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Broken (Matt Ebb) has brought IBL to the masses.


Matthew Kean writes:
IBL AAO! Thats right, BLender Artists frequenter and programming guru, Broken (Matt Ebb) has brough IBL to the masses.

the patch:

This patch creates a new window in the WORLD menu of blender, and allows for quick Image based lighting, as well as Ambient occlusion options for IBL (without the need for IBL to be turned on!) This is a huge improvement over the now standing method of using the texture color in AO to produce grainy inaccurate renders.

Want the build now? Blender Artist Maqs made a fantastic (and very stable) build that includes the new IBL patch. check it out here:

right now the IBL only works with lat long probes, but that should change as soon as Matt Ebb adjusts it.

Images of the tests are on the blender projects page, but more are found on the multilayer SSS page

look through 12 and on to see Maqs and myself's images.


  1. Dam, the middle image on the file above is that really Blender? Wow! Nice one Matt, all the jargon is a little over my head now, when it comes to advanced shading and lighting, but give me time, I love to learn new Blender things every day, so who knows!

  2. woah!!!

    imagine if we could look into the future and see blender in a years time...

    IBL, muscle system, volumetric materials, motion tracking, customizable UI....

    blender is getting crazy!!!

  3. Man, if there was ever a case for a 2.46b release, this would be it. But hey we've got Graphicall for the builds! Most thankful!

  4. I'm glad to see that the patch has been "officially" announced... The results it allows are amazing, indeed.
    FinSteve, all the renders that were posted in the topic about "multi sss skin shading" are from the Blender Internal Render Engine (nothing from Yafray, Indigo, etc), except for 2 or 3 tests in order to compare the renders to Mental Ray (they were the same... :D ) Moreover, the render times are actually acceptable, you don't have to wait more than some minutes, even when IBL + multi sss with nodes are used :)

  5. When I install it, and run blender, it reads me as 2.45 (in splash screen). Does it means that I don't have the 2.46 version? or I still do?

  6. This is great !

    I wish they would be able to make the AAO results closer to the AO
    than this would be perfect. Hope at one point the one bounce color
    bleeding could be included as well.


  7. cyberdigitus on

    2.46 is out for a few days and already there is a lot of development goin on, at this pace i see more and more people using cvs versions instead of official releases. I hope 2.50 will bring modular plugin api's so it will be easier to do many small updates and extensions.

  8. MeneerDePeer on


    IBL = Image Based Lighting

    Which means you can use an image (usually a high dynamic range image) and use the information from that image as a "light source" in your scene. This creates very realistic lighting effects.

    It's used all the time these days in Hollywood movies. When they need to integrate 3d footage realistically, IBL is the way to match the lighting with the real environment.

  9. I haven't used Blender in so long (been prioritizing music rather than visual art as my hobby for the last year). Can someone explain what exactly IBL is?

  10. Never mind, I didn't see Meneer's reply... right above my own.

    Give me a break, I woke up like 5 minutes ago :3

  11. Sry, but can sb tell me how to use this patch? When I try to execute this script in Blender I see window: "Python script error" and in the console window appears : SyntaxError: invalid syntax. I installed python 2.5.2.

    Please help

  12. Hi. I haven't ever patched blender. I've patched other stuff, but never blender. I've also built blender before (the old way and with scons). Normally I move patches to top level directories and run a patch command. But its yelping about hunks not found and such. Normally whenever I see this it means it can't find appropriate places to apply the patch. Should I move the file to a particular directory? If all else fails, I can apply the patch by hand (but the patch is big and automated is always more fun ;).

  13. one more step to blender i mean ^^;;;
    this will prove usefull to blender's fight with the big boys well to be honest...
    blender is much better than terms of veiwing and ease of rendering there are a few points that lightwave has over blender for example the cel shading is way way more simple alittle dumbed down but its easier also the edge drawing is much more interactive where you can define each object to have its own edge line (cel edges) maybe once iam not lazy i might open a topic to talk about difference and pros and cons to blender lol ^^

  14. Thanks broken I used this at work today.
    I was impressed with the quality, ease of use and speed (and more importantly so was the boss!! props to Maqs for the build too...)
    I'm getting converts now and giving intro tuts to my co workers
    Thanks so much for all your work

  15. Matt Ebb is my hero.


    Too bad this couldn't have been wrapped into the official release of 2.46. Incidentally you can use HDR images in the world lighting settings to create reflections etc, but this will make things really work nicely. I assume he is using a spherical light probe? Polished ball on a stick?

  16. @Bob: It should work fine if you place it inside the


    directory. Then simply run:

    patch -i ibl06.txt

    (Adapt ibl06.txt to the patch-file you actually want to apply)

    Generally I suggest always opening up the patch file in a text editor to see how the relative paths look inside. In this example you'll see something like this:

    Index: source/blender/render/intern/source/occlusion.c
    --- source/blender/render/intern/source/occlusion.c (revision 14978)
    +++ source/blender/render/intern/source/occlusion.c (working copy)

    That's a strong hint where to put the patch file.
    (To be exact: It's actually where you run the patch command - the patch file could be located elsewhere of course)


  17. Oops, WordPress doesn't like "" :)
    That first line should look like this:



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