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CG Channel & cmiVFX Introduce Exclusive tutorial


CG Channel & cmiVFXThe cmiVFX in a partnership with the CG Channel, has released a free online tutorial, about composition techniques and render passes with Blender! This is a video tutorial, showing the process of composition with the node editor.

If you want to watch the tutorial, a registration at the cmiVFX is required. After registering, just open the cmiVFX player and access the tutorial in the left menu.


  1. I really enjoy using the compositor for my work. This video tutorial was fantastic! The light map idea with proxy objects was awesome :)


  2. also is there anyway to get a account their to watch it without flash. As my main computer is broken and I'm using a borrowed one.

  3. Only getting a database error when I try to register: would that be that there is a 'Blendernation effect' that's overloading their system? ;)

    Hopefully I'll be able to see that tutorial before the 30 days are over.


  4. I've registered and logged in, but none of the videos stream at all. I've tried Safari, Camino, and Firefox, all no go - and this isn't just with the Blender video. Is this a Mac-unfriendly site?

  5. Hello everyone, I'm the guy who made the tutorial. There was definitely a Blender Community-Effect happening on the cmiVFX servers. We filled up their database! I'm very excited and pleased to know that there's so much interest in this tutorial and that you guys (those that have seen it) have gotten so much out of it.

    I just talked to the guy who runs the site and he said the problem's been resolved now and things have been stable for the last 30 minutes and should continue to remain stable. So, as far as I know, you should be able to view it now.

    Also, @crazybus, since this is an on-demand service, I'm pretty sure there's unfortunately not an option to download the video from their server. I'll double check to be sure, but I'm nearly positive that's the situation.

    That said, I do have some good news that should alleviate that problem a little bit. I will be releasing the .blend file for that tutorial very shortly. Some people have requested it and this should also help those of you who are having troubles viewing the video. It's about 35MB right now with the packed textures, so I need to see if there's a way to reduce the file size a bit to keep *my* server from getting hammered out of existence. ;)

    If anyone is interested in helping to mirror that .blend file, please either send me a PM on or contact me through my studio's website ( I hope to have the file ready in a few hours.

    Again, thanks everyone for your interest in this tutorial! That's a huge motivator for me to create more.

  6. It is definitely worth the registration!
    I learned a lot, for the first time I understand the power of the composite node system. Thank you Fweeb for this early Christmas present ;)
    I think the node system was explained very well and I understood everything about it - even I never used it. But I was not able to understand for what the curve guides are good? Or how create the mask layer, what modeling technics were used and how to map this to the camera? Yes, I'm a beginner. Maybe someone can post a short answer... thank you in advance.

    cu markus


  7. Fweeb, dude, that was an awesome tutorial. It's great that you got it up there on the CG Channel too. Hope you can get it up somewhere where people can D/L the video and files if that want.

  8. How to download the video (and similar videos) using Firefox with Firebug installed (a.k.a. "If you can see it then you can save it :)"):
    1. Start watching the video
    2. Press F12 to activate Firebug
    3. Select "Net" tab in Firebug and then "All" tab to display all net requests
    4. Find in the the line that says tut_blender_something... and ends in .flv and is >50mb big
    5. Copy the url
    6. Paste in a new address bar (or a new entry in a download manager), but don't press enter yet
    7. Return to the "Net" entry and expand it
    8. Among the "Headers" you'll see a "Cookie" line. Select it and copy it
    9. Return to the address bar, where you pasted the url, add "?" and paste cookie after it. So it should look like url?cookie
    10. Hit Enter to download the video :)

  9. Forgot to say that there maybe is a simpler way to download it (untested) - Make sure your browser's cache is more that 50 mb, so the video could be downloaded there (Firefox default is not enough, that's why I used the above method). Then start watching the video and wait while the whole thing is streamed (how to know for sure: you can watch the end) and then find the .flv file in the cache.

  10. A compositing tutorial for Blender> Where do I sign up!?

    It's great to see all the Blender nuts responding. I don't think that the good stuff is over yet, either. We could be in for a very exciting time here.

  11. Hey +peter,

    That theme is one of my own design. Not feeling particularly original, I ended up calling it "Darker". When I find some time, I'll export the theme and make it available for other folks to use.

  12. I only recently had time to watch this - way to go, very good tutorial and nicely made 8-)
    Although I already knew most of the techniques used in this, but seeing them combined in one tutorial really helps understanding the workflow.

    Now we only need a nice integrated camera-tracker in Blender (yes i know there is something under development, dunno about the current status though - the blender-wiki where I've seen it seems to be down right now though)

    Many thanks for this tutorial and for the blend file :)

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