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da Vinci, Helicopter


Edwin Glaser Writes:

Well.... we all are waiting for Big Buck Bunny. And announcing another open source movie is like the milkman ringing when you expect Santa Claus.

Nevertheless, there is another new blender movie. It isn't Hollywood quality.
It doesn't show the sophisticated technical abilities. It didn't improve anything. And best of all - there is no use of violence in this open source movie!

You can watch it on-line at vimeo.

And you can visit the homepage to download the high resolution movie and the sources.

And by the way, somebody should fix Wikipedia. The authors suggest the da Vincy helicopter was impractical and didn't lift off. This movie proves it became airborne!


  1. Rickyblender on

    The Leonardo Manuscript is unreadble when dowloaded

    and would it be possible to have the Blend Model for this Leronardo Helocopter
    i mean not the whole movie just the simple helicopter model even if it was a low poly

    Keep up the good work


  2. RickyBlender is talking about the image of Maestro Leonardo's manuscript of the helicopter. The blend files are stored on a server for download.

  3. For actual proof: look for a police public call box and ask it's occupant. "The doctor knows him personally"

  4. hahahahahaha ! so funny ! for one guy, it should be a month working and rendering...can you imagine the same scenario with good touch ?


  5. Wow .. that was ... was .. freakin weird! I was expecting something semi-serious and it ended up being .. way weird. She gave the guy x-lax so he could take a ... and then .. Spock!? What the!?

    Crazy. And why does all the hair seem like it's in zero g? lol

    Nice job for one person though. Keep it up.

  6. HI there and thx for this link.

    Great animation, and quite hilarious as noted by others ;)

    Great job, great tools indeed, thx for the effort :))

    To startrek, gimp, *buntu, and our favorite tool, blender!! ;))heh


  7. "It isn't Hollywood quality.
    It doesn't show the sophisticated technical abilities. It didn't improve anything. And best of all - there is no use of violence in this open source movie!"

    That's the best build up I have ever heard! LOL It made me enjoy the movie a whole lot more.

  8. Master Danix on

    Of course if you only see the start,you can´t appreciate this movie,but if you see it until the end,you'll like it,who made this video had made an hard effort to do this :D

    Good work

  9. Nice models. I really loved the helicopter material.
    However, the character animation could use some improvement.
    Some more finger animation would be nice.
    Overall less robotic look would be nice.
    Also, the people seemed expressionless.

    However, I really really liked the helicopter material. And the paper-looking background was cool.

    Well...nice work, and I expect to see some improved animation in your next work!
    Well done!


  10. Really sweet materials, but yeah the animation part could use some work. But as other noted, very funny, also some funny characters, I couldn't stop chuckle :D

  11. That was awesome, A long journey starts with a single step. Even though it could use a little work, you made a movie.

  12. michelangelo on

    i'm sorry but it can't fly , becouse it must round the other way (as a screw , entering in the sky)

  13. So, we've finally reached the point where no matter what, if made with blender, will have good criticism.
    Congratulations on the no use of violence in this movie.


  14. @ malefico: Yeah blenderheads can always count on some complements here.
    But I am intrigued by the way the flying machine turned with the people, I wonder if it was rigged so the hands wouldn't pass through it.

  15. Well, interesting... I see there's a bit of work gone into that with fully modeled and rigged humans, cloth simulation (or soft-body work-around,) hair, etc. But it could have greatly benefited from better animation, hair design, and not having Leonardo's daughter have her mouth open for so long. Anyhow, overall: cute idea with Spock. ;) Keep working and making films - you must know a good bit to be able to make a finished product - and with human characters!

  16. Not a bad attempt at all by one person, I loved the turn of the tale, really funny, the woan at the end making the mad signs! So the animation was simple, but hey the story telling was the important bit, and Ii think it was dam funny, well done.

  17. omfg, possessed barby dolls describes it exactly... we need an exorcist here who cuts out all the unnecessary stuff and forces this guy to concentrate on storytelling and filming basics first, then on animation

  18. Didn't see a movie in my life which scare me and make me laugh at the same time. Anything other than the helicopter is crazy built, I meant only the helicopter looks normal, such a metaphor!

    The good thing is this movie really tell a story, compare to some nice rendered movies are full of emptiness.

  19. This is nit-picky, but shouldn't the guys on the contraption be going the other way? The direction they are turning the machine would drive it into the ground, much like an auger digging dirt.

    Also, it would have been interesting if the woman were the Mona Lisa...

  20. Although a great effort by a single individual, I think the timing of the animation seemed off somehow - too slow and rigid.... Just some constructive criticism... - It's open source so maybe I should try to do better? LOL!

  21. Amar Ashworth on

    No violence... Awww, well that just ruins the whole thing for me, lol, jk. Well done for just one, better Mats. and less textures would make me happy. On a side note, Davinci's helo, can't work, Leonardo did not understand aerodynamics enough to know that without stability, and rotation controll the helo once airborn would spin the chasis not the propellors, once the body spin had stolen enough spin from the rotors he would have crashed back to earth. Maby next time you should tell the story of how leonardo's inventions would have failed, it could be way more funny.

  22. Rickyblender on

    If the helicopter blend file model is available can someone tell me where i can find the site to downloading it?

    not the video which is around 100 MB just the helicopter model

    i like that Leonardo work he was a bit out of is time and it took us close to 400 year s to get at his level of knowledge not bad for a guy under the inquisition by some pope who did not believe in science!


  23. Edwin Glaser on

    Thanks for your critique and the encouraging words.

    The stripped down helicopter.blend has been uploaded to
    The maintainer, Dion Moult, announced to validate the contribution within 24 hours.

    And please, don't send an exorcist! I promice to practice animation skills and to learn the filming basics. But first I will spend some time in a beer garden, to observe natural movements of real people.

  24. Wow ! What can I say ? You did it all by yourself ? Great job, CG animation is very difficult. I hope you can continue in this way and maybe do the sequel !!!

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