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Leg Rig by Daniel Martinez Lara


cap01.jpgDaniel Martinez Lara seems to be getting quite well into Blender. He has now made this simple but great leg rig. It uses very few handles (only around 2-3) without compromising the functionality even the slightest.

Daniel also did a quick little demo video that also shows how the rig enables quick rearrangement of the pivot point of the foot/leg. Click here to download the demo video. Let's hope we'll see more similar rigs in the future.

Download the leg rig .blend files here.

Thanks to Daniel Martinez Lara for making this available to the Blender community!

About the Author

Mathias Pedersen

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  1. This looks very nice - I like the idea of few handles but with a lot of articulation. Would be great if a tut became available for this - well done.

  2. This is one of the most interesting foot setups I've seen done in Blender. Somehow I cannot replicate the what happened in the demo vid when another layer was shown.

    From what I can tell, it seems that two armatures are used: one control, one deform. The control solutions are definately quite neat.

  3. It is very nice, but I dunno if it is simple or practical enough for me. Daniel is much better animator, etc. than I'll probably ever hope to be, but I don't think it is intuitive to use. I have a hard time visualizing the actions that will occur when scaling/rotating the diamond shaped bone. Not bashing, I do think it is very ingenius. It's great thinking, and coming up with new ideas and trying things differently, that's the only way we can get further ahead instead of playing catch up, by trying things other people don't like or haven't tried.

    Great rig and innovative use of ideas.

  4. There are two different Armatures, one called "Base" plenty of bones to deform and pivots, the other one is "Control",this one is the visible and animable. It´s my fist rig in blender, it´s not finished yet, the main problem is the knee, it´s quite unstable. For a better workflow you need use the scale axis in "Global" mode.

    Still working!

  5. Thank you very much Daniel Martinez. This is really great! Some sort of short tutorial on foot rigging and maybe new walkcycle functions would be brilliant. Thank you.

  6. This is great stuff! I'd love to see more simple to use riggings like this and would also love a tutorial on setting it up (for us rigging impaired).

  7. @David. the one answer for any problem about not being able to play a video appears to be - use VLC player ( I don't think there is anything it won't play

  8. I find it quiet nice and at the same time annouying that we see some goodies like this and then no tutorial.
    Im not a tech guy, just a stubbern character animator who cant "debug" a setup like that. so I get alittle frustrated and are wondering why we can get the one leg, but no tutorial. Its NICE but very Frustrating ! A tutorial would be appreiciated alot more than just a video of a nice leg setup you cant do your self. :)

    Just my rusty 25 cent

  9. Great work! I want to use that rig system somehwere useful, but I can't understand how you did it. If you could write a tutorial it can help a lot of begginers who have problems with bone animation. It'll be much easier to animate the feet and arms. A tutorial could be awesome.

  10. I love the 'simple look' of the rig, and it moves beautifully. Then I had a look at the Armature.002, under Links&materials, and also made layers 1 & 2 visible. Different world. This is a well executed and clever rig, but nothing about it is simple. I think to try write a tutorial for this would be a project in itself....or am I wrong?

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