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  1. Sorry for the double Post, but there is one thing, which is a bit odd in my eye.
    Why are there two 'deleflection' buttons under the physics menu? Only because of the Ev. M. Stack-Button?

  2. Wow, we have not to wait until the release of 2.5 to use cloth and the new particle system! A little feature I even like more than those spectacular stuff is snapping in object mode. It will make many things easier and faster.
    Thanks to all who have contributed ideas and work to this new Blender release!!

  3. The Windows installer STILL has that stupid "Specify User Data Location" dialog! When did Windows XP came out? 2001? Does the (bad) default of "User Installation Directory" even work when using Vista?

  4. Be sure to check out the "Drag Immediately" option in the Preference. Releasing the RMB immediately applies the translation! No more multiple clicks! Thank you!

  5. Sorry, but mine won't even open, it crashes right after the doubleklick!
    I've got an iMac Intelcore and downloaded the OSX 10.3 py2.5 intel file - what went wrong?

  6. So the following never made it to 2.46?

    The new Tile texture
    Sun and Atmosphere

    Also why does the Bevel tool no longer allow you to set the resolution of the bevel?

  7. YAY :D
    Just a suggestion to the article:
    You might want to add a link to the bug-report-article, just to make sure, everyone who might have missed it, make good bug reports :)

  8. HEY ALL!!!! slow down a bit, RC's are still being built and updated as some things were missing

    @bob, you mean Bmesh, yes it is in this release but is only used by the new bevel

    @reck, sky and tile may still make it and bevel is now on a per-dege basis, and is also a modifier

    so all please wait for the offical release and make this release less hectic then it needs to be

  9. Thanks for the feedback mfoxdogg.

    Normally when software reaches the RC stage everything thats going to go in is in and its just final testing. If stuff still might make it in then to me it's not a release candidate.

    With regard to the bevel, I was just wondering how you add recursion in this new version like in the bevel centre. I'm sure the earlier versions had this feature. Unless this is going to get added later as well.

    This release is shaping up very very nicely :)

  10. hm with 25 parent hair particles it grows from around 10 MB memory usage to 45 MB and any translation went sloooooooowly on a 1 GB mashine and AMD X2 64 3800+ and for the final experience it crashes. I am using the Windows version on XP.

  11. Carl Complaint on

    reck: recursion is not coded yet in the new bevel tool. One would expect it should, because it was in development for roughly a year, while the old bevel tool had a development time of 2 days, but well. ;)

  12. Carl Complaint on

    (Sorry for talking out of my ass again, didn't have a lot of sleep for the past days... the new bevel tool effort is highly appreciated anyway)

  13. The snapping feature is so wonderful. Wow, this release is a real treat. Snapping was one of those things that made me afraid to do certain projects. I felt I would never get things just right, especially architectural renderings. Now remove doubles or doing the scale x 0 work around won't be as necessary for so many things.

    The drag immediately option is really good too. It will sit better with new users I think.

  14. does anyone know what happened to a previous working graphicall version of blender that would animate the switching of views from top to side to camera and so forth? It was a nice feature I was hoping could be an option.


  15. stupid question perhaps, but haven't tried to have multiple versions on the same computer at the same time...will there be any issues with installing it on win XP with 2.45 on there too?

  16. Eelko Gielis on

    @Tom: Just install in a single directory, appart from the rest and it will work alongside any other version.

  17. @Smick design: It is an option. Go to Preferences -> View & Controls -> Smooth View and set it to a value higher than 0.

  18. Mine won't even open, it crashes right after the doubleklick!
    I've got an iMac Intelcore and downloaded the OSX 10.3 py2.5 intel file

  19. The cloth settings are awesome!! I would bumble around for hours trying to get what I can now do in minutes. Downside is my mouse scroll button doesn't work in this version!!! Any suggestions?

  20. NielsBlender on

    Everytime I think Blender is good, they add an extra 'o'. ;)
    We're about here: gooooooooooooooooooooooooood

  21. @Reck & Smick Design & Gryphon & all : OMG, how ace is that?!!
    So you don't need to hunt back though the thread, Reck said...
    Go to Preferences -> View & Controls -> Smooth View and set it to a value higher than 0....
    Like 300 - Then switch views 1, 3, 7 etc.
    I just love Blender's attitude ;]

  22. Just reporting that using "tar -xjf blender-2.46-RC1-linux-glibc236-py25-x86_64-static.tar.bz2" gives me :

    bunzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.
    Input file = blender-2.46-RC1-linux-glibc236-py25-x86_64-static.tar.bz2, output file = blender-2.46-RC1-linux-glibc236-py25-x86_64-static.tar

    It is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.
    You can use the -tvv option to test integrity of such files.

    You can use the `bzip2recover' program to attempt to recover
    data from undamaged sections of corrupted files.

    bunzip2: Deleting output file blender-2.46-RC1-linux-glibc236-py25-x86_64-static.tar, if it exists.

    Seems like there is a problem with the bzipping. Using bunzip gives the same dialog...

  23. PLEASE....put back the "U" for Undo in Editmode. Yes , its nice that Face mode is developed,
    and that we have The "U" for Unwrap in Editmode But "Ctrl AND Z" is a fingerbreaker , at leat on an european keyboard!.... and :-Yes ..Modeler do use Undo very often :-).
    Please make a single button to press for this one.
    Please Sign this petition! .-)

  24. I should probably report this more officially somewhere, but 2.46 RC1 for windows occassionally locks up in edit mode while I selecting vertices with the box select tool. It doesn't crash or freeze the system, it just locks for 2-6 seconds and resumes.

  25. HEEELP!

    I downloaded the 2.46 C1 version and worked happily till I can not even open it. It crashes and that's it. I downloaded it again...and it does not open, even.....
    Can anybody tell me what is going on?
    Is it just my computer or so?
    I am working on a simple Windows X/P..


  26. hola, me ha gustado muchisimo esta nueva version de blender, sobretodo por el clothing, y la forma de aproximar los ambient occlusion, me ha parecido increible,....
    parece como un blender 2.45 con unaa recopilacion de plu-ins de primera...

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