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3D Gallery Submission links


thumb.jpgAs Blender matures, so does the level of artistic works created by the Blender community. While browsing online 3D art galleries, it quickly becomes clear that there really isn't a good representation of Blender's current capabilities. Of course, there are galleries and forums that we all are aware of within the Blender community but, we can't expect the world to flock to our doorsteps. Sometimes, you have to deliver the message.

So, it's time to encourage the more experienced artists to help Blender (and themselves) get more exposure by submitting their works to galleries beyond the sphere of the community. Their works are on par with, and in many cases better than, the works found in many online galleries that are filled with works done using Maya, 3DS, etc. It's about time Blender began to start really gaining a presence in these types of forums.

Below, you'll find a list of links to several online galleries that accept submissions by 3D artists. Most of the sites require you to register before being able to post your work but, it's always quick and free.

Online 3D Galleries

3D Artists (

3D-Resources (


Gallery of 3D (

3DM (

HighEnd3D (

RenderAid (

Digital Artworks (

3D Link Resources (

3DSharp (

3DExcellence (

CGSociety (CGTalk) (

Renderosity (

3D Total (

Sci-Fi Meshes (

Blender (

EverMotion (

DeviantArt (

3DLinks (

cgchat (

CGChannel (

CG Underground (

GFX Artist (

E2-Productions (

CGarchitect (

CGArena (

Are you aware of any other 3D galleries that accept submissions? If so, please post a link on this page. Thanks!


  1. cgtalk at:

    One of the best on-line galleries I know. You can find really good works there (both 2d and 3d) and time to time contests with great prizes. Check it out.

    You may register for free (as I did) or for $29.95 become a cg society member with Unlimited displayable portfolio images and etc.

  2. Yes, the Renderosity gallery is being visited by 1000-2000 people every moment! It`s a good idea to go there, especially they already have a Blender gallery (including my works:)


    deviantART is the single largest art community currently online (like 2 million members or something). While they don't have a specific focus one any one type of art, their 3D gallery and community is VERY active. Blender seems to generally be very underrepresented too, so it'd be a pretty good place to raise exposure...

  4. Great suggestions! Keep them coming. If you ever come across a good site, come back here and post a link. Many people continue to visit the BlenderNation posts long after the initial buzz dies down so, it's never too late...

  5. "...the works found in many online galleries that are filled with works done in Maya, 3DS, etc...."

    Tsss.... Some people still seem to think it's the software doing the artwork.

  6. “…the works found in many online galleries that are filled with works done in Maya, 3DS, etc….”

    Tsss…. Some people still seem to think it’s the software doing the artwork.

    Heh heh, I think he meant "done using Maya, 3DS etc".

  7. @Joeri: I see what you mean, but really the idea is that Blender artwork currently is so scattered, it doesn't give the right sort of impression about Blender, ie we get the idea it's at the same stage as programs like Anim8or (no offence to Anim8or fans), as opposed to programs such as 3Ds Max.

    We need to show that Blender is faster and more efficient while producing the same quality artwork than you see created by those fluent in using Maya and 3Ds Max...

  8. i'm a bit with Joeri on this one.. i am not going to go around posting works madly just because they are made with blender (or gimp). as much as i love blender and spread the word.. i don't have time for that sort of thing, and for me atleast, it's not the point.


  9. Kernon: free beer! oh.., wait.. no..
    hmm, i would say evaluating, enhancing and then promoting Blender as a real moving making tool. showing what we can do.

    i'm very proud to be a blender user. don't get me wrong. and i help where i can.

    still, when it comes to my more personal works.. one day i would like them to be able to stand on their own, and without always labeling them to Blender Works. you know..


  10. @basse:
    Yeah, I can understand that. But, I think you can have both. If you don't put it out there, it will still stand on its own...just in a closet somewhere because who will know it even exists? You can't expect the world to come to you because, it won't. The old saying "if you build it, they will come." is a lie. You have to promote and, any place and every place is as good a place as any.

    Oh well, to each his own. Your work will be missed...and eventually forgotten due to its lack of presence.


  11. - 3D modeling of Characters, architecture hi polygonal, low polygonal technical devices modeling;
    - Texturing, mapping, bump, specular;
    - Setup, morphing, rigging characters;
    - Sketches in details, 3D pictures.
    - Animastion
    - 3D Print

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