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Plumiferos Wishlist


Plumiferos, the Argentinean movie that is being produced with Blender, have published a feature wishlist on their wiki. The list contains an overview of Blender functionality that they need to create their movie.

Like Elephants Dream, the project has already contributed substantially to Blender development. Here is an overview of the functionality that has been added so far:

  1. Frame Stamp Render Option: prints frame, timecode, camera, scene, filename and user texts over OpenGL/normal render. Developed by RCRuiz (Gracias Ramon !)
  2. BlendFromShape menu to display in several columns to allow selection of all available shape keys. Developed by Aligorith. (in CVS)
  3. "Mute" option in NLA editor, to "silent" an NLA strip at will, meaning the action strip animation is not displayed temporarily. Developed by RCRuiz and Aligorith simultaneously ! (Aligorith also added reverse strip).
  4. Translation/Rotation/Size limits constraints for bones. Developed by CVS.
  5. Selection of all keyframes in same frame in Action Editor (K Key). Developed by CVS.
  6. Custom "Shape" button for bones, just next to Stick, Envelope, Octahedron to easily turn custom widgets into stick/octahedron without having to delete/rewrite OB field in Bone panel. Developed by Aligorith (plus custom colors for each bone !).
  7. Save Output Node. To be able to save different parts of a composition as diferent image sequences in different folders and stuff like that. Developed by Ton. in CVS.
  8. Scale, Histogram, Rotate nodes for compositor. Developed by Damiles.
  9. Vertex Group in Lattices. Developed by Ton. in CVS.
  10. Bezier Alpha Mask editing in compositor. Developed by Damiles.
  11. Viewers work inside Group Nodes, so we don't have to ungroup to check a particular node inside the group.
  12. Dilate/Erode node: to expand or contract the size of a border obtained via Sobel or other edge detector.
  13. Draw Extra "Name" and "Axis" options to work when object is in Bounds Draw Type. Developed by Lguillaume.

The list of desired new functionality is long and they have split it into different timeframes and urgencies. For September and October, they are looking for changes in the floor constraints, render passes and particle systems. For the full list, check the wishlist.

If you are a coder and you would like to contribute (and get your name in the credits on the big screen), contact [email protected] and/or to [email protected].

About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. What about a "create turbulence for particles" when a wing is flapping option. (I guess that's a fluid sim problem). Anyways, good to hear that the Plum proJ is pushing blender along, and we're anticipating great results, which will prepare the way for.....Orange 2 "emo's revenge" ;)

  2. It is interesting to see that these large projects really push Blender-development forward. Perhaps this will turn out to be the new "thing" about Open-Source development: growing complex software along demanding projects.

  3. Vassilios Boucer on

    Blenders Development is really Amazing and very very Fast!
    I follow every Day all the new cool things added in all testing builds CVS-BF...others!

    and the Problem is:
    ... i dont have time to Model ..make Art Renderings...or Animations because i spend all my Time to learn and learn all this new cool Features in Blender and follow the Development!

  4. What about a parent constraint? Like a normal "make parent" but in the constraints panel with the ability to keyframe it's influence and thus the ability to give an object multiple parents. That would solve every problem in the universe. At least, I'm pretty sure it would. How many movies must be made before they realize that? A lot of those features are getting me excited, though.

  5. note that in the timeline, from discussion with Malefico the earlier items are more urgent, so even if the 'date' has passed, please still consider working on them.


  6. I find that the one node that needs a new feature is the Map Value node which needs to have an input option for the Offset. That way you can map the Value output of the Curve Input node to it and have DOF in animations which the camera moving and focusing on moving objects!

    A node I'd really like to have is the Green/Blue screen node which instantly creates the Green/Blue screen effect. I know you can do it with several nodes in the CVS but it'd be nice if they were a custom node!

    Two of my wishes for the list!


  7. Blender is very nice program, but Game Engine still makes games like first, very, very low-poly games. Game engine requires big innovations like:

    - True Particles (at the moment only animated textures can be used)
    - Real Mirror mapping (now you cannot create normal mirrors)
    - Realtime lighting and shadows (now shadows is not available)

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