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Blender Conference - Day Three


ton.jpgWithout further ado, here's the BlenderNation Journal for the last day of the Blender Conference 2006. The absolute highlight of the day was the presentation of the Plumiferos project; these people are really working on an amazing project. In order of appearance, the interviews are: Tony Mullen (author of 'Introduction to Character Animation in Blender'), Colin Litster, Samo Korosec, Ivan Hoffman and Manuel Perez of Plumiferos, Jason van Gumster and finally the man himself: Ton.

Update: hi-res Quicktime file added

Producing these videos was much more work than I had anticipated, but I did have a lot of fun making them. I hope that they have given you all a good impression of the event and of the people who were there.

As a final note, several people have asked me to consider posting directly to Google Video instead of offering huge files for download; I hope this works better for you all!


About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. One more time a great report.

    It's cool to see and hear all the amazing artists and coders who create no less amazing art works and tools for us.

    Thanks again for this third day video report, and I'd want to thank every and each person who contributed to it!


  2. Hey,

    I'm on Fedora Core here, I can't seem to view this report. the previous downloads posed no problem. Apparently google video doesn't offer a linux download?

    Or maybe I'm missing something....


    Great job, well done

  3. @pinhead_66: please make sure you have Flash on your system. Also, you can download the iPod/PSP MP4 version from that page - that should play back fine in VLC.

  4. Bart, you are the man!
    This video coverage was absolutely fantastic... I never thought those blender conferences were SO cool. One thing is certain, next year I'll try to go...

  5. Vassilios Boucer on

    many many Thanks for this Videos!
    Great Interviews!You are a very good Interviewer!
    are you Study something like this??Moderator...Journalist...Interviewer!

    Oh!another Question if someone can Answer!

    Where can i Buy a T-Shirt like Ton has in the Interview!
    Looks Cool!
    I see in Blenders..... E-Shop but not Found this Cool T-Shirt!


  6. Bart, that means people won't be able to archive a higher quality version downloaded?

    PS &hl=nl makess the page appear in Dutch (&hl=en is for english, if you leave out hl it uses local language)

  7. @Vassilios Boucer

    The new design sweat shirt that Ton is wearing is coming in this week in to the shop.
    Also a new design T-shirt that he had make for the Siggraph conference.

    So is you want to buy it, I think end of this week it will be in the shop

  8. @Anja: Great to see you also drop by Blendernation :) .

    @Vassilios Boucer: Its a "Distressed" Sweat Shirt (right Anja, hehe), it is really cool indeed, I got one at the Conference as well as the T-Shirt, I'm sure you will love it.

  9. You can't access Google Video from China and torrent files might run out of seeders, so I think that there should be direct download links to the conference videos.

  10. Vassilios Boucer on

    Anja and rcas!
    - Thanks very much for the Infos about the T-Shirt!
    I buy it ofcourse when its avvailable in Blenders E-Shop!
    Looks Really Good and Cool!



  11. Very nice!!! Thanks very much, for all the interviews!! Look forward to read blendernation every day. You should let everyone know how they can help you. (Submitting news?)

  12. "Producing these videos was much more work than I had anticipated, but I did have a lot of fun making them. I hope that they have given you all a good impression of the event and of the people who were there."

    Your report was awesome as usually. I guess i don´t need to say how much this videos are important for people arround the globe that were not able to be in Amsterdan last week.

    This videos with Angela and Anja were nice to show us a lot of things that remains behind the scenes (Anja´s gorgeous sandwitches for example ;)

    Somehow this interviews makes me remain about "meet the developers" from NAN´s website...

    So, Blendernation covers a very special place i believe.

    Congratulations, Bart, Eugene, Rcas and everyone.

  13. I saw the 3. Video now and .... simply great !
    Thanks to Bart and all the people who made it possible that all that the people who
    stayed at home [ save Amsterdam ;) ] could see all this.
    I hope that this sort of video-reports will be avaible also on the next blenderevents.
    And name is blendercross and i am a blendernationjunkey... i need it every day. =)

  14. Really nice interviews with those people about there projects and what they do with blender. It's also cool that using this way of posting videos, we know more about the users we ofthen see on irc, community forums or just take part of the developement and another things. Maybe we should do these interviews more ofthen with different people, would be cool.

    I've learned a lot on this year conference from the Orange people as well from another users which were there. I'm 100% sure that I'll go again next year. I'm really curious on what place it will be hold next year. It's a good thing that it gets bussier each year, but I'm sure I'll miss de Waag when the conference will be hold somewere else, it's such a nice place as well that it has a certain mood in there.

    Anyways, thanks Bart and the rest for making those video's available, even when I was there I still missed certain things.

  15. @madman: Will do an edit of the Saturday night dinner, but I can't promisse much since it was filmed with a photographic camera and it was dark, so it might not look that good, yet it will show something.

  16. B@rt, Rui and who made them, I really want to say thank you for these great works!!!

    I think not only Japanese, blenderheads who couldn't go there are given big presents from you!!

    And, all of people who did presentations, case studies, work shops...and all of staffs working for Blender Conference...Thank you!!:D

  17. i would also prefer (small - the quality doesn't matter so much) downloads. with a monthly download limit streaming videos sucks. :p

    but thanks a lot for all the videos! really great for everyone who couldn't be there!

  18. @Satoshi: I barely did anything, all the hard work goes to Bart and Fillip, they were the real producers of the videos. I just made them company and lend my laptop for encoding to avi.

    BTW, an XVID/MP3 AVI file will be available for download later tonight too, to add to the Quicktime one, for those that can't really open Quicktime...

  19. Bart,

    Thanks so much for making these vidoes. I had hoped to "fly across the pond" again to make the conference, but my real job got in the way. Having these videos available is the next best thing to actually being there. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    (BTW, you probably don't remember me, but I'm one of the guys who was setting up the systems and Siggraph, and the guy who picked up the huge Elephants Dream Banner from the hotel before you and Ton went sightseeing on your last full day in Boston.)

  20. @Anja : the sweaters are great. Do keep in mind that they are 'slim fit', which means that a L seems more like a M in most other measures. If you like your clothes not too tight, you might want to try one size larger.

    Too bad for that ego of yours (No, i'm not THAT fat am I :-) ), but it will make sure your sweater isn't a tad too smal. Which is also bad for the ego I guess...

    Great sweaters!


  21. Great job! It was so good to see Colin Litster who's wed sight has been of great help to me. And not just him but to see all the people that I read about on this sight.

    Again, Great job!


  22. omar brown (blessed house productions) on

    I am from Ohio, USA and I love blender. I have learn so much about 3D graphics from using blender in 1 year as compared to cinema 4d in 4 years.

    Anyway, the conference coverage was off the chain and I hope to go to one of the conferences one day.

    Colin, I am a compositor and sound designer and will like to see more information about people with my same caliber.

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