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We're In Your Documentation...


tutoriel5.jpgDavid Revoy spotted a bunch of Blender screenshots in the French Microsoft knowledgebase (Babelfish translation). Nothing fancy, but enough to make me chuckle and hopefully you, too!

David writes:

Hi Bart & Blendernation friends,

I was looking for a problem between my evil ATI hardware/vista/and Blender whenI discovered this page. Pretty illustration for website, nop ?

It make me smile in my hard research, that's why I wanted to share it with you.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. If Blender pops up in such obscure websites, then it is more popular than I thought it was.
    The power of open source: no permission needed to use Blender because of stupid copyright issues.

  2. Well that's quite interesting...

    I'm with toontje - it does seem to be more popular than I thought. Maybe it's time for a 'Great Blender Screenshot Hunt' ;)

  3. the link "notdot" posted seems to talk about 3d generally and I think the "teapot madness" (title of the screenshot there) is made in 3DS Max, teapots are very well-known for Max...

  4. @toontjie
    It's fun that many consider software restrictions as "stupid" and then they never release their blend file to the public. ;) Seems that only people who write software has not the right to sell their work ... Strange world.
    By the way, Blender *is* copyrighted.

  5. I see Microsoft are hard at work, as usual, using something that isn't theirs, and claiming it as their own...


    Is there such a thing as Screenshot Piracy...:)

  6. Addendum to Previous:

    If someone where to point out to Microsoft where the pictures actually come from, they only deny it, and claim that they are actually screen shots from one of their own projects.

  7. There is something wrong with the virtual light "bulb"... Did you notice that guys? It is to small. FBI maybe? Or Man in Black; French division?

    Notice that "They" don't know how to hide or delete the camera! What the camera had to be with their subject? :)) lol...

  8. If it is a documentation page, why didn't they mention the source and the program of the screenshot.
    They despise talking about open source software, while most of their new features in Vista and others are from open source community.

  9. I don't speak french very well, but I think the matrices are wrong!
    two of the thre "rotation" matrices are scale and translation...

  10. jajajajja. I was just reading it as a tipical news update or feature explanation, noting different opinions and reactions, then just suddenly..LOL I just had too. that is just too funny!! ok... back to normalcy

  11. Haha ! Thanks for the publishing of the link , I'm sure a lot laughted of it.

    for my a problem between my evil ATI hardware/vista/and Blender ; I resolved it

    -- > Changing the Os for Ubuntu "Feisty Fawn", more speed and stable.
    Micrososoft Vista have a so bad support of OpenGl...


  12. ^
    Excellent Richard ! Elephant Dream look to be a standard to test video compression,
    It's strange that Microsoft with their colossal money never sponsoring a blender project, and if they do, did you think Blender foundation would accept ? I think yes, why not. Most of the Blender user looks to install it on windows Xp.

  13. I found the story amusing. However I found to be really funny the shadow of conspiracy. It could well be marketing genius. They have convinced us all to refer the actions of individual people, departments, local branches, etc. as the actions of a single entity. In the 'megacorp' category few with as many arms have so little an idea what the other hand is doing.

    Marvelous bit 'o' fun TY.

  14. If you think thats funny Microsoft where recently recommending to everyone on there main website to use Ubuntu. :)

    Whats going on I don't know?

  15. Those of you who use a Microsoft OpSys, and get their Emails about NEW products will probably already know about this, but Microsoft are releasing a product called Silverlight, and also one called Blender 2 August Preview...

    They require .NET 3, and while I cannot say for certain whether Silverlight works or not... I do know that the blender 2 most resoundingly doesn't...

    My point (finally) is that it just seems suspiciously co-incidental that a French Microsoft site, are using images from the REAL BLENDER, and at the same time Microsoft itself is releasing software that uses the name Blender...

    Call me suspicious, but I think they are upto something, again...:)

    P.S. If Microsoft Blender 2 goes the way of the dodo and Vista, it isn't going to reflect kindly on the REAL BLENDER is it...

    P.P.S. Does anybody know what Blender 2 Preview is supposed to be, apart from dead in the water, that is...:)

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