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TV Interview with Ton, Sacha Now Online


Last night's interview in the Dutch TV show 'De Wereld Draait Doort' with Ton and Sacha is now online!

Update: Dutch transcript is ready. If you want, you can log in and help to translate now. Thanks!!
Update 2: English translation is ready. Thanks for all the help!

The video is available from DotSub, meaning that it can be captioned in any other language (what? you don't speak Dutch?! ;-) To our Dutch readers: please go ahead and 'transcribe' the movie in English first - that'll make it possible for others to translate back to their own language.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. I can't wait for this to get translated to english. But watching it in dutch is actually quite interesting (and hilarious... "Artsy-fartsy" lol). The clip is great :D

  2. Great news that Blender (and the movie) get big media attention.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    One small note, Ton's grey Blender T-shirt (from 2002?) looks a bit rippled compared to Sacha's brand new BBB T-shirt. :)

  3. I haven't seen the show nor the grass, but maybe Giel's question should be translated in: "Can Blender render grass(/hair/fur) and get it's dynamics from e.g. a wind-effector"? Then the question is answered.

  4. I can sense the Dutch cynicism in that interview, which Sasha had a good answer for: It is plain idiotic to compare it with Pixar. But I feel that Ton and Sasha didn't bring their point sufficiently enough over because they were still too much immersed in the Blender world, too technical.

    The criticism about the grass should have been answered with the money factor. Everything is technically possible. But it requires money. Just like most movie productions, an SFX studio would say like: The fur on King Kong will cost you an X amount of money, or the other way around: what kind of explosion effects can you offer us for this x amount of money?

    And judging the result, them guys outperformed Pixar period! Compare the quality and the time and the resources that Pixar put in their 3 minutes shorts compared to the quality of BBB and the resources that went into it..

  5. Toon,

    The expression "Made a Hollywood-like movie for, in comparison 'a few dimes'" won't mix very good with: 'Grass? Uh, oh, money...' and 'Pixar? Why on earth you made that comparison?'

    If you see what actually comes from the various larger 3D-animation studios, Blender and most certainly the production-team did a great job! (This based on the trailer)

    That also makes that grass should be able to move if you implement it, or they forgot to use it in the movie-production. The movie had the intention after all to boost-Blender...

    Toon, the way of saying things is important, I don't consider Blender a 'half-program', always behind because of money or it being open-source...

    't Ga je goed :)

  6. I see the English translation is for 9% done already, but for those who can't wait here's the quick and dirty translated transscript:


    - Host:

    An animation movie for only 150,000 Euro, and fully made in the Netherlands. Where American studios like Pixar and Dreamworks spend millions, Amsterdam's Blender Institute made an animation movie for just a few dimes. And the movie is even available as a free download from the internet.

    The director of the film is here, Sacha goedegebure, and so is Ton Roosendaal of the Blender Institute. Welcome!

    Sacha, we've seen a lot of animation movies about animals. Ice Age, Shrek.. Why yet another one?

    - Sacha:

    Yeah, there's a lot of them eh?

    Well, it's actually because we had a program, Blender, which had to benefit from new development. One of the requirements for the movie was fur rendering. So we could make fur.

    - Host:


    - Sacha:

    Fur, as in body hair.

    That feature had to be developed while making the movie, and was one of the requirements.

    - Host:

    So it had to be something with fur?

    - Sacha:

    Yes. The technical aspect, maybe that's more for you to explain (looks at Ton), that's just really interesting to develop.

    - Host:

    Let's first take a look at the movie and see if it succeeded.

    *Screen shows part of the Big Buck Bunny movie*
    *Buck gets nuts thrown at his head*

    - Audience:


    - Host:

    Yeah, this bunny looks to be err.. the poor main character here *laughs*

    Ton, you've been making this for 150,000 Euro. That's almost nothing compared to a Hollywood production. Still, it definitely does look like one, how is that possible?

    - Ton:

    Well, the importance of this movie wasn't so much just about giving it away. I would rather say it's an 'Open Movie'. The film has intention to improve the techniques [in Blender]. To do that, we had thousands of people from the internet who gave us money for the DVD, which could be bought nine months ago already.

    - Host:


    - Ton:

    And by making the film we could test the program Blender. That's one of the more important things. There's also the fact that everything from the movie is open for everyone to improve on it. So all techniques from the film, but also all creative files, the art, the story boards, the whole story, it's all going to be publiced next month on the internet. People can watch, learn and use it in nearly any way.

    - Host:

    How new is this, Sacha?

    It's entirely different than they do it in Hollywood, of course.

    - Sacha:

    Ton has already done this once before, with another open movie. This recent movie was the second one. Only this time it was done from within the Blender Institute.

    The first movie was a film with human-like characters, and the story was a bit artsy fartsy...

    - Host:

    *what* was it?!


    - Sacha:

    "Artsy fartsy", somewhat of an artistic story. I'm not allowed to say too much about that of course, because that was his movie as well.

    *looks at Ton while laughing*

    - Host:

    But, just to know if I'm correct here, do you understand what they're saying Giel? I guess you're much better with computers than I am.

    [Note: Giel is the odd looking guy with glasses and is a well known DJ from a large radio station in the Netherlands]

    - Giel:

    Well yeah, I do, there's just one thing I don't really understand: that fur.. it looks quite complicated and nice. But when I take a look at that grass there.. that's just not nice, it doesn't even move! Normally you would see the grass tips move around, wouldn't they?

    - Ton:

    Heh, well, the person who made the grass would probably like to kill you now *laughter*

    - Giel:

    So this is really nice grass?

    - Sacha:

    It wasn't my department, it [the comment about the grass] doesn't really bother me *laughs*

    - Host:

    But it goes like this, with some sort of internet community. They all bring something to this film, is that about right??

    - Sacha:

    Ehm, no, not really. There was a team, made of people from all over the world. Those people came from the Blender community.

    - Host:

    They could all get to it? [the movie files]

    - Sacha:

    Err, there was a team of seven people. All of these worked in Amsterdam for half a year on the film. You definitely do multi tasking then, with seven persons.

    - Host:

    Each of them has a piece to do?

    - Sacha:

    Yes. For example, I did the script, directing, cleaning the toilet, character design, story board.. so.. yeah, that sort of stuff had to happen.

    - Host:

    Let's take a small look at the 'making of', on how things are made..

    *waits for video*

    If all is okay.. yes.

    *video starts*

    So here we're seeing...

    - Sacha:

    ..the story board, that's what it all starts with. It's essential. If it doesn't work in the story board, it won't work in the final movie either.

    So, this is what you see later on..

    - Host:

    ..and what are you testing here? *laughter*

    *video shows William and Andy getting nuts thrown against their heads*

    - Sacha:

    Yeah, references eh? We have to try it ourselves as well.

    - Host:

    To see how you should draw it..

    - Giel:

    The grass did look a lot nicer in the final movie!

    - Host:

    Yeah exactly!

    It's definitely better than here [in the preview shots], Giel!

    - Sacha:

    Well you know, people compare us with Pixar. That's nonsense, it's absolutely nonsense. It's just about making steps forward, and to get closer to that ...

    *makes sign with fingers while another starts talking*

    - Giel:

    Isn't it a bit like Linux, where everyone can look at the source and modify it to their own heart's content? Something like that?

    - Ton:

    The program that can be used to make all this is free, but at the same time it's also 'Open Source'. So you can use it freely for commercial films, animation [being an example], and it's the technique that's used in Hollywood.

    - Host:

    So it's for anyone?

    - Ton:

    Yes. Our software isn't used in Hollywood yet, but we do want Hollywood software to be usable for anyone.

    - Giel:

    So you see lots of animated porn made with it? That's what people will do with it, right..

    - Sacha:

    *points at the t-shirt he's wearing*

    Look at the title: 'Big Buck Bunny'.. I mean..

    - Giel:

    ..does that say enough?

    - Host:'s about a bunny anyway!

    Gentlemen, thanks for being here.

    You can see Big Buck Bunny next month on the internet and DVD.

  7. 1 blender noob on

    I will try to translate it to spanish from english in my attempt to contribute "a little bit" to the community, but Hey! don't expect too much 'cause i'm not a good english-speaking-blender-newbie. :-)

    By the way, congratulations to all the people who makes this possible (Ton, blender foundation, blendernation of course, the coders, and the community)

    demonios, voy a llorar de nostalgia y felicidad!! jaja

  8. Nils, you have totally misread me. What I'm saying is:
    The team did a great job making this movie. Maybe if they had a couple of thousand euros more they could keep the team together for some more days or weeks to do the movement of the grass. Anyway, that is besides the point. Let's call it a perfect summer day where there are long period without even a breeze. It is believable. It's windy now and I look outside the window and the grass isn't really swaying. Maybe because ehhh grass is short and stiff? duhhhh

    Have you seen Boundin' ? Have you seen the end credits? Most 3 minutes Pixar shorts took years to complete. Probably they make those in between projects, but a fact is that for example "For the birds" took 2 years to complete. They have the money, they have the R&D department with lot's of Brecht-like guys. They have enormous resources. And then you have the Blender institute, making a film that is on par with anything what the big boys can dish out with less than less of a fraction of the resources they have.

    Now, imagine if the Blender institute suddenly has, say 4.000.000 euros at their disposal to do the next project. That means they can go for a longer period of time with more guys. And in that situation, they WILL blow any Hollywood studio clear out of the water.

    In conclusion, the biggest factor is the love and ardent desire of the Blender community to improve the Blender experience which makes productions like BBB possible. BUT money IS a factor. A few more bucks could have kept those guys for a longer time in Amsterdam.

  9. "We will get animation porno........" What a childishcomments. I watched this live yesterday and really I hated Giel Belen before the interview and now I even hate him more! Bad interview if you ask me.....


  10. Tono, I don't want to start a discussion on this, but I haven't misread you, however it is also clear to me, you didn't understand what you were saying if you include:"that's besides the point", I can only suspect you forget to mention your 'real' primary 'points' earlier...this, if there were other...

    And for the record, there's the comparison between the Pixar Studios as-is and the Blender Institute which would be quite in appropriate, but the comparison Pixar(-like)-made-movie and BBB is one, one can make. Then there's 'Blender 3D software' against 'what is used on regular base'? I admit the whole question is a bit out-of-my-league, to me it's important 'can I make the movie I want to make with it, or if not, can I extend the software to achieve my goal.'

    't Ga je beter? :)

  11. @Len: Ik neem aan dat je Zuid-Afrikaans bent, als ik je grammatica zo lees.

    Gewoon een aantal keer kijken.

    (Or in English: I presume that you are South-Afrikan, if I take the grammar correct.

    Just watch a few times.)

  12. "We will get animation porno…….." What a childishcomments. I watched this live yesterday and really I hated Giel Belen before the interview and now I even hate him more! Bad interview if you ask me…..


    I agree, the interview was bad, and that guy with his corny little jokes and comments made it that much more disgusting, damn retard.

  13. In this interview the host actually had no clue what he was talking about, this Giel guy may have some basic knowledge about OSS, but not a bit about 3d movies. Not a good situation to start with. Then Ton and Sascha had about 5 minutes to tell them what Blender, Open Content and Big Buck Bunny were about.
    Of course that didn't work.

  14. Nice! Stupid comment from that guy with hte cap, you handled it good ;) Nice interview, cant wait to see the movie!

  15. That guy with hat was really irritating, but presented a good point and wasn't really aggresive. That is what rest of non - developers would say when asked after seen this movie. Host was awful, agree...
    I think Ton took it too seriously. But I understand that, nobody like it when someone offends our child.

  16. Portuguese Translation from the MeneerDePeeer English translation

    Um filme de animação por apenas 150'000€, e totalmente feito nas Netherlands.
    Enquanto estudios Americanos, como Pixar e Dreamworks gastam milhões, no Blender Institute em Amsterdão fizeram um filme de animação por apenas uns trocados.
    E o filme até está gratuitamente desponivel na internet para download.

    O realizador do Filme está aqui, Sacha goedegebure, assim como Ton Roosendaal do Blender Institute. Bem-vindos!

    Sacha, temos visto montes de filmes de animação sobre animais. Idade do Gelo, Shrek... Porquê ainda mais um?

    Pois, Já há muitos eh?
    Bem, Realmente é devido a termos um programa, Blender, que necessita de desenvolvimentos novos. Um dos requerimentos para o filme era a renderização de pelo. De modo que podessemos fazer pelo.


    Pelo, género cabelo corporal.
    Essa caracteristica teve de ser desenvolvida durante a produção do filme, e era um dos requerimentos.

    Então tinha que ser algo com pelo?

    Sim. O aspecto técnico, talvez seja mais para tu explicares (olha para o Ton), é simplesmente interessante de desenvolver.

    Vamos primeiro ver o filme e ver se tiveram sucesso.

    *ecrâ mostra uma parte do filme Big Buck Bunny*
    *Buck é atingido por várias nozes, atiradas pelos outros animais*


    Pois, este coelho parece ser ahh... a pobre da personagem principal aqui *risos*
    Ton, voçe produziu isto por 150'000€. Isso é praticamente nada comparado com uma produção de Hollywood. E ainda assim, defenetivamente parece-se como uma, como é que é isso possível?

    Bem, a importancia deste filme não foi tanto o facto de da-lo de borla. Eu prefiro dizer que é um 'Open Movie' (filme livre). O filme tem como objectivo melhorar as técnicas [em Blender]. Para fazer isso, tivemos milhares de pessoas da internet que nos deram dinheiro pelo DVD, que já estáva desponivel para comprar à 9 meses atrás.


    E fazendo o filme pudemos testar o programa Blender. Essa é uma das coisa mais importantes. Há também o facto de tudo do filme ser aberto (no sentido de livre) para toda a gente poder melhorar. Assim todas as técnicas retiradas do filme, e também os ficheiros criativos, a arte, os story boards (pranchas de desenhos), a história em si... no próximo mês vai tudo ser publicado na Internet. As pessoas vão poder ve-lo, aprender e usa-lo práticamente de qualquer modo.

    Até que ponto é isto novo, Sacha?
    É inteiramente diferente do procedimento usado em hollywood, certamente.

    O Ton já tinha feito isto uma vez, com outro filme livre. Este recente foi o segundo. Apenas, desta vez foi feito dentro do Blender Institute.
    O primeiro filme era um filme com personagens humanóides e a história era um pouco "artsy fartsy"...

    Foi quê!?


    "Artsy fartsy"., qualquer coisa como uma historia artistica. Não me é permitido dizer muito sobre isso, obviamente, porque também foi o seu filme.

    *Olha para o Ton enquanto sorri*

    Mas, para certeficar-me se estou correcto, percebes o que eles estão a dizer Giel? Acho que tu és muito melhor com computadores do que eu.

    [nota: Giel é a pessoa de aparencia estranha com com óculos e é um conceituado DJ de uma grande estação de rádio nas Netherlands.]

    Bem sim, sou, há só uma coisa que eu não percebo completamente: aquele pelo... parece ser bastante complicado e bom. Mas quando eu reparo na relva... simplesmente não parece boa, nem sequer se move! Normalmente veria-mos as pontas das ervas a movimentaren-se, não é?

    Heh, Bem, a pessoa que fez a relva neste momento, probavelmente, gostaria de the matar *risos*

    Então isto realmente é relva boa?

    Não é do meu departamento, por isso realmente não me incomoda *Risos*

    Mas vai assim, com algum tipo de comunidade da internet. Todos eles trazem algo para este filme, não é assim?

    Ehm, não, não mesmo. Ouve uma equipa, formada por pessoa de todo o mundo. Essas Pessoas vieram da comunidade de Blender.

    Todos eles tinham acesso? [aos ficheiros do filme]

    Err, ouve uma equipa de sete pessoas. Todos eles trabalharam no filme em Amsterdam durante meio ano. Depois realizamos multi tarefa, com sete pessoas.

    Cada um deles tem um pedaço para fazer?

    Sim, por exemplo, eu fiz o guião, realização, limpar as sanitas, desenho de personagens, story board.. por isso, sim, esse tipo de coisas teve que aconteçer.

    Vamos dar uma vista de olhos ao 'making of', pra vermos como as coisas são feitas...

    *espera pelo video*

    Se tudo estiver bem.. Sim.

    *video começa*

    Então estamos a ver...

    ... O story board, é assim com que tudo começa. É essencial. Se não funciona no story board, também não funcionará no filme final.

    Então, isto é o que se vê mais tarde...

    ... e o que é que estão a testar aqui? *risos*

    *video mostra William e Andy a serem atingidos na cabeça por nozes*

    Pois, referencias eh? Nós próprios também temos de tentar.

    Para ver como devem desenhar...

    A relva realmente parecia muito melhor no filme final!

    Sim, exactamente!
    É defenitivamente melhor que aqui [ no plano de previsualização], Giel!

    Bem, voçes sabem, as pessoas comparam-nos com a Pixar. Isso não tem sentido, é absolutamente disparatado. É apenas sobre dar paços em frente, e para chegar perto disso...

    *Faz sinais com os dedos enquanto outro começa a falar*

    Isto não é um pouco como Linux, onde toda a gente pode ver o código fonte e modifica-lo como bem entender? Algo assim?

    O programa que pode ser utilizado para fazer tudo isto é de borla, mas ao mesmo tempo é também 'Open Source'. Por isso podes usá-lo livremente para filmes comerciais, animação [sendo um exemplo], e é a técnica que é utilizada em Hollywood.

    Então é para toda a gente?

    Sim, o nosso software não é usado ainda em Hollywood, mas nós realmente queremos
    que software de hollywood seja usável por todos.

    Então ve-se montes de pornografia animada feita com ele? É isso que pessoas farão com ele, certo..


    *aponta pra a camisola que está a vestir*

    Repara no titulo: 'Big Buck Bunny'.. Quer dizer..

    .. é preciso dizer mais?

    -Apresentador: quaquer modo é acerca de um coelho!
    Cavalheiros, Obrigado por terem vindo.
    Podem ver o Big Buck Bunny no próximo mês na internet e em DVD.

  17. The guy with the hat is a radio DJ
    The interview is a mroe for the newbies :)
    But it is good publicity for blender.

  18. Do not take this too serious every one it only a show hosted by armature artist,so what if blender can be use for porn animation,Maya,3DMax and light wave are use to produce these flick.the importance thing is that it was watch by millions viewer and have of that will show interest in blender.

  19. Hi all. To those of you who are translating this stuff, I applaud you. I seem to have infected the community with this translated video idea. :D I would say you should make an account. The dotsub tools are going to assist you in translation the next time around. Also, whoever did the timing on these initial subtitles rushed it a little bit - but they WERE talking extremely fast so it's sort of understandable.

    As far as the guy with the hat, I am not sure what to say to him. He's right. Annoying, sure, but you can't argue that he's wrong, and yeah Ton and Sacha held themselves up. You can really see the "oh crap" look in their eyes as the world of money around them is just whizzing them by!!!

  20. I think it all went fine (considering it was our first time and we knew about it late afternoon the same day). Of course we had so much more to say and to show, and we hoped for a bit more clever questions and comments, but this was a good start.
    Also, in Giel Beelen's defense (the co-host), good looking grass has been a big issue for us many times (his comment is only fair) and even we talked about possible porn versions during some moments (we hope there will be some later (as long there's a good story with good acting)).


  21. @Gryphon: we don't delete comments unless we have a very good reason. I checked in our spam filter but couldn't find your message anywhere. I'd guess that it wasn't posted correctly..

  22. Okay, no problem. I'll double-check next time.
    Are there any spoilers in the BBB footage in the interview? I've already avoided a couple of Ton's interviews because he was talking about the movie... the clip at around 1:08 caught me by surprise, and I'd like to stay away from anything that might give away the plot.

  23. I think the DJ's impression of "good" grass is a common expectation caused by exaggerated depictions of grass in most CG animations. Everybody wants their grass to flap and wave around as if we're in a constant wind vortex. In fact, real grass rarely ever moves like most cg grass. Most cg grass seems to be a bit of a technical showoff to make the creator of it seem more technically competent with the software. I think the less that grass flaps and waves around the more "realistic" it is...unless there's more than a breeze blowing. Also, with so much grass in a film like this, it would quickly begin to compete with the main subjects in the shot.

    In short, the DJ should probably stick to DJing. He's entitled to his opinion, but it was clearly a display of a lack of tact to offer it as he did.

  24. Great to see more translations, I've just learned a few words of Spanish because of it ;)

    @Kernon, Giel Beelen is well known for being 'different' and having a lack of tact.

    One night, he had himself given a blowjob at the radio station with the microphone enabled.. just to say what kind of person he is ;)

    I don't think he's all bad though, he does good things, too. And he certainly did have a point about the grass. Later on, you might have noticed how he said it wasn't that bad after all.
    (though that could have been a sarcasm thing, not sure how he meant it exactly)

  25. Good job guys! Ton made a good and very courteous response to the grass comment, which is that it is an Open Movie and anyone can change it any way they like. Also, that was a very intimidating set/stage you were on! I thought Sacha made a great opening - the goal was not to make a Pixar movie short, but to explore and improve the software and process, and you/we achieved that a hundred-fold.

  26. That guy criticizing the grass and other stuff like "animated porn" is an ass! If he read the story behind Blender, then he would understand. And the way they responded, they pwned the guy in the face. Great Interview, I loved watching this.

  27. Sacha seems like a really cool guy! Don't let the haters bring you down with that grass comment. I didn't even notice the grass, I was looking at the character interaction.

  28. Actually Giel has a point, the grass is the only actual critical comment. Lets not hate him for it ;-p.
    If you look at this particular part of the movie it doesnt seem to move much indeed. But in other parts (at least rivertest) it definately looks great!

  29. I thought this was a great interview. It was a bit short that is all. Ton and Sacha you did a great job and looked very calm.
    Crits are an important part of improvement and development, so I wouldn't go bashing that co host around for bringing up points he thought were valid. It was also good for the institute to keep in mind for other movies. Well done guys I applaud you!

  30. Hopefully people can make something better than animated porn, I don't think that would attract the Hollywood types.

  31. So the Dutch really are obsessed with good grass and sex. A nation of pot head porno pixies. Amsterdam, here I come :)

    You can tell that the hosts were more out of their depth with technology than Ton and Sacha were with being on TV. Well done guys, you came across as the intelligent ones and the hosts were just being typical prime time media jerks. Their main goal is to entertain the masses without necessarily understand the subject.

    The clip they showed from BBB is not the best. They should provide the media with one that does the movie justice with more action and wow factor... mayber the trailer would do.

  32. To clear some things up:

    The host of the DWDD show was a substitute. He is a political correspondent and presents a main current affairs programme on Dutch TV.

    Giel Beelen is a supercool dude with his heart 'on the right place'. He does a lot for charity and I think his remarks were spot-on!

  33. Oh okay, Giel Beelen is a DJ who carries favour with his audience. Funny, all I saw was someone throwing edgy comments at Ton and Sacha to raise his own profile. Again. Compared to his earlier career he was pretty well behaved.

  34. Giel Beelen is well known for being force feeded to enlarge his liver for promoting animal well being and walking naked in his radiostudio thats broadcasted on tv after the normal programs have finished. so a very good deterend for not smoking pot. I found the host more irritating they have another one thats much better. Like some one said before its good to have blender on tv no matter what, maybe someone should do some "naziporn" with it too realy skyrocket its exposure, :P

  35. I was reading the news about the broadcast on Dutch TV at the same time the television program was about to get started. Guess my luck changed that day. I usually only see the end titles.

    It's good to see such a load of modesty on a Dutch program :) I started using Blender a year ago to design the interior of a game shop. Now I picked it back up again and I am determined to go all the way, making my own animated shorts. Anyway, modesty aside, I think the whole concept of Blender is f*cking Brilli*ant!!!

    I also think the 'whole' Blender team has done a fantastic job to create something that is not so straightforward on a continent that seems to love these kind of animation products and movies but doesn't yet seems to grasp the difficulty and hard work involved, I hope it will further awake governments and educational bodies to provide more ways for talented people to get an education in a direction they love, instead of fading to grey and dropping out pf a classic education. Computer animation and graphics programming has been around for decades but it's about time it earned its rightful place in european industries.

    So keep it up and keep it free!

    Bart - Oost Vlaanderen - Belgium

  36. Los felicito con mucho orgullo, e seguido el desarrollo del la pelicula a traves de su pagina, y emociona saber que hallan logrado concretar el proyecto y que este a la misma calidad de las grandes producciones y demostrar que el software opensource es igual a los de las grandes empresas. los felicito desde chile :)

  37. What does a DJ know about CG? Who the guy think he is? Johnny Depp or something?
    It was completely rude to say what he said. He have not even a distant clue about how much effort it takes to do something like BBB.
    Anyway, I think big media is not prepared to receive content like an open movie project. They are just looking for some big news and end results. They just don't give the deserved value to the work on it.

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