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Blender Video Mistaken for UFO Sighting


John Merrill reports to us that about two weeks ago "I was made aware that a video from my Blender portfolio has been mistaken for evidence of the paranormal. The video in question depicts a UFO sighting followed by an appearance of the cryptozoological monster El Chupacabras. Apparently someone found this video on my youtube page and sent it to journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan claiming it was filmed outside of London, England in late 2007. Maussan has been airing this video on his own television show, and on others, as well as screening it at private lectures for several months."

Here's the original youtube video (contains swearing in english):

Here's one of Maussan's broadcasts where he shows my video

"I really don't understand how this happened. When I made this video, Iintentionally left several errors un-corrected, so that it would be in no danger of being taken seriously, even by a novice video analyst.

-First, it was filmed during the day and then color-corrected to appear asnight. You can see the sun's lens flare several times during the video. -Second, I made sure that the night-vision was of much higher quality, and a far deeper green that I have seen on any camcorder. Judging by some of the other youtube videos I've found, I suspect that someone altered the color to make the night vision look more genuine. -Finally, everyone I have spoken to about the video points out that for them, the jump at the end was a dead giveaway. "