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Labyrinthe 3D Maze Generator script for Blender Game Engine


maze1.jpgGenerate your maze, create your character and fire up the Blender Game Engine...

Developed by Jean-Michel Soler, he writes:

You could use this script to generate mazes for the Blender Game Engine. Have multistory mazes with ramps and varied hallway widths and rooms with simple details.

Here's a screen recording of a generated maze within the Blender Game Engine:

For more information:


  1. Wow sweet! Very interesting ... I wonder what application it coudl really be used for ... making FPS? Just ... mazes?

    One of those "gotta try it" type of things I guess.

  2. If i had kept watching, it would have driven me insane.

    ...So if you use it for a first person shooter free-for-all, please remember: no less than 4 players, ok?
    I don't know which games will let you set things like that for a map though..

  3. Yes, there is a something of Descent or Terminal Velocity.
    Normal, I fell in love with this kind of game.

    The full 3D script is not completly ended (a door to enter, one to exit, and uv coords must be added) and the 2D/3D one could be simplified.

  4. This would be funny for hardcore FPS players. Most of them know a map insode and out, and know how to take advantage of every piece of the map.
    Games with a random levelgenerator would keep these players on their toes. Then you will see who's good at who's not.

  5. So true. I would love to play a level like this as long as you were forced to respawn near the action. It really would throw off the jerks who spend all day watching YouTube cheat videos and think they're actually good at a game, and then swear at you when you lose. Yeah, the more I think about it, the better it sounds. >:)

  6. The problem with a lot of 3d first person shooters is that a lot of parts of levels look exactly like another part. This randomly generated map in the video, even though it has no "textures," every part looks distinguishingly different. Even though it's huge, I think you could actually figure out how to escape given enough time. Bravo on this script. It's really wonderful.

  7. Hehehe... I wrote a little maze generator in python ages ago - but I never bothered to make it create 3D representations! It was originally intended for something like this though! I'm interested on your method of generating the maze? I did some crazy (and clever) method with picking places to create walls based entirely on logic - which has the added advantage that you can twiddle the parameters (various biasing of the random numbers) to make the maze harder/easier, or create mazes where the walls get aligned with one another and such... The only disadvantage of logic is that you have to provide correction at the end if you want perfectly formed mazes, as it can't make mazes unsolvable, but isn't allowed to go back on itself, so can make mistakes, leaving bits that look weird, although they're perfectly fine from a theoretical point of view, just not from an asthetic one!!

    ~epat. :)

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