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Modifier/Paint/UV Features In Latest CVS Build


paint.pngDaniel Salazar (ZanQdo) of GraphicAll has posted a sweet Windows build of the latest CVS. You have to check this out.

*Please note that builds from the CVS are not considered final builds and should be used for feature testing only.

A summary from the build page:

  • Tangent vectors now can also be derived from orcos (No UV needed)
  • Normalmaps now properly support tangent space as well (Patch provided by Alfredo de Greef). A full log of these changes can be found here.

  • Upgraded Modifier Stack in BF CVS

  • Texture paint in 3d view is VERY fast now, just be sure to use order of 2 images and turn off mipmaps in the prefs, "Soften" and "Smear" brushes are also suported, and textures can be used as alphamaps.
  • There are also some neat little UV options in the UV/Image editor:


ZanQdo also has two demo videos on the build page if you would like to see the array modifier work with the curve modifier and adding deforming modifiers over constructive modifiers. Looks like I'll be addicted to the CVS builds again!

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Arg.. I was wrong. Getting the output from pyTablet is really really easy.. The only problem is that buttons arn't driveable like IPOs are. In other words, you can't bind the value of "size" for the brush to "Pen_GetPressure()[0]" no matter how hard I try. And even if it did work, all functions are calculated once instead of in realtime... But the ability is there!

  2. I LOVE the displacement modifier!!!! On the first look, it's a better reimplementation of TerryNoise! The only missing thing are lambda noise functions. But maybe I write a texture plugin which you could use as a replacement. When I have time. So I won't. (damn)

    If you could use a material, and not only a texture, as source, with the help of nodes you would have InnerWorld functionallity!!!

  3. @displacement modifier:
    xyz-offsets and scales would be very cool. This is very simple to implement (offset == +, scale == *) but would be a great help.

  4. these kind of cvs news are nice, but it would be much more helpful for people if you also provided a little information what these features actually are, instead of just showing image of the button.. :)


  5. Burre, please report those paint related bugs. I can't fix them otherwise.

    Tablet support should follow soon, Matt already coded it, but I'm still waiting for that tablet I ordered to test it.

  6. @basse
    Good idea... I keep assuming that eveyone knows what these features are since I have been watching or anticipating features like this for some time. Is there any feature in particular that you don't understand what it does?

  7. Michael Thoenes on

    Very Nice additions - I tested the Paint - indeed much faster... Took me a moment to recall what "order of 2 images" meant - I presume that means 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 512, 1024, etc... pixel dimensions...

  8. Hi guys, so it will be possible to create normal maps directly in blender. Do someone have a walkthrough to explain how to create a normal map in blender only. I've tried many things with vertex col and texture backer, but it don't work (always a blank normal texture).
    By the way, awesome job, especially for the speeding up of the painting.


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