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2.43 RC2 Released


I just spoke to Ton on IRC and he told me that 2.43 RC2 has been released. At this moment, there's not much information available on the changes. He comments: "We still have 20-40 commits per day at this moment - that's too much to report on.." (I guess the true reason is that he wasted too much time playing Zelda and eating Italian food at my place this weekend ;-) Still, it's another step towards a stable 2.43 release so grab a copy, give it a try and report any issues that you may find on the bugtracker.

About the Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. For each release, testing or final, there's a site or wiki with the modifications with the new release and tutorials to teach this modifications, how to use then, something like that??

    thanks guys

  2. sorry for double posting, but it seems that die ZIP version is corrupt or something else.
    When I copy the new blender.exe into the RC1 folder ist works fine!

  3. Pressing F11 brings up the render buffer just fine, but selecting it on the menu always shuts the program down.

    Also happens on previous from blenderbuilds [win32SSE2optimized, thought is was localized on that one]

  4. Extremely stable for a release call, I am pleased. and the modifier stack tools are now going to organize the tools that we used before in a most useful way. I am very surprised with the evolution of Blender. Another thing is very, very important is the thread counter. But I am still waiting for a boost in the Oversampling tool count. sometimes 16 isn't sufficient for big projects ( building posters uses 6k X 10K for sample ) and it leaves jaggies and tension point in lights with big objects. I am testing other renderers to verify the behavior of them, but this point still need to be verified.

  5. @Jarrod:
    What's with the rest of the files? Aren't they needed, to have any changes? The new blender.exe is just updated for more Files, it's searching for and doesn't really make a big change, does it?
    (I don't really know...)

  6. Just a small bug, I found in Windows-version (It's more a thing, that suddenly doesn't work anymore, than a bug):
    When you press E(xtrude) and immediately after this S(cale), then it wont be scaled. You have to leftklick and then scale. Other functions, like G(rab) or (R)otate are working properly, like before.

  7. @Kram1032

    The same happens in the Mac i386 version!
    But I even didn't notice before, because it reacted the same way in all the versions before,
    also in the mac ppc versions I tried until now.

  8. In the windows version, when ever I try to append, nothing appears. This is true with both shift F1 and through the file menu.

  9. "But I even didn’t notice before, because it reacted the same way in all the versions before,
    also in the mac ppc versions I tried until now."

    Yes, I think, that's something, nearly no one would notice it^^
    Just noticed it "by accident" 'cause of hitting wrong key.
    It's a thing, everyone will be able to live (or is is life in this case? I don't know) with, until RC3.

  10. @nam: still smaller than any other 3d package. and sweeter too. ;)

    @Ton: Yaaay zelda! I need to finish twilight princess.. It's pretty.

    On the bug tracker, when reporting bugs about RC2, does one just use "current CVS version"?

  11. yes just use 'current CVS',

    everyone please put your bugs in the tracker - 'if they aren't in the tracker, they don't exist'


  12. @ kram1032

    Im not sure off the top of my head exactly what version (2.26 maybe, I may be wrong its been a while) I first seen I couldnt extrude then go into scale. But like your saying I have been getting used to just left clicking after extrude if needed.
    What I might find weird is if both of you where still doing the extrude + scale with lets say 2.42a. IDK!

    Im using Windows XP (your basic run of the mill DELL, GOD I miss my computer)

    Good Job DEVS!

  13. @HYde: It's actually one keystroke saved, isn't it? ^^
    And: I didn't have V2.26, I think...
    I got 2.35 as my first V, but wasn't even able to render anything else than a sky xD
    so I deleted it and after ~1 Year, I found Blender again, with V, not sure..., 2.__ doesn't matter. Fact is, that I'm not a Blenderuser, that long. Both times I found blender wwithout searching it^^ I wanted to create my own 3Dgames, and googled for something like "3D Game Editor"... What I found was Blender and the fact that I have to learn very much, before beeing able to create games...

  14. Hey would someone report to the bug tracker that if you go into texture mode, it doesnt display light on the object.

    Cheers - And to all the blender team.

  15. Maybe I just set wrong path's or something like that, but when I open the 'OpenExr Demo.blend'-file from and try to render it, Blender crashes. 2.42 works fine.

    In the 'console'-window I get
    write exr tmp file, 960x540, f:\tmp\OpenExr Demo.blend_Scene.exr
    IMB_exrtile_set_channel error Front.Combined.R
    ... a lot more of that

    and then an error window:

    MS Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error!

    abnormal program termination

    Does anyone have the same problem under windows?

  16. Looks like a bug, smells like a bug, then it must be a bug! I only wish I made time to help trackdown this kind of problem, thus speeding the next release along nicely!

  17. Like totally awesome, dudes!! Off the topic, who won the splash-screen contest? I have the Blender 2.43 beta built, currently (don't ask me which one...) So I am hoping to get Blender 2.43 final, as soon as possible :) ;)) ;)

  18. Absolutely love this. I cant wait for the stable version, even thought this is very stable.

    The render baking is a total boon. I loooooove it. I've been throwing normal mapped models at my 3d engine all day and it is looking SO pretty!! Thankyou whoever decided to add this to blender! This has well and truly become my game dev stable.


  19. Hi I have a Problem in Blender RC2 , if I play a *.wav sound before a game, the sound plays fine, but after, if I try to play again the Blender crashes...this an old problem...whats the solution?....Thanks

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