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BlenderNation Birthday Present: A Whole School


wholeclassroom_06_thmb.jpgThat's right. To celebrate BlenderNation's first Birthday, rather than giving BN something, let's give a whole school to those who need it.


Don't stop giving yet; read the update at the bottom of this article.

Have you enjoyed your stay on this website so far? If you have, I guess you've learned a lot and if we're lucky you shared much of your knowledge with others here or on a Blender forum. In a sense, that's what this community is about: we have a shared interest, and many members in this community invest their time into helping others.

Many people are not so lucky, but we're a huge crowd (over 7,000 daily readers!) and we can make a real difference.

I've been playing with this idea in my mind for a long time until I came across an initiative by Oxfam: Oxfam Unwrapped. They allow you to buy 'gifts' that help communities in developing countries help themselves: you can buy a sheep or a goat, products for agriculture and many other things. One gift caught my eye in particular: an entire classroom.

From their website:

Give walls, windows, lights, blackboards, desks, chairs and safe water - get a new generation of children with the skills to overcome poverty for themselves - a really classy gift!

I want to raise enough funds to finance this classroom with the entire Blender community.

Now, it's not cheap: a full classroom costs ₤1,700/$3,350/€2,500, but I'm confident we can raise that money together during the next seven days.

How to participate?

To participate, click on the 'Make a donation' button on the right. The BlenderNation School-o-Meter on the right will show an indication of the number of gifts and the total raised amount; I have to update it by hand, so please be patient for your donation to appear. Donations can only be made through a PayPal account or by Visa/MasterCard.
What about the small print?

Unfortunately it's not always easy for an organisation such as Oxfam to find exactly the right place for the projects they offer. In those cases, they'll spend the money on closely related projects:

Teaching a teacher, textbooks, school desks and chairs, girls' clubs-, kitting out [equipping]a teacher, renovating a classroom and school dinners may also be used to support other educational work, including adult literacy classes.

For more information, please read the following pages:

Oxfam, an international charitable organization, is recognized around the world. For example, Oxfam America is a National Charity Seal organization.
How much should you give?

It's completely up to you. I'm hoping for $5-$10 per gift but less is fine too! If you can't donate you can also help by spreading the word in other Blender/3D communities. I won't publish a list of donations; everything will be completely anonymous.

What if we don't reach the amount?

I've set a high goal and I won't be disappointed if we don't make it. In that case, I'll put together a selection of other education related gifts and make sure we'll spend every last cent we raise.

Having said all that, I can only hope we'll all be proud one week from now. Now, please go ahead and do some good!




I'm thrilled to announce that we've made our target of $3350 in only four days. Better than that: we have currently raised $3650, $300 more than what we had hoped for! The extra money will be put to good use by adding additional educational products to our gift, such as text books, hot meals and teacher's kits. There's still three days left to give, so if you haven't donated yet please consider chipping in. The more we can give, the better!

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