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Blender Featured In Digital Production Magazine


dp0605.jpgA few BlenderNation readers pointed us to the latest issue of the German digital content creation magazine Digital Production which features a 4 page review of Blender2.42a.

Unfortunately, the magazine doesn't have the article posted online, but at least we know that it was written by none other than well known Blender user Bart (not the BlenderNation one). Bart is no stranger to writing for the magazine since Digital Production has also asked him to write about Blender on two other occasions (1, 2).

Press like this can only strengthen Blender's presence as a fantastic 3D tool!

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. the article gives you a good overview about the new features in blender. and what's still missing in the authors opinion (like buffered shadow & ray shadow for all light sources or more uv coordinates per object)

  2. Nice, ill see if i can get a copy of the magazine at my local dealer so i have something to read this weekend. Blender is really getting a lot of media attention at the moment i must say, a really good thing indeed.

  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I hope i can meet a lot of you on the upcoming Blender Conference (i will be there :) ). At the moment time is short so i can't work/update my feature proposal. I moved into a new flat (very nice!) and have a lot to do with Webcuts Internet Film Fest Berlin (
    Hey everybody of you using the CMS Typo3 take a look at my last tool development: .

    PS: Sorry about my nick but i'm using it long as B@rt is using his one.

  4. @mpl
    Nice tone you have in your voice.

    The question is by the way pretty acceptable. When blender was mentioned in the 3d world magazine I bought this issue. For 20 Euros. Which is pretty expensive if you just want to look at an article in an otherwise (from my point of view) pretty boring magazine.

    So yes, it would sometimes be nice to have the ability to read the article without having to by the whole magazine which incorporates the article.

    And yes, I have a subscription to "Digital production".

    Btw, if anyone is interested, I hereby offer you to send you the issue via snail mail (Europe only). Just EMail me your address to [email protected]. First come, first server. Just send it back, please.



  5. @Gunnar Stahl

    Its a stupid question, it deserves a harsh answer...

    Just think about it for a moment. Look around you and see how much blender related stuff you can get for free on the net (even blender itself!), and yet still this guy wants more!

    It might be that they are really generous and release a few pdf samples like 3D World did, and that would really be super! But to actually ask if you can get the whole article for free, is just plain rude and stupid! Think about the people who have to make a living from this thing.

    I would really like the new computer arts magazine, but i don't go to their forum and post things like: "hey could i please get a copy of the mag for free?" Im really tired of people who think they can get everything for free if they just ask politely....

    Now could i PLEASE get a free and full copy of 3ds max?

  6. @mpl:
    You certainly have a valid point in here. They (the magazines) do have to make a living.

    On the other hand digitist did not ask for the complete issue, let allone a free subscription. He just asked for a pdf version of the article. And this I think is still a valid question.

    Besides that, what bothered me most was the really harsh answer from you. Not being tired of the other ones idiosyncrasies is one of the elements that turn a bunch of people into a community.

    I don't know if you can read german. But if so, take a look at the oh so famous heise newsticker ( It is a really bad archetype for a this-went-wrong-long-ago-forum. The more the participants of the forum can kick the next best forum contributor into his butt the better these guys feel. One of the reasons I turned my back on



  7. happy to see that blender gets more famous.
    me wont pay even a cent for the dp. I bought it a few times in the past and everytime a thougt: huh. you´ll better spend the money for some cool refreshin beers next time (which have the same infomative content like the dp) 15€ for glossy comercial advertisings... and a few letters...

  8. @Gunnar Stahl
    "On the other hand digitist did not ask for the complete issue, let allone a free subscription. He just asked for a pdf version of the article. And this I think is still a valid question."
    Im sorry, but i don't agree with you on this. Wasn't it because of the blender article that you bought it? It surely is the main reason why im going to buy it, so if they just gave out a free pdf of the full article, wouldn't they lose us as customers?

    "Not being tired of the other ones idiosyncrasies is one of the elements that turn a bunch of people into a community."
    I agree. But the freeloader mentality surrounding blender isn't exactly doing anything good for the community either. Its like people think they can just have anything blender related for free (as in beer), and when it is free, some even think they have the right to dictate how it should be. How often do we hear "The UI is awful! make it look like 3ds max!" or "I need this or that!" exactly, ALL THE TIME! Instead of contributing themselfs, they just want and want like bottomless pits... What good is that mentality doing for the community?

    If he asked for a summary of the article so he could consider whether it was worth buying or not, it would have been fine. I would have been happy to give it to him when im finished reading it. But to think that one can just have it all for free is plain rude...

    All that being said, i should point out that i don't know Digitist, so i can't tell whether he is a freeloader or not. If he is not a freeloader and just didn't think when he posted, i'd like to apologize for my rude reply, but if he is a freeloader i stand by my words...

    May you all have a very nice day :)

  9. Seems I've stirred something up wiht my request for a pdf version of the article.

    I've had a Digital Production Magazine subscription for 2 years, that i quit for financial reasons. As MPL wrote I only asked for the article for I'm interessed to read others think of blender.

    As far as presuming that I might be considered as a freeloader: I'm not.
    Many people use blender because they like it and not because it's free. I've discovered blender when it was under NAN, but had the opportunity to legally use 3dmax educational. Now I rediscovered blender and gaining interest in using it.

    @mpl: "i’d like to apologize for my rude reply" - It's not taken in any way by me as a rude reply.

    @mpl: "and yet still this guy wants more" - Not more, just the article if it's available for free. I bought the blender 2.3 manual and other blender stuff. But if an article is free I don't mind asking for it, and if i've to pay for it I will without a doubt.

  10. @mpl: "How about just buying it?"

    For years I bought all the magazines on gfx that are available over here and unfortunately DP is not.

    So 'no' to your question " or is it just to far out for you to actually pay anything?"

  11. I too would like to have a PDF made available of the mentioned article, simply because Digital Production is not available in my region.

    So, stop bitching, mpl!

  12. @Digitist
    Nice to hear your side of the story. And now that its clear to all that you do not appear to be a joe freeloader, i would like to apologize for my rude tone (not my opinion though), im sorry...

    Well, if you follow the link and order the magazine from the site its available to pretty much the whole world (even greenland!). But of course it is much easier for you to just ask for a free pdf copy here, i know. Also if you order it from the web you have to type all kinds of long names and words and stuff into a form, and we all know that can be soooo annoying... So hey, i think ill demand a free copy too!

    Anyway, as Bart already said, you can download older articles as PDF files on the site for free (just like you like 'em), but maybe thats just too long for you to wait?

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