing and painting who could use this technique with their works of art. Also I liked Trofeu da Casa. It is a beautiful style.

  10. Wow! It's true, we're in Blendernation! Thank you all for the comments and for the visits! That's awesome!

    As Dilly said, in the first one, Pirates, we used blender just for the flag at the begining, it's actually our last short that was not made interely with free software. It's plain old hand draw animation in wich we made some digital "collages" of textures for the backgrounds and digital texture painting for the frames.

    We're now working in a new project, and we're expecting to have lots tutorials by the end of it. You can visit the project blog by clicking on the name above.

    Those two are not cut-out animations, but the whole series of "Trofeu da Casa" is.

    Send emails, comment on vimeo or on the blog, we would love to hear more from everybody. Thanks again!

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