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BlenderPeople 0.8 Released


bppreview.jpgThe much anticipated update to BlenderPeople has been released. Now at version 0.8, Blender again has crowd simulation.

According to Roland "harkyman" Hess:

BlenderPeople is a suite of Python scripts for Blender that, in conjunction with a MySQL database, allow the generation of large scale crowd dynamics, including (but not limited to!) combat scenarios.

Here's what you'll need to get going:

* BlenderPeople 0.8 also works with MySQL4.1+ and Python 2.3. If you already have these installed, there is
no need to upgrade.

Roland also went above and beyond by having extensive documentation (pdf). And if you're still not convinced of what BlenderPeople can do, check out the demo video (remember to right click and save as).

Go to the BA thread for discussion with the creator himself!

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Vassilios Boucer on

    Harkyman: Thanks for this Amazing new Blender People 0.8 version and also for the Build and the Documentation Pdf!
    The Ldemo Video ooks also Amaaazing!!
    So ...we can make Crowd Simulations with Blender like in "Lord of the Rings" Film!!Yeahh!



  2. This is soooooo amazing! Must have taken you lots of time to develop! Just imagine if you have that crowd simulation integrated into blender!

    The demo video looks fantastic. To see all these little lemming warriors move independently is great. There comes into my mind a picture of many, many movies that could utilize this. Reminds me of the LOtR, or this demoreel of "heroes of anihilated empire" I recently saw on cgtalk.

    These warriors still have some way to go until their behaviour is completely as you would expect from a warriour. But it is already good enough to be convincing.

    One funny little sidenote: Take a look at that speedy warrior. He is in the movie and his speedrun is after 17.5 second for about 5 frames. He is nearly at the bottom of the videoframe, almost in the middle, a bit to the right.

    Great, great job!



  3. Vassilios Boucer on

    ....i already Installed all Requirements and it Works!!!!! perfect!!
    also the MatchBone and Action-Baking and NLA Blending mode are great new Additions !!!!

  4. Phreak of Nature on

    YAY!!!!!!!! (Yet Another Youghurt) (:-0)

    IN MY SMOKING ASS This is just incredible i really think that blender is going for worlddomination
    heck we even have what the big tools have now we just me more printed deocumentation
    sure the wikibooks are good but not evryone learns that way

  5. Hey that's really cool looking. A few of the characters in the video are a little jerky, but other than that's it's come a long way.

    By the way, extensive documentation should be the norm ... not "above and beyond." Unfortunately this is generally not true for OpenSource.

  6. .... Documentation...!!!!
    What about a new edition of The Blender Manual (i'll buy it), or a Tutorial covering not only "this tool can do this", but, a tutorial about "why you should use this tool or plugin".

    I almost beg for a Joan D'Arc tutorial translatios to blender, but no one responded :-(

    Im a really newbie, and I think that the better way to learn, is by examples....

  7. @bydesign
    Making a donation to have something you consider "the norm" shoud be a norm too in the opensource.
    What is a norm, instead, is continually asking without appreciate what it is available.

  8. Just what can Blender NOT do? All we are missing is something like Voodoo built in and an image editor (can someone bodge Gimp in there?), sculpting is getting better, now crowds, as well as all the''s just biblical

  9. dude thats really cool, i've gotta download all the stuff and try it out, but you said "not limited" to battle scenes? what else can you do? It would be cool if you could make large moshing or hardcore dancing scenes lol. well, I think it would be cool

  10. Absolutely fantastic. Harkyman, you have done an excellent job with this project of yours. Awesome.

    Just wondering why those guys move like can move like lightning? Very cool, even if unintentional.

  11. No, documentation says only bipeds are supported for now.

    Harkyman I can´t belive how complex your work is, you are a genius! Also I hope you twist kaitos arm so all this animation enhancements get included in BF CVS :)

    See ya

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