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Blender Physics Development Sprint


blender_logo_cropped.jpgThe Blender Institute Amsterdam will host a "Blender Sprint", meant to speed up and synchronize development of physics code in Blender.

Dates: October 10-11

Participants: Daniel Genrich, Jens Ole Wund, Nils Tuery, Janne Karhu, Campbell Barton, Brecht van Lommel and Ton Roosendaal

Result of the 2-day sprint will be presented and discussed during the Blender Conference as well.

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  1. Cool.

    would be way cooler if __someday__ Blender gets direct access to physics-dynamics in "standard" view (i.e. directly renderable) and hooked via python.


    from Blender import Physics
    # or bpy ... whatever
    # ...
    # ...
    myob.phyprop.Set(SOME, SOMEMORE)
    yourob.phyprop.Set(EVENMORE, TOOMUCH)
    Blender.Physics.enable(myob, yourob)
    Blender.Physics.Go(startframe, endframe)

    Blender.Crash(' ;) ')

  2. yay. i hope the fluid simulation (is that concidered physics? pretty sure it is) get a whole lot faster.
    go go blender physics development go!

  3. I hope they discuss combustion physics and effects while they're at it. There's not a really great way to create fire within Blender, but it's relatively common in commercial software.

  4. Yay ;D
    I love the current blender physics, but I know, it could be FAR better :D
    Are two days not a tiny bit short?

  5. Hmmm...
    Perhaps we could look into OGRE? I'm not saying to steal from the project...

    Just... umm... be inspired by it. ;)

  6. lol - I'm gonna be interested to see the outcome of this, I heard about it a while ago! It might really improve the physics capabilities of Blender - or on the other hand, it might mean a whole new lot of grotty, rushed, code that needs a whole new lot of maintaining. I vote for option A, but it'll be interesting...
    ~epat. :)

  7. epat: It's more about getting the existing blender devs who are working in the area of physical simulation together for a couple of days to discuss how to make things work better, interoperate, integrate, and come up with a unified plan forward. I wouldn't expect that too much would be coded over those days, more like a big brainstorming/planning session.

  8. Cool, some REAL units in Blender! AND, improved physics and UI! I hope to see all this in test builds and, of course, 2.50!

  9. My main biff with the physics in Blender. Everything we need is there but it's just all over the place. Theres no connection between everything. Really the water sim, particles, physics engines and everything else should all work together as one solid component, not as little extras here and there. There is a physics area in the buttons window, everything we need should be there. It should be in one little spot and when we have set up all the physics items in the scene setup there should be 1(ONE!) Bake button to bake and calculate and do all of the physics together as one solid simulation...... in a perfect world.

    Of course also the US should spend more money improving there health and education system instead of going into space, nuclear weapons should be banned, a zero tolerance anti-pollution policy for corporations and all wars put to an end..... in a perfect world.

    I make the comparison because combining and reorganising the physics tools in Blender would be a major task, it would involve rewriting most of the code, it would also require that all the coders work VERY closely with each other, instead of the current situation where each little physics thing is handling almost completely separate to others. It wouldn't be an easy task and I think we'll see Blender 3.00 before it happens. Although it must be done because unless it is the task will just get larger and larger and soon a complete mess which no-one can solve, not even the original coders - god forbid we lose them, if we do then no one will even know where to begin in fixing the code.

    ......So YAY Blender!
    GO GO "Blender Physics Development Sprint" and all those awesome coders! DO your thang you little sexy coders you!

    @mmph: I could of sworn that I saw an example of ragdoll done in previous versions of blender. Although I think like most of the physics in Blender.... it needs... improvement.

  10. unified physics. Does that also mean stuff like air-furniture, swimming on water?
    or what about a:

    quicksilver with floating metals on it
    and different stuff, that's between water and oil, to create different layers of floating effects

    -simulation? :)

    Or a piece of cloth, that is floating on the water's surface, but then, it sucks the water and starts to "fall" :D
    (softbody + fluid)

    also interesting - slime... somewhere in between softbodies and fluid sim :D

  11. I guess that the fact that they need every aspect of physics to work together in an animation played a big role in this sprint...

    Unified physics. Yum

  12. Maybe Blender's physics will be like Crytek. Lol. Unreal can't even touch that stuff. I love just about everything Blender 3D, it never ceases to amaze me. I'll be happy with a 'Doze version of Magic Fluids, even just a Magic

  13. @Matt:
    I see what you mean - well, it would make sense, but somehow, I can't help thinking that some code might get written - after all, you know coders/coding... ;) and the title, 'Physics Sprint', doesn't exactly sound like sitting around with a coffee... We'll see I suppose, but I'm guessing that the eventual outcome will be good, whatever they do inbetween!...
    ~epat. ;)

  14. Two words : FOAM and NETWORK BAKING.
    The speed of the fluid simulator is not that far from commercial software but it whould be cool to distribute the baking process, and a great addon for the fluids part whould be to add foam.

    Just my 2 cents : why not use a real fluid solver (or a faked one) to create fluid, gases and flames ? The principle is quite similar.

  15. did you try to get foam with the particle fluid-ting?
    there, you can set "foam" "splash" and "tracer" as shown ;)
    and very hi reses also give very small droplets, that could be counted as "foam" ;)

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