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Animation for Italian Newspaper


giornale.jpgThe Italian animation studio Liquid Gate has produced a short leader animation for a major Italian Newspaper. It was part of their assessment of Blender in a production environment and it looks like Blender passed the test!

Dario Corno wrote:

Hi, I just want to tell that our company just finished a commercial project (right now a small one), it was our first "real world try" to use Blender for a commercial work after some spare time tests. Everything gone so good we want to let the people know that Blender CAN be used in companies as a good and solid alternative to commercial software.

The work was a video for "Il Giornale", a very well known daily paper here in Italy, it will be used online (and on tv network in future) as an opening for the daily director speech.

Modeling, rendering and compositing was done in Blender, with a SMALL help from an external audio editing and compositing software mainly for color correction.

You can find the full video in webcast quality on our Portfolio page, under the link named "Il Giornale".

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. i wouldn't call "il giornale" a newspaper, it is no more than an incredible and ridiculous collection of ultra-right propaganda, owned by Berlusconi's brother (mister B. can't own it himself just because it is formally forbidden by anti-trust laws, being already the owner of half the information system in italy)

  2. Blender is a good piece of software while "il Giornale" is an embarrassing example of what the journalism shouldn't be. So, don't mix together the words "Blender" and "Il Giornale", it's bad advertise for Blender cause.

  3. Well, 3D Artists need to pay their bills. Its nice when you can be selective about your clients but that is often not the case. Just look at it this way, the 3D Artists managed to pull some money from their pockets. ;-) (Bleed 'em dry, thats the way to defeat the system from the inside.:-D)

    That being said, I hope you the Artists didn't give them a discount because they were using Open Source software.
    (Normally you would try to factor in the costs for software subscriptions into the bill for your clients.)

  4. Oh, and good job by the way. (there I go blabbing a whole paragraph and then forget the most important thing, showing appreciation.)

  5. Giovanni Gallo on

    great for Blender
    but "that paper" what a shame!!!!
    (it's mr.Berlusconi personal newspaper, just for those that wish to know)

  6. Implying it's a typewriter written newspaper. That's old skool.

    Calling your own newspaper "The Newspaper". That's fascistic.

    Using Blender to help promote an old skool fascistic newspaper. That's mildly amusing.

  7. Great for Blender himself...
    (it's always good to see Blender used on real world works)

    But the newspaper of Berlusconi... :-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  8. Well as long as Berlusconi doesn't buy Blender to make it into " il Blenderi " it's okay...

    Even if people disagree with the kind of customer, this prove Blender can make a good job. Period :)

  9. Per Francesco, Giovanni Gallo e Francesco.

    Fate pena, su questo sito si discute di e su Blender e di quanto possa essere bene usato in produzioni professionali e non, e così deve rimanere. Perché cavolo dovete infilare anche quì la sporca politica, Berlusconiana o no, che fa già abbastanza schifo, speravo almeno quì di non dover leggere minimamente le schifezze che sentiamo in Italia!

    Ma la merda arriva dappertutto, anche quì, e siete voi a portarla, puzza compresa! :(

    Se volete trasformare anche in sozzeria politica italiana, e meglio che ve ne restiate al bar, dove credo passiate la maggior parte della vostra giornata, grazie!

    My apologize, but i'm so angry for what Francesco, Giovanni and Francesco writes

  10. dear virginio, as far as i'm concerned you're not obliged to read the comments you don't agree with. And i'm sorry if our country stinks, but you can't pretend that it doesn't just because you like to play with blender, it stinks anyway, besides i think it can be interesting even for simple cg artists to know a little bit more of the world outside (by the way, i just take my cappuccino at the bar before going to my work and to my life, i have one)

  11. THE POINT of this post was to show (to anyone still in doubt) that blender can fit into a professional graphics pipeline.

    I salute you for it.

    I've already been using it in my professional work for a while. I use it by preference instead of 3DS MAX, which is the standard here. Anyone watching channel 9 in Australia is likely to have already seen some blender stuff without knowing it.

    So, to anyone who calls blender a hobby application, think again!

  12. Federico Contreras on

    I think it's sort of crappy to keep pounding on the point that blender is ready for a "professional" graphics pipeline. We all know it, for one and two, professional just means you get paid for it, it doesn't mean it's any good. The above piece is definetly middle of the road as far as quality goes and a good blender artist / compositor can do far better in a production environment (note how I didnt use he word professional, because a production environment does not always mean you are being paid for it) AFAIAC.

    The blender compositor is becoming quite good, once we get support for compressed (mp3) audio natively, I'll be good to go.

    I'm sure if everyone posted all the unauthorized, guerrilla artwork that came out of art depts using blender, not only would IT shit a kitten (unauthorized software), there would be a hell of a lot of it too.

  13. there ya go...
    You try to post something positive for the blender community and you get criticised for the nature of the job you accepted, it's quality and for suggesting that you can use blender professionally.


    Listen Frederico, I'm not going to argue about the quality of this work, but as far as your disdain for the word "professional" is concerned, I have to say I disagree.
    Learning a software package, especially a 3D graphics package, takes time and effort. A lot of people aren't going to do it unless they know they can support themselves with it. You might be using blender happily (even if you evidently have to sneak it past your IT department to do it) but others aren't, and one of the reasons (yes, even in this day and age) is that they still see it as an app for hobbyists alone. I know it's a tired debate to veterans of this and other forums, but it is still an issue on people's minds.

    I'm happy to say I've used it on many paid jobs and as a direct result have alerted several of my colleagues to the fact that blender is a genuine (and in some ways superior) alternative to other 3D apps.

    Oh, and our IT department aint shittin no kittens either, they're fine with blender. I wouldn't be using it at work if they weren't.

  14. @freen: yes, sometimes people in this community can be remarkably intolerant. Remember the post about the Baghdad scenes? It was lost in the database crash but BOY did that draw some flames. My advice: count to ten, shrug and remember why you like Blender. Works for me ;-)

  15. "Il giornale" has berlusconi; every newspaper has someone; i prefer the papers that let me understand what they think, but even the papers that don't want you understand who is the master can be interesting, most of all whan they speak about their friends; and i use my brain to decide; for me no problem if somebody uses blender for "il manifesto" or "il giornale"; that is not fascistic, but clearly on the side of berlusconi; no problem for me; and if that studio is able to do a professional work for an important paper with blender there is more freedom, and less fascism; and freedom for all, also to say that they don't like berlusconi, prodi, bertinotti, fini... W freedom, W opensource!
    all imho
    ah, very good animation!

  16. @freen...

    >"Anyone watching channel 9 in Australia is likely to have already seen some blender stuff without knowing it."

    Now that's pretty cool. Smash the system from within :)

    Do you happen to work with a friend of mine from the UK who has the initials WS?

    (Sorry to go off topic with private chat)

  17. Very cool videos- all of them. I really like the way you integrate video effects and CG with live action. I thought the snowboarder stop-action-flipping around was very fresh. Good job. On the newspaper video, I appreciate how the key actions were in time with the music.

  18. Freen: Yeah, he works for Channel 9 in Sydney doing motion graphics. I think he mainly uses AfterEffects. Not sure if he does any 3D stuff tho.

    I'm in the UK and he comes from the UK. I met him last time I was in Sydney. I'm gonna be back there soon. Yippeeeee...

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