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The Future of Blender


ton.jpgWhen I was at the Blender Institute a few weeks ago, we didn't only talk about Peach, Apricot and Durian, but Ton and I also talked about the future of Blender. What are the major changes that are planned for Blender 2.50, and what will happen to Blender in the five years after that?

A big thanks to Bmud for subtitling the entire interview!

Note: click the 'up' button in the lower right corner to activate the subtitles.

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. It would be nice if there was .ogg-files available like Peach-project has (my Gnash won't play these .swf). But I understand that would require extra work but maybe someday different formats could created automagically :).

    Thanks for the great stuff anyway!

  2. What i find much more interesting (new features and rewrites of software code are a normal thing after all)

    what the @%^@% is Durian?! On this site or on the search didn't reveal anything.

  3. @MrE: Durian is the next project for the Blender Institute. Watch the previous interview Bart did to Ton and you'll find out what's it about.

  4. Hey subtitles! Good call! The download is VERY slow! Good interview though. Ton is a very dedicated man to Blender. I admire that. Keep on trooping Ton!

  5. Thanks for the subtitles.

    It's great to know that Blender is in the safe hands of someone who puts development quality ahead of speed.

    I like that Ton needs to be subtitled. It adds to a mythical god like quality. He's not like the rest of us, but more like Yoda ;P

  6. I grew up admiring Walt Disney and that is the reason I became an artist ,Now I'm in 3D world -Thanks to Ton and those behind Blender development.
    I hope we meet in person some day and have a good German beer !!!

    good and sad interview.

  7. Hey thank you very much for subtitling it. Now for the first time ever, I'm able to watch an interview movie done by Ton and understand him since I am deaf! Thank you so much for your time and effect the subtitler and Ton! It's very much appreicated!

    Quality over speed, that's an excellent attitude! Windows Corp should listen to that! LOL!

    Keep the work up! I am there to support you all! I have touched Blender in June 1999 and have been sticking with it ever since. I will not ever leave it from my side because I know it has the potentials! I have tried many different 3D modelling softwares and nothing came close to Blender! Blender all the way!

    Not just Blender -- the whole concept of it being open source is causing a huge ripple over the internet imo and now I'm seeing the whole new open source movement. All thanks to the butterflies -- blender, etc. Just by witnessing this has been amazing and awe-inspiring to me.

    Ton, you're truly a guru in the computer world. While you might not be a Buddha, you're already making the world a better place in a way that nobody thought was possible! Wow! And a huge thanks to all people who have contributed... artists, programmers, donators, and well, everybody! Thank you! Please keep it up! So mind-boogling! :D

    I hope I am not the only one who is seeing it that way...

  8. Well that was inciteful and very good to hear the future plans, though it is a work in progress I am sure it be widely accepted with open arms.

  9. Awesome interview. Can't wait at all. Please, no matter what don't make it by default start up like The GIMP...the windows hate me, and I hate them too.

    Thank you for the subtitles.

  10. @Dion Moult, it's been said several times that Blender 2.50 will NOT be like GIMP, even in the interview.. so why bring it up again ?

    I'd love to visit the Blender institute someday, i'll be sure to visit every Blender even in the Netherlands from now on :D

  11. These are very exciting times! There are soooo many new things already here and when you think of what's to come...very exciting!

    Great interview and video, thanks!

    (okay, enough with the exclamation marks!)

  12. Oh my! "Blender, a tool to create another useful tool."

    Can't wait 'till the next release. In the meantime, while waiting for the world-shocking release, I have to familiarize myself with Blender just like how I familiarize myself with human speech. :)

    Thanks so much for the video post and the great subtitle. Good luck and more power!


  13. Is there something mroe known about Durian? Sorry, I am totally unable to understand what Ton says in the previous interview (many thanks for subtitles BTW)

  14. Here in my country call it "Guanabana" and it's a very common tree, like others over the city :D

    BTW, would be great and OGG format to download because I've blocked that kind of media types resources (youtube, googlevideo, etc).

    Thanks :)

  15. in the translation: "It's typical of the bizarre of having 50 people doing"
    should be: "It's typical of the bazaar of having 50 people doing it" :D

  16. The ultimate tool to create other tools…

    In the beginning there was a white sheet and Blender was written on it. Blender did many things and people liked it. It did more and more, and in The End it could do Everything, and the sheet was completely black.

    The ultimate tool to create tools already exists. It is a white sheet - and I don’t need to learn a lot of stuff to start using it. Maybe? :)

  17. @Ubuntuist: once the interview is fully transcribed in english, DOTsub converts the subtitles into a SRT files automatically which could easily be attached to an ogg file with subtitles that could turn on or off. I will surely do this.

    It looks like someone is tampering with my transcript - I guess finishing the last part that is in dutch for me! When it's done, we'll hit "transcript complete" and then a ton of translations will soon follow. I wanted everyone to be able to get this great interview: Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and so on just like Elephants Dream was.

    Thank Bart the most for letting me do this. It was a lot of data to upload just to hand over to some guy. :)

  18. Thank you Bart and Bmud for this magnificent effort. Just let us know when the transcription is complete and I'll help with the spanish translation!!!

  19. @Bmud: I was working on the transcript this morning, not after that. Oh, and it was my pleasure to hand over that file :) Also appreciated the extra editing and background music!

  20. Wow! o_O
    Hey people, come back to earth. This is just a software - a great one, i agree - but a software anyway.
    And the music - which i found interesting in the first Ton's interview - here is completely psychedelic.
    It sounds like the end of a thing or the revelation of something, almost divine. héhé

    Sometime, i fear about the Blender's community, do they use this software or do they smoke it? :)

  21. These guys are so much smarter than me. When I go on holiday, I'm lucky to even make myself a good breakfast, let alone design software APIs.

    So I've always wanted to ask, Ton sounds like an old friend of mine who was mostly deaf from birth, but used assisted devices to hear. So his speech lacked certain timber I wondered if Ton had a hearing impairment or if it's just his accent and his style of talking that makes it hard for me to get every word.

  22. @ Smick:
    that is what I thought for a long time too but now I am not so sure.
    You see, I met that gorgeous young woman from the Netherlands tall and strong, quite lively, quite attractive as you may guess... well until she spoke that is with the exact same voice (accent wise) as Ton has.

    That totally freaked me out!!!

    But she wasn't deaf no.


  23. For those who asked,

    yes Ton is partially deaf and, in part, why you might have difficulty understanding him. Of course english is not has native tongue and thus he also has an accent.

    Regarding Durian - the only things publicly stated thus far are

    1) It will be a 4k rendered movie
    2) Its theme will be 'adolescent mayem' - ie focus on fighting, destruction, explosions, and generally exciting and an adrenalin rush
    3) It will start after Peach, although how far after is undecided yet.


  24. Nice interview, but I could go without the ambient soundtrack. I kept looking what advertisement is producing that sound on the page :)

  25. Excellent!!! Especially from the point of game developers - this way you could build your own editor with tools and predefined actions in blender. Also you can easily write python script, analyze scene, and invoke anything you want on selected objects. I am really impressed!

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