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Hangar No.5 Movie and Making of


Do you remember Hangar No.5? This short movie uses Blender for all 3d animation and effects. A few weeks ago Bart wrote an article about the trailer and release of the movie.

The movie is available in Vimeo, as well a great making of!

I won`t say anything else, just watch the movie!

Hangar No. 5 from Nathan Matsuda on Vimeo.

And now the making of in two parts:

The Making of HN5: Part 1 from Nathan Matsuda on Vimeo.

The Making of HN5: Part 2 from Nathan Matsuda on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Nathan Matsuda, the director and head of the project! To know more about the project, visit the official web site of Hangar No.5.


  1. Meh... the CG in many spots rocks, but I'm not a fan of the film. Problems:

    1. Exactly who are we supposed to root for here? Megan? A money-hungry wack job? Or maybe Shay? A guy rather lacking in bravery who smokes cigarettes (therefore making him look like a Disney villain?)

    2. Did I mention Shay's lack of bravery? Maybe he could have learned a lesson from not helping Megan out? No; he just gets kissed by the girl because he accidentally discovers her precious store of gold? These do not sound like good guys...

    3. Robots have pinpoint accuracy. How did the thing not shoot Shay? I mean, seriously...

    4. "I don't think it saw us." What did you think was blaring at you, Megan? The robot's light. What do lights typically do? Light things up. Why are things lit up? So other things can see better--in this case, the robot.

    5. They sure didn't freak out much when they got attacked by a giant robot...

    6. What was with all the weird scene cuts when Shay threw the light stick down?

    7. Is it just me, or was (were) the barrel(s) thrown at Shay and the roof of the hangar untextured?

    Yeah... I'm picking this apart. LOL. But the robot was killer cool, I must say! And the SFX were sweet, for the most part!

  2. I liked the trailer :D it felt more suspensful
    - but the full version was definitely good with the amount of time they had.
    also, the compositing/ motion tracking looked believable :D

  3. Well I for one really enjoyed it, the execution was great and despite the flick being fairly CGI heavy at least the performances were great in my humble opinion & didn't suffer the same pitfalls as those god awful Star Wards prequels. Despite my praises, the story isn't exactly my cup of tea, for instance I would have changed the characters from 2 "teenagers" to a whole bunch of "Emos", changed a "fearsome huge robot" to a "talking One Eyed Brontosaurus", change the location from "Hanger" to "Pitch & Putt Course" and finally, instead of having actors I would get puppets instead, very cheap puppets and one of them has got to be voiced by Christopher Lambert because that's all he's good for.

  4. @Ataru - cardboard boxes was all new, clean and without any trace of dirt. I think they have hired good cleaner, or they wanted too move somewhere else. At least the gold.

  5. Nice work. The mechanical spider hunting for teenagers (as it searching for them) remind me the beginning of Cameron's TerminatorII (war against flaying machines).

  6. encore just encore!!!
    i loved the 3D and the film there are some "holes" in the plot as others have pointed out but this is a one shot film right? its supposta make you think and wonder in my opinion...very funny at the end also ^_^
    i have been rooting for this for awhile theres another blender -made movie out there also i forgot the name it was about zombies if i remember
    but very nice
    hope to see more around the bend

  7. Well. executed project it seem it was a lot fun to produce.
    Hope to see more project movies like this in the near future.
    ' Great job '!!!

  8. Cool! nice robot.
    School project?

    And about the guy not being shot by the robot....
    He's a main character! they never die, they just get very very lucky.

  9. Beatifully executed. Really amazing. I'd really like to see more info on the CGI. Most of the shots are as good as anything out there commercial or otherwise. Would have loved to see the machine shake its "head" no, no, no after it frowns after being shot at.(5:11) Probably had great storyboards. Would be nice to see those too.

  10. Ataru, i think its like this
    (I'm no expert though);

    1. You know, a movie doesn't have to have good guys in it to be entertaining,
    thats just the Disney way.

    2. See number 1

    3. I really don't think that anyone has developed machinery with pinpoint acuracy yet,
    and apparently, these are old robots.

    4. They are not moving, thus, it could not tell where they are.
    (thats just how these robots work)

    5. You can be right on that one, but i guess they just had to do something.
    and shay did hide under a paper box...

    6. Shows that he checked different rooms.

    7. They looked just like the barrels standing on the ground, and i guess those were real so...

    The bottom line, i guess, is that the movie is entertaining.
    I think it is.
    You could probably find a million mistakes in most feature movies,
    if you really wanted to.

    I really liked this movie!
    excellent work!

  11. Pretty much agreeing with Ataru on this. Also the part where he lifts megan out of the boxes and says for the second (or third?) time, "Do you know how cute you are when you're angry?" was so cringeworthy it would put George Lucas to shame.

    Not to mention how did Megan end up under the boxes? Last we saw her she was scrambling underneath a car O_o

    But the special effects were good, which is guess what we came to see, so bravo in that respect :)

  12. Good CG work, but it desperately needs more character development. The dialog moves WAY too fast. The non action scenes just need to slow down and give the actors time to act. Also, some of the camera shots are too far removed from the actors for the more "intimate" shots. Lots of those need to be much closer, even in some of the actions scenes. For instance, shoot from inside the box when the robot is looking for the boy. It helps add suspense when you're allowed to identify with the character.

    But, for as little time as was available to shoot it, good job.

  13. As someone trying to battle a special-effects-heavy film of my own, which has passed the two year mark already, I congratulate you on...
    A. being a lot more organized than i was when i shot all my footage
    B. getting real actors
    C. having a crew

    There's not much I would change except the barrel scene -- the textures and physics compared to the way the leg kicked WAS kinda strange looking.

    How were the credits done??

  14. Sorry, could not watch it 'till the end.

    I found the making-of more entertaining, and had better story and better acting ( that guys acting gave me the creeps ).

    I agree that not all stories need to have disneys good guys, but if I can't identify with any of the characters or situations on screen then thats a cinema walkout.
    Sense and Sensibility is a masterpiece, but I cant identify with any of the characters, nor the timeframe, nor the dresses they are wearing... Not going to sit out that movie.
    Of course some people can identify them selfs with smoking losers and might find this a good film. But more likely they identify them selfs with the coolness of getting a movie made, or made with blender. Easy to confuse that with good storytelling.

    Seems to me movie making is about telling stories with pictures, in this movie the "story" is litteraly told over the phone and the rest is just running ( I have no idea why it took 4 days to shoot that ). Short movie problem I guess. Then again, I've seen shorts that handle this problem excellent.
    Did you see where that hanger stands, and nobody finds it weird you can use a cellphone there?

    The special effects are in my opinion very good, and very well executed. ( I also liked the music ).
    But they don't make up for the bad story, because good effects are something you don't see.
    If an effect is done well then you don't know its an effect; leaving you with... the story.

    So,... or make bad effects, or write a story we need to be told, otherwise it's just a showcase for your effect skills, not your writing/directing skills.

    3. I really don't think that anyone has developed machinery with pinpoint accuracy yet,

    This is a movie; anything can be made to believe. ( big barn being a hanger #5 in the middle of the dessert didn't seem to be a problem )
    In "The Jackal" (1997) there is a gun made that can remotely shoot with pinpoint accuracy.
    And in "The Terminator" a non professional actor is directed into a believable human cyborg, where the story is a bit more interesting than "we look for gold, run, hooray there it is." ( Okay, only a little bit. )

    But Nathan Matsuda seems to be very passionate about making movies, and he got at least this one made, so lets see what his next project will be.

  15. Not bad at all. The story lacks originality (including the very standard Hollywood-style soundtrack), and it failed to captivate me, but technically quite good. It would be nice to see what exactly was made in Blender (and how).

  16. differentsmoke on

    First of all, kudos to the makers. A movie is a hard baby to deliver. Second, of course it has a lot of glitches, but let's not turn this into a "it sucks/its a masterpiece" debate. My criticism:

    The Good:

    - Setup: Very good set up. Quick, to the point, no over explanations, no obsession to give extremely transcendental motives to their characters(for a movie that overdoes that and fails miserably, see "The Time Machine" with Guy Pierce)

    - Characters: Unlikable? Really? I don't think you need to identify with the characters to enjoy a movie, but that's just me. Anyway, what's good about these two is that, although a bit cliché, they're believable. Really, I don't think "courage", "selflessness" and "not caring about money" are personality traits I'd expect from people who go around prowling on abandoned military bases. And again, they're young people who don't really need motives to be doing crazy/fun stuff, or can you all account for why you do the things you do all the time?

    -FX: Nice. Not mind blowing, not "ZOMFG is that real?!?!?!", but nice, and the design of the robot was pretty classy if you ask me(which you didn't, but that's why we love the internet)

    - Setting: Nice, looks believable(albeit the unusual amount of empty cardboard boxes, but that did not fire up my bull-o-meter), and doesn't look cheap(though it probably was).

    The Bad:

    - Scene with the flying barrel and the bursting door: poorly executed. That is not to say it is shamefully bad, but it is clearly, clearly below the overall quality level of the movie.

    -Pacing: It is odd. Like somebody said, the cut-scenes of Shay going through an assortment of rooms are confusing, not in a "what is he doing" way, but rather on a "why is he casually exploring a warehouse like he was looking for a lost bicycle" way. Also, the blending of action and comic relief could've been handled better(maybe way better)

    -Acting: The interaction of the actors and the big giant robot detracts from the realism. They don't get as scared as you'd expect, nor seem to be panicking as a huge mecha threatens to trample them to death.

    Of those 3, the pacing thing is the most severe to me, because it's entirely up to the director. The 3D thing, well, I guess I wouldn't have noticed it had it not been for the good quality of the rest of the film. And the acting thing, really, this short still gets a better performance of its actors than Lucas got out of Portman and McGregor.

    The Ugly:

    -It's Ok to be a little cliché. Actually, I thank a good dose of clichés if they help me digest 11 minutes of my life. But the ending, really, you could, metaphorically speaking, stand in the opening credits and get a good, solid glimpse at it. It doesn't really ruin the movie, cause its not one based on plot twists, but still, kinda let me down.

    Overall, fun movie, A for effort, and the result I'd say a solid 7 in a 1 to 10 scale(with extra points for being independent and done with free software, of course). Like somebody said, I look forward for his/their next project.

  17. Great Job guys! I am a student film maker myself, and I know how difficult it is to complete a project (without intensive vfx). This is simply impressive!

  18. Personally i think everyone should chill out THIS IS STUDENT FILM and everyone involved should be applauded for their effort. So its not perfect but I have seen better and far worse and this is quite decent

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