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An Animation from Arondix Animations


I think that as an animator that while we all struggle to perfect our craft, one of the hardest things to do, is to come up with a good, complete storyline. What I've noticed over the years is that as Blender and it's community has matured, the story's are improving as well. As in this animation from Munich, Germany based Arondix Animations.

A substantial improvement from their earlier releases I found this to be a clever and funny animation with good props and backgrounds, camera angles and an excellent sound and music design.

"We created another small short film "Mobile in Holiday" in March '08 with Blender 2.45. It is a short animation about Andy who lives on a small island somewhere in the Caribbean with his mobile phone. But he cannot call anybody, 'cause he gets no connection. Now Andy has a great idea...

We created this film within about 6 weeks. All 3D-Work was created by only one person. "

Have fun!


Mobile In Holiday


  1. AhAh! very funny movie. The animation is effective and the music is great.
    The modelling of the character is not very fine in my opinion, but I like the movie a lot.


  2. Nice and funny comedy cartoon animation.
    Make a completed season from that cartoon animation.

    Congratulations and keep it up.

  3. LOL! Yup, the curse of cell phones sometimes outweighs the benefits... you can call everyone at any time, but they can also call YOU.
    Nice, very funny, and great sounds!

  4. Well, uhm, am I the only one who found the character animation one dimensional as well as music and sound design (always the same sounds for the one or two feelings, always the same "I turn to the camera and use my eyebrows to show that I have a great idea" moment, very subtle...),
    and the story line was foreseeable?

    To me the adjective "mature" does not match with this animation, for me it is something like "first or second animation project" thing.

  5. Wow this was really terrible. i don't understand why anyone would even show this let alone try to advertise blender with it This is the kind of work that makes artist laugh at blender. I'm not trying to be mean but really you should learn the principles of animation. This is really bad animation. the story almost made me fall asleep to be honest. I can deal with the ugly character if he was at least animated decently. not to be totally negative I think its great your doing shorts and i'm sure with each one you will improve. but you really should study some animation principles. try reading The Illusion of Life its a great book.

  6. Yes; I agree, too! :-)
    But.. character-animation is one of the things you have to learn and try out. It takes years to become a very good character-animator and everybody starts with some bad (or better: simple) animations like this. But I'll learn as well and so the next film will be better, and the one after the next will be much better, etc. :-)
    Thanks for the link, bjzaba.

  7. @ghost3D:
    Wow, that was really terrible. You missed half of your capitalization and punctuation, in addition to misspelling some really simple words. Your post was so noobish and rude that I almost fell asleep reading it. You really should become an English scholar before attempting to write *anything.*

    I suppose that everyone here has forgotten how terrible *their* first projects looked. If you're not an experienced animator, that shouldn't stop you from trying to create something. Here's what I would say because it's true:
    "Hey, that was a nice short film! The animation was definitely lacking, though. I suggest reading The Animator's Survival Kit and The Illusion of Life; they're both excellent books.

  8. It helps to read what other animators have learned as well, I find. The link i gave you really just scratches the surface, but it does give you some good terms to use in google. There are plenty of great tutorials out there, you just need to find them! Sorry, but i can't help showering you with more links! Pixar animator Victor Navone has some great tutorials for example... Same with keith lango: From memory, they're geared towards maya, but you can easily use the same techniques in blender.

  9. @hemorrhoid:
    I was not trying to be rude. i was giving my crit. its not my fault your so easily offended. I'm not going to water it down. that animation is really terrible. its one of the worst I've seen. i don't have any issue with people getting into animation and learning that is great. and of course not everyone is going to be a pro right away. but don't present yourself like your an animation company doing short films because that is clearly not what is happening here. this is obviously a beginner learning animation. if you go to there website it has like a team of artist doing these shorts, so you would expect the quality to be higher. I do 3D everyday for work thats my job and no i have no interest in being an English scholar thank god. I get harsh crit all the time thats part of learning. i guess i was so hard on this animation because everyone on this forum is "this is great! the animation is great!!" when its really terrible how will they ever improve if everyone is to nice to say that it sucks?

  10. em.. ghost3d; I think, you've got a very big problem with yourself! This is a great film and I like it. Of course, the caracter-animation is not the best, but they'll learn it! The look&feel, as well as ALL camera angles are perfect! [only a few small mistakes in the sky :-)] I'm short film director since more than 15 years and this short is really great!
    And comments like yours are absolutely inane. You always says: It sucks. It sucks. It sucks!! For the future: Write nothing! Or nice comments like bjzaba or BlendRoid. They helped him to create it better and better! And that's it :-)

    My message for the Arondix-team: You are great; you've got nice ideas and you can do it! Read the books (Post by BlendRoid) - this will help you very much to translate your ideas into great short films with good character-animation! :-)

  11. Perfect??? wow ok I guess its perfect them lol. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone.

    And seriously you can only give nice feedback wow. Ok pardon me for giving my opinion I'll be sure to only lie and say things are good to make everyone feel warm and fussy inside. And i don't really know how this guy making a bad short has anything to do with me having a problem. I don't even think I'm being that harsh all I'm saying is it terrible. If i made a terrible movie I would get terrible reviews from movie critics no? Do you ever read a movie review that says something like "i know he is still learning and he tried really hard so I don't want to hurt his feelings the movie does need a lot of work but i know one day he will be good at film making" no you don't you hear " this movie was terrible or this movie was great"
    Sorry for saying anything. Cirsh I'd love to see some of your shorts I'm sure they are equally as great since you have such a great eye for quality and film.

  12. Thanks for all your feedback, guys. Rox the Dino will be online in August '08; of course you'll see the news on :-)
    @cirsh: some people said, Pixar's Ratatouille is bad and they can do it better :-) Just ignore those! Thanks for your praise and of course: we wont stop now!

  13. You should work a little more on your stories and character designs. animation takes time especially 3D, so don't rush your projects.

    keep up the work

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