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Maya / 3DS Max Layout with Icons


mayamax.jpgNo, really this time. Daniel Lara Martinez from Pepeland School has created another Blender resource. And this time its a Blender setup with icons designed to emulate the Max or Maya interface.

Daniel says:

If you are thinking about trying Blender, maybe you can find useful download this interface. The organization, some icons and functions are similar to Max-Maya style. Just unzip this archive into your blender folder and open the program. It´s just a little help to start with Blender.

Download the archive here. (right click and save as please.)

And find Daniel's post on this here.


  1. There is something wrong with the "Continue reading 'Maya / 3DS Max Layout with Icons' »"-link. It opens an empty image "window" and that's all.

  2. Bart: For Linux it works after copying the .B.blend file into the home directory (you may want to save your original user settings by renaming the existing file first) and the "icons" folder into the .blender directory, which itself is located in the home directory.

  3. Dont we risk being sued if they have patented their icons and GUI? °°

    :p However I still prefer people to get used to the "real" interface of Blender... Even if it is to please the 3DSMax users... They will get used to it and whine each time someone switch them to the "real" Blender...

    Ok... I know Blender's mascott is a monkey and monkeys like to imitate for fun, but try to show some respect for Maya and Max :D * try unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle *

  4. Hi Daniel,

    nice try!

    But be honest. You never worked with Maya or Max, aren't you???
    For those who did its a bad feeling using your interface!!
    If Blender goes a way like this, it will never have a good and less than ever a very good GUI!!

  5. Frankly, he did an amazing job with what Blender has to offer in terms of rearranging the interface... Though I think I'm sticking with Blender's default interface (or maybe nick off with the new colour scheme AND the old interface) all the same...

  6. It's interesting to see the flexibility of blender shine through yet again! This'll help convince this studio's maya die-hards it's more approachable than they initially thought!

    I thought this was another april fools! Awesome stuff!

  7. What's the point? Shifting buttons around and replacing icons to make Blender mimic other programs does not suddenly add those programs' capabilities (like wrap deformer or projection modifier). So how is that useful?

  8. I was thinking the other way around. For beginners who learn on Blender and may in the future have to use proprietary programs, other key commands and icons could be a way to get a little familiar with those programs before actually having to use them. just a thought, that it can help both ways, though I don't think i'll ever have to switch from blender.

  9. Stop trying to imitate inferior programs! Blender's interface is great, and trying to make it looks like these old dinosaurs is pointless, and pandering to the masses who don't trust blender just because it looks different. The blander interface looks very different to max and maya's because it is very better than them :D
    I've used max for 8 years now, and am in absolutely no hurry to try and replicate it with blender. Keep it real guys, stand proud.
    I'll get me coat....

  10. this is stupid . . .

    why do you people complain about someone trying to replicate the 3dsmax UI ?
    it's just a separate file, so if you dont like this.. don't use it.
    for others who have used 3dsmax, and are having problems getting used to Blender, it's great, i'll be sure to use it.

    the 2.5.0 version with the improved UI options will make it possible to match 3dsmax/maya UI even closer, but if you don't want that. you can just keep using the standard Blender UI.

    Customizing the UI is a personal choice, so stop bashing someone's choice/opinion.


  11. max icons ?
    Please no, they're so ugly and confusing ...

    For having the buttons docked vertical on the right like in max, I like to use blender like that with large screens ...

  12. Yeah, you'd honestly think that people wouldn't care if someone made a transition piece for users. It's not like using this is a law. You don't have to get all offended about Honour or something.

  13. Slowboy : "The blander interface looks very different to max and maya's because it is very better than them :D"

    Yep, I totally agree if that. And other friends mine agree too. The Maya / MAX interface its not ugly and confusing only: they not use your video card to render the 2d interface. Blender uses, and he is fast and customizable because of that. :)

  14. @aws357: unsccesfully? *giggle*

    I also prefere the original ;)
    I never used Max or Maya or any other 3D app...
    I just tried Wings, just to give it up two minutes later :P

    Blendre is great, already! :D

  15. hahahaha.. it's funny.... I started using Blender running away from Max!!!!! hahahaha.
    If Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland) want to change the UI.. it's he's choice!!!... it's just an option that he's sharing!!!!
    bg: hahaha.. nice try?!?!?!?! I see you don't know who Daniel Martinez Lara is...

    It doesn't bother me... but i hope it wont be in the next 2.5 version.. hahahaha..


  16. I hope this doesn't turn into another why change whats better discussion. Its not about good or bad. But flexibility and adjustability for new users migrating from other software. I think this is a good start from Daniel. So thank you Daniel for experimenting with this.

  17. C'mon, show some respect to pepe, its just a option!
    I wish there were more options! I've never used 3ds
    or maya, or whatever, but I would congrat anyone whos
    willing to bring more options...skins...etc

    Stop complaining! Thats dumb stupid!

  18. He lost he's time and he's sharing his work and
    also he comments:

    "It´s just a little help to start with Blender"

    He's helping people and you are complaining ?
    thats elitism...frustration...mental disturb...


  19. Excuse me for being such a noob, but where do I find the .b.blend file mentioned above? I'm on OS X as well and I'd love to see these icons in action!

  20. Nice icons, not sure what they have to do with maya. Is the colorsceme like in max?
    The layout is certainly not maya, but I have no idea how you could do that anyway. Maya has lots of boring windows with nothing but number entry fields... And blender only has a few of them and lots of buttons to press (where you need to stay away from anyway, only if you are migrating from max are they any good).

    I god it working unzipping it in my .blender folder, not my blender folder...

  21. Adding in some of the editing/scripting/UI features of the original Unreal editor might be interesting.

    ...Maybe of Worldforge too.

    Integrating some collaborative features of Jahshaka might be interesting too.

  22. I think Blender developers shouldnt try to make Blender seems like 3ds or maya. Blender has its own great interface

  23. Seriously tho, we shouldn't dis Pepe, most poeple here know what an awesome and world renowned artist and above all, animator he is - much respect to you Pepe! He's only trying to help, and as another Max user, I can certainly sympathize, the Blender interface was quite confusing at first.

    From my personal experience tho, as I told a work college the other week, for the first week, the Blender interface is horrible, but after that week, it's the best thing since sliced bread!

    I would encourage anyone coming to Blender (not Blander!) to simply stick with the interface as it is. The thing is, once you understand just how versatile the interface is, you won't need to make it look like anything else, because you can make it exactly how YOU want it to be!

    I've found that my interface has changed considerably from the default, and in completely unexpected ways - it has simply evolved as I've continued working, and now fits perfectly with my workflow, or something.

    I guess what I really feel is that by emulating things that we are used to, in order to feel comfortable, maybe we are losing sight of the potential of the completely new thing that is in front of us, or something!

    I would also urge anyone who hasn't tried it yet, to press CTRL + left, right cursors - how many interfaces would you like?!!

  24. Well put. You try putting blender's layout in front of some of the best maya/houdini artists and the lack of familiarity with the interface is the first thing they mention. They don't run away screaming, they've endevoured with it and do like blender's feature set and feel. It's not a major off-putting thing I think. (Nor is this the end of the world folks!)

    There's guys at the studio where I work who really know how to get into the guts of an app and I'm sure if you showed them this layout they'd give it a try. Even though we all know the feature sets suddenly don't appear to mimic maya/max it's the simple reasonably familair layout that's different here. I'll not use it myself but its a cool way to show them that the interface is so flexible to be arranged into a manner that they've becomed accustomed to.

    I think there's an air of un-needed harshness on this topic. most tutorials and books deal with Blenders default layout and to be honest I'd expect artists to alter the layout to suit themselves anyway. This is just an aid/cool thing to help a couple of people get up to speed quicker. Not a drastic removal of the ethos and working of blender.


  25. Why do things like this root out all the ignorant unexperienced fanboys. Neither blenders or max's UI is perfect.
    If you work in 3d its nice to be able to take advantage of multiple apps without having to switch interface schemes all the time. 2.5 is really going to make blender appealing as it'll be easier for people who allready work with other apps to easily switch over if they want to without having to relearn a load of simple stuff.

    Its not about loyalty(FFS) or one interface is better its about bloody muscle memory and having the time to adapt to a new scheme.

  26. @bg:
    If you check out the rest of Daniel's site you might notice that most of his stuff is done in Max. I believe he only recently started to use Blender.

  27. @Bart: Even after reading what you and quiss42 wrote, I still can't get this to work on OSX. A more detailed explaination would be a great help. Thanks!

  28. @Gobley: here's what I did:

    - download the .zip to your desktop, and unzip it
    - open a terminal, and type the following:

    mv ~/Desktop/MaxMaya_interface_style_for_blender/icons/ ~/.blender/
    mv ~/Desktop/MaxMaya_interface_style_for_blender/.B.blend ~/.

  29. Once again another "leave 'em guessing tutorial".

    It drives me up a wall!

    The instructions are..." Just unzip this archive
    (right click, save as) into you blender folder and open the program."

    Ok. I unzip and I put it in my Blender folder. Nothing's happening when I
    start blender.

    If it has to go into (dot) .blend then say it!! "Just unzip this archive
    (right click, save as) into you (dot) .blender folder and open the program."

    I wish Daniel the best with this interface and hope he and others continue
    with more with Blender programs/apps/interfaces/tutorials BUT be more specific.

    Think through your instructions as if your totally new and go through the motions
    before putting it out on the web.

    Best of luck.

  30. hehe, yes, I would certainly welcome Dan to the Blender community, with open arms. I'm sure he can turn many a head toward Blender if he takes up using it on a regular basis, which I really hope he does. I imagine the general concensus for newcomer will be 'Well, if it's good enough for Pepe...' !
    I wonder if he's read this. Do you think we've scared him off?

  31. Excellent and about time. Now this excellent program is usable. Thank you Daniel Lara Martinez. A very, very good job. I new somebody could do it!!!

  32. Atrocious. You got me all excited about the 3Dmax interface that was hidden in the system. Now we get this monstrosity of an interface patch. I can't imagine what would happen if blender actually DID release a 3dmax style UI. No wait I can, people would start using it! The fact that Ton has given the world such a tool is nothing short of altruistic. Now if only he could let them use it. I really don't understand what the the deal is. He's 9/10th there already. We just want a UI we are use to! Don't alienate us with what you personally think the Interface should look like. Your forcing something that is keeping the industry from switching! I hope that one day you let go of that ego and bring this project to a new level.

  33. Coming from Max, any help is good.

    However, I have to say this doesn't look much like Max - though it does give a different layout in itself. The icons are about the same and all - which is fine. I didn't need a complete re-skin.

    This definitely is going to be a good layout to get Blender-noobs like me a chance. Blender has so much potential - and as other have said (some not very graciously) the GUI holds me back.

    Though I'm getting rid of some of the "industry standards" like Max (running old old school version) and going to take a leap into Blender. Coupled with another program (Silo) I think it would be perfect. Now ... to figure out how to actually USE it! HAH!

  34. Ok, I'm rollin it - and I have been playing with it during spare time (not very often admittingly) and I have to say - I really like this. Easy to use. All the pieces and parts are in logical areas.

    I'm a believer.

    Now .. NOW I'm an OFFICIAL Blender user.

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