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Combing, Brushing, and Cutting Hair is in Blender's Future!


thumb1.jpgJust imagine what that will mean for your characters, and more...the ability to easily shape and design not only hair but, anything created using particles!

Fortunately, we can do just a little bit more than imagine. Here's a demo video of what's currently being developed.

Video #1: Combing and Cutting Demo

Jahka (the developer) writes:

The Particles edit mode is coming along nicely. It will still be a while until sufficient functionality & stability is achieved so that I can make a patch for you guys to play with.

You can get current info on the Particles Rewrite, here.

Since we're on the subject of Blender's developing Particles System, here's another video, reported by Brian (of, that demonstrates some other features (including softbody particles!).

Video #2: Hair Tutorial

The features demonstrated in this video are available as a patch.

Before downloading a patch, be sure to check the OS compatibility and the features that are made available by the patch. It's also a good idea to install the patch to a separate directory from your main Blender install.

Please Note: The combing, brushing, and cutting of hair is not available in a patch, only the new particles functionality seen in Video #2. Also, none of these features will be in the next official release. As usual, we'll keep you posted as things develop.

There are so many new features being developed for Blender's Particles System that it really boggles the mind when you begin to realize the potential.

*** A Big Thank You to Jahka and All of the Developers. ***


  1. Basically, they replaced the tedious curves by parent particles. Genius.
    Then you can comb, grow, cut style on the fly... Genius^2

  2. Thats really impressive - I'm sure this will recieve a lot of attention when it is released. I think Shave and a Haircut has a combing feature too.

  3. To madman:
    Actually, Softimage|XSI has this feature since v4.0 I think, but only in the full version which costs some 6.000Euro! What the developers of Blender are able to do blows my mind too. I think Blender is one of the few programs that really demonstrate what the open source model is capable of.
    ...which on the other hand makes me a bit ashamed not to be able to contribute to the development myself. Well, I can help in other ways I guess, as part of the community. Time to complete that model too..

    Anyone knows who I must write to about a greek translation? Anyone?

  4. Kostas, I'm Kostas too :P and i think I could try to give a hand with translating in greek :)
    You developers are doing a GREAT job!

  5. Wow ! That´s one of the features, I´ve ever wanted in Blender3D. If Blender´s development of features keeps up in that speed, I can throw away my Cinema4D :)

  6. Cool stuff - i followed the development of the particle-rewrite and i think this will attract lots of profession

    I doubt that this will be in Blender 2.43 since the code for it has already been feature-frozen (A small note on this in the original news would be a good idea). But I'm sure we can expect it in the next big release after that. - i might be wrong on that though.

    I think you could check out the developer forum and the "Get Involved" pages. I'm not sure myself, but searching/asking in the forum will turn up something for sure ;-)


  7. Xolosh, no need to throw anything away, just keep as part of your tools box. But that Jahka is one Giant asset to the developers, and I am sure that they have heard it all before, but those Developers all deserve a well paid holiday from the community. How about it guys? Let's start a fund to say thanks to these guys for their hard work and generous hearts!

  8. To blackcoatman:

    The mail is [email protected]. Contact me if you are serious about it. I have some free time these days, and I would really like to pull this through.
    But then again, the question remains, who do we talk to?

    To everyone else:

    It's not really relevant to the above but please be patient.

  9. kostas,

    you talk to me :)

    Do you want to translate the interface or the wiki manual or both?

    For the wiki sign up at the wiki then you email me your user name and I give you edit permissions. For the interface translations copy a po file and start a greek version then once you have enough ready email it to me and I'll commit it.

    LetterRip (LetterRip AT gmail dot com)

  10. tom,

    I had the interface in mind, for a start. Let's see how this works out. I'll contact you via e-mail for the rest... Thanks!

  11. Very impressive work!

    These features will push Blender under the sunlights !

    When I think that I can't even write a single line in Python code, Developers appears like gods for me !

    Thanks a lot!


  12. Please be aware that the features demonstrated will NOT be available in the next (2.43) release of Blender. However, as mentioned in the article, there are patches available for some of the features.

  13. @grafixsuz: yeah, let's send all the developers on a nice carribean island.
    But let's only sponsor those devs who take their laptop to that coding
    session *erm* I mean vacation.

  14. I´ve just played with the hair-dynamics (JHK-particles in conjunction with the softbody) - WOW, looks like real hair, it´s - already in this stage of development - great!!!

  15. With the new particle system, would it be possible to have individual particle parameters (such as age, velocity, applied force ... ) as inputs to the material node system?

    This would be very useful for making a particle's visual appearance completely parametric.

  16. kostas

    you are right about Blender being the only Open Source software which demonstrates the power behind it.

    The most impressive feature with the hair tool is just the sweet cut option.


  17. What can I say that has not already been said. Open source rules - no built-in obsolescence, no withholding functionality for a pricey upgrade - just BTTW programming by the best. Thanks to all of the developers!!!!!!

  18. absolutely stunning &
    really amazing!!!

    big thanks to the developers!
    (I already see those wonderful animations with realistic hair... :D)

  19. This is great!,but I fear that Blender can become a commercial
    product uner an asume name and that will shutdown the blender
    univers for good.

    Blender is having an effect on other sorfware companies sales
    and who want spend a year income on a sorfware that only good
    short time period.

    I'm affraid that the sorfwarw war had just begun.

  20. This is the future, and more than I could have ever imagined. The abilities of the coders are obvious, and this must have taken some serious effort! Integrating this feature, along with render baking, are the final steps in Blender's "Catch-Up with the Pros" phase. Thanks to the great coders!

  21. Algorithms quite likely, those they are completely within their legal rights to take.

    Code would be a pretty serious risk for them. There are tools that can be used for find misappropriated code even in binaries.


  22. @Vladius T (and anyone else interested..)
    1) Improved hair size rendering (WIP):
    2) Particles re-write article on BN (textured particles):

    @Xolosh: All these things combined are amazing to think about. Working together in unison... Wow. Personally, I would throw Cinema4D away too now that I've seen this.

    @RNS: Lots of other programs are already using Blender code as Alex said; but the deciding factor is that the code is in Blender -- where it's free. It always will be free as is dictated by the GNU. Read Ton's interview posted about a week ago. :)

    @JHK: Thankyou for all your hard work. Keep working at it and get help when needed so we can use this feature as soon as possible! :)

  23. Oh, and I nearly forgot... (while that first post is awaiting moderation.....)
    @Jahka: Thankyou too. That video made me crap my pants. :P

  24. I noticed that the tutorials where made with with the flash program called wink. Its nice to know that its being used. I had used it when I was helping teach blender at my school my senior year. If your ever interested in using it just visit its home page at ("")

    Oh! by the way, nice tutorial. I like the idea of this new partical manipulator. I'm getting tired of the current way of messing with particals. Its ok how it works now, but the new upcoming deal is something worth looking forward too. Plus the blender will be better looking in the eyes of all.

  25. Chris Da Lunatic on

    Actually, that feature is in 3ds max. It is kinda hard to use though. In fact, everything in 3ds is hard to use. That's why I perfer blender!

  26. Man oh man blender does it again
    this software ceases to amaze me
    its just that awesome with the advanced in the game engine and this and just everything
    i can say i LOVE blender3D i'm sure everyone else here can say the same too
    i'm SO glad i stumbled across this program a few years ago when i did so i could get used to it

    Keep rocking Blender ,
    Wayne C Fox III

  27. Wow! Thats something! It's a wonder why the developers aren't charging us for their hard work into making Blender Kick-Awesome.

    That softbody hair is the coolest thing ever. We can now have characters with really realistc hair!

  28. Reynante M. Martinez on

    Haha! I really can't believe the pace of Blender's development. I'm laughing in awe and disbelief at what I saw on the video. Wow. I almost fainted. I can't wait to have a try on that feature. Thanks so much! =)

  29. I'd also love to be able to apply particle forces from a (3d procedural) texture. It would be a quick way of adding customisable turbulence to a particle system.

  30. @Robert
    If I'm understanding you correctly, Blender's current Particles System can already do that.

    On the Particle Motion panel, specify the texture channel to use for force. There are several other settings to use on the same panel. This works for static and animated particles.

  31. Using Blender code in other applications without a license would violate the GPL, but Blender Foundation has the option to license the code to other applications. I ran across that on a couple of months ago.

  32. "Using Blender code in other applications without a license would violate the GPL, but Blender Foundation has the option to license the code to other applications. I ran across that on a couple of months ago."

    Ton officially dropped that about half a year or so ago. He just hasn't taken the time to remove it from all locations it was posted.


  33. @Robert
    You can definitely do that. I just did a couple of tests. You can also use images for that purpose. I haven't tested it but, I would assume animated textures and videos MIGHT work as well.

  34. This features are awesome, I'll try it immediatly.

    But I have a really great question, how can I download the videos?, 'cuz the hair tutorial is great, and I would like to add it to my tutorials collection.

  35. Wow, that is truly awsome. It's great to see such great programs like blender advancing like this. It almost makes me wish they'd slow down some so that I could grasp everything it has now. If I could do that I'll bet I could really do some awsome things with it.

    But it's like I say. 10 years from now the most used OS will be linux and the best 3d app out there will be blender!

  36. To SephirothTBM:

    I did this way. I open the page, then I see the source of the page so this give me the swf file name. so, I copy the link, delete htm file name and put the swf file name instead. Then I download with flashget. :)

    well my english it's not that, but I expect you get the idea.

    see ya

  37. Very good features! But I wasn't able to find the place, where I have to place the .patch-file. The placement for all the others was clearly defined in the Wiki.

  38. @Kernon:

    Excellent! I'd always assumed that it was some sort of initial force, it being so close to the initial force texture option.

  39. If blender is open source then surely other programs can take the source for this feature and adapt it to their own, or would that require them to make their programs free as well?

  40. Tom wrote:
    Code would be a pretty serious risk for them. There are tools that can be used for find misappropriated code even in binaries.


    Tom, can you tell me some of those tools?

  41. There is no special place where the patch needs to be installed. Simply extract it and run it. Patches are not full Blender installations, they are simply compiled versions of Blender with enough functionality to be able to use the features provided in the patch. For example, the Game Engine may not be part of the patch.

    I would suggest separating it from your main Blender install just to keep things clean.

  42. Hmmm...
    Is there any special extractor?
    Or do I have to change the ending?
    'cause, it's not possible to extract it.
    Or just "open with" and then "winrar"?
    In Notepad there is just a ton of text...

  43. Actually, the particles patch is in the ZIP format. Some patches are in the RAR format. I would recommend using 7zip because it can handle both formats.

  44. ...? I've got a file called ____.patch and I can't click on it without getting the Window where I have to decide to open it with a file out of the list or if I want to search something out of the net.
    WinRAR also is able to handle both, isn't it?
    Should I only give it into the blender-directory?
    (That's what I did first, but then there haven't been any changes -.-)

  45. Oh.... The Particlepatches from graphicall is allready installed...
    But what's with that one from the wiki?
    Is it really the same?
    Looked almost equal, but only ALMOST...
    If they're really equal, zhen, sorry...

  46. This new feature of Blender will be a memory eater as will the new features in the blender interface will required a good mother
    board and graphic card to handle the performances.

    I recommand AMD64 2.HZ or 64X2 up
    Asus 8v series up with 4gig or 8 gig
    graphic card FX 5500 or 6600N series
    Window 2000 or Millinium window are really good and linux,except XP it really suck!
    Don't upload to many Blender pathes it can currupt your files.

    If you want to look good than dress to kill! or want to blend to impress than pumpup the power!


  47. It Came to my attention that the developer are working on
    Flex muscle script and vertices hightlight pointer which will
    show which vertices is most infuence and how to modify it by
    pressed key "B".for amrature Rigging,and motion capture and 360 scan view screen interface using webscam!
    Also fluid and effects system will be change were the artist can choose rain,ocean wave,clouds,fire,fog,explosions and others goodies effects scripts library.

    Alot is to come in Blender this coming year and the nexts.

    Blender 2.50 in the summer.

    blender 2.60 in the winter.

    and Blender Hq edition in the summer of 2008.

    happy BLendering

  48. Just testing and seems to be working well, just can't lock the roots so that when I comb, the hair doesn't fall off the sample head! Any ideas? I was re-watching the sample preview, and noticed it had a root lock feature, but this patch doesn't have one,( or at least I can't see it) Any info would be helpful. By the way I had one crash when making the parant threads, but couldn't remake it, maybe just my system.

  49. WOW. I am the worst hair styler on earth, so anything to make it easier is appreciated, but this is just too cool. Awesome, awesome work! And just when I needed good hair the most! :-)

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