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Flex Them Muscles


muscles.pngThat is right. A developer is working on a muscle simulation system for Blender. Its currently in pre-pre-development. But the developer seems pretty steady at working on it.Dan (handydan) discusses the details of his system a bit more at a forum thread. A quote from the thread:

My method for creating muscles, is very similar to theirs except, they have four end points (2 at each end), whereas mine has only 2, and from what I can see they can only attach their muscle endpoints to vertices on a mesh whereas with my system you will be able to attach to faces as well. There's also some differences with the way you modify the individual sections.In regards to how it works. Mine is a volumetric system rather than a weighted one, which should be more realistic and easier to setup (more difficult to code though).    

This could be an exciting development for Blender. Give him your thanks and encouragement.


  1. SWEET! I'm tellin ya Blender will, one day in the future, be "THE" 3d package to use.. And, when it is... I'll be there to point an laugh at all those still "addicted" to Autodesk and their corporate strangle hold, which will be no more. :) Here's to those who "do" because they love to.


    To progress.

  2. I'm really looking forward for this muscle system, as soon it comes out I'll put them to work asap ;)

    also your methode looks allot better than CGtubes. Good luck, handydan hope that everything runs smooth during the development ^_~

  3. More great stuff coming for blender development. :) It's quickly catching up to most commercial products at a lightning fast pace.

    @Luiz: Actually it might be somewhat beneficial. Since blender is free more small scale studios would be able to acquire and use it and use the money saved for advertising or something. (As you can see with plumiferos that's already beginning to happen)

    Blender took the "Voumetric Clouds" step recently and now that.
    Seems the best talents out there working for blender.
    Blender for World domination, man!

    Go! Go! Go!

  5. Hua, wua. tau auuauauauau hua huam ua haj aj u
    .... it is just great, Blender is already now software which like the most, but this, this, this is...
    wua hj uha ja hw a s ksa aj ka js aj k ajs

  6. last post from him was in November 2007.
    Blendernation is a little late with 'news' i spoke with the guy a few days ago, and he's currently not working on this project ;)

  7. blaize,

    Might want to look again at the blender org forum. The last post by Handydan was on Feb 14th, and from the discussion thread itl ooks lik he is making progress on this feature.

  8. (I'm the developer in question)
    I do have other projects on at the minute,
    but although I'm not working on the GUI (waiting for 2.5)
    I am working on the code when I have time.

  9. sNovak and - to a lesser extend - Luiz: do you really need to act like that? that gang mentality attitude is so prevalent in the Blender community and it's really a disservice to the professionalism of the developers who pour so much time into this program.

  10. Blackboe:

    I don't get into it much but they are right. The Autodesks of the world are not exactly open source friends.

    The boys seem to be just having a bit of fun!

    I await your passionate response :)

  11. @U-238. That was a joke, good man. Also, I said that it would be bad for the 3D programs market, not for the users. ;D Yes. I can see greater projects from small teams too. =D

  12. @Blackboe. You are so ignorant. I was making a joke. And all I said is that Blender is becoming impressively powerful and that will scare commercial programs. Chill out.

  13. Go for it!!

    Outstanding. I enjoy a lot modelling anatomy... now I'll be able to do more realistic muscle flexing animations without terribly complex rigs... I'm -really- eager to grab this thing to test... Not to put pressure. Things come when they come :)

  14. This sounds really awesome and it seems that Dan has some interesting ideas on how to realise it.
    But before this....calm a bit down....There is nothing finished yet. It's still an idea.

  15. ccherrett, that's their business. there just seems to be a attitude in the majority of blender users that it's us against them in some kind of huge, dirt kicking competition. It's not hard to see it coming through in the way people take 'blending' (this is a verb now? modeling and texturing aren't good enough?) as a priority over quality and, indeed, what model they're actually making. 'blender forever. blend on. blend power. rah rah rah. in your face, newtek.'

    On I've noticed people feel like they have to apologize for using programs besides blender, sometimes. and I've even seen hostility, where people were attacking a guy because he made his models in modo before unwrapping and texturing them in blender. It's that mindset again - that we can't work with anyone, we can't move in tandem, it's us, it's Blender, alone for all eternity and, by all that's holy, we pity anyone in our way!

    And how many people on cgtalk do you see caring so pettily about stuff like that?

    luiz: maybe I am ignorant, and in that case I'm sorry, but so many blender users seem to - as I said earlier - have this bizarrely inflated ego from using the software which has a tendency to come across in a way very similar to the joke you made.

  16. @Handydan: oh big sorry, you're right! Abit more than an idea, and it looks really promising.
    I wish you good look, and sooner or later this is getting into the branch.

  17. Sweet! Yeah, Blender is gonna bankrupt the 3D world. LOL. More power to it!
    So I guess you could use these muscles with a softbody skin on top for extreme realism? That sounds so sweet... we're gonna be so realistic soon.

  18. Amir Taaki: No-one acts that way towards Blender on the Newtek website, despite Blender users having gone over there, spamming and skirmishing.

  19. Amir Taaki: No-one acts that way towards Blender on the Newtek website, despite Blender users having gone over there, spamming and skirmishing.

  20. Looks pretty interesting! :)

    Keep working on it, don't let it get put on the bottom of the todo list until you've got some really GREAT features to show for it! :)
    ~epat. :)

    *Beware of the troll* ^^x2

  21. Blackboe - you might want to calm down, but yeah, I get what you're saying. Some people are used to Maya, Autodesk, or whatever, and we kind of look at them like they're nuts... we gotta quit that. But Blender does have great features, and better yet it's being developed like crazy.

  22. @Amir Taaki: congratulations, you've just proven Blackboe's point.

    Looking forward to see the muscle stuff in action!

  23. I get Blackboes point, but thats been discussed enough.

    On to the muscle stuff though, this is going to be great! I was at an Animation conference in Sydney AUS recently and they had a guy from WETA show off their muscle system that was used for Gollum and has since been beefed up for each new film - currently for "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep ". It's at a crazy level now where you can see all the sinews moving under the translucent skin which ripples over the top.

    Obviously, it's a lot of hard work ahead, but I'm prepared to show respect and wait patiently. Even though I want it yesterday. Hehe. All the best to handydan!!

  24. Its kindasorta available in other packages.

    There's been commercial plugins available for maya and max, but only recently has it become built-in for maya and houdini. Houdini's being a v1 release isn't quite ready for production, and maya bought the most well known commercial one (comet cMuscle) and added it for gold support members a few months ago, probably to be officially rolled into the next maya unlimited release mid-year.

    So no, blender isn't the first, but going strictly by what you can get off-the-shelf as a built-in, it'll be second. And if its a fast, production useable solution it'll definitely be one of the first to achieve that!

  25. smokebox46and2 on

    thanks and encouragement!

    i actually posted this idea recently on the feature request forum not realizing that you have this in development...

  26. Please Handydan, don't give up on this project.
    I've been searching the web for your stuff but the only place I find is on with an invalid project =-(

    Really think this will be a fantastic achievement for the Blender-Community.
    Thx and lots of encouragement

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