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Jim Blinn


Photo-0140 kopie.jpgWe've had an amazing occurrence here at the booth. Well, actually Bassam just did.

Jim Blinn (I'm sure you know the Blinn shader - yes, that's him), one of the pioneers of computer graphics, stopped by to get a demo of Blender, and Bassam obliged (demoing Blender's Blinn shader of course). We have two pictures of the event which we have in the thumbnail and below. The whole booth was in awe, as I am sure you can imagine. Blender was running a bit slow during the demo, and afterwards we found out why... There were two other Blender's running in the background!

Photo-0141.jpg Photo-0140.jpg

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Extract: There were two other Blender’s running in the background! HaHaHaHa.... amazing...!!!! So funny. Did you have the time to tell him about the "little problem" to Blinn before he left...?

  2. I hope you had your wits about you and gave him a Blender tee shirt as you invited him to join the developers ;o)
    We are always looking for talent eh...I mean we have Wu for sex appeal and now we need talent :o)

  3. Hey Blinn Hey... Hold on!!!! there was another 2 blenders running in background, 1 rendering a yafray scene and the other one playing with de GE... and, other.. and other....hahahaha

  4. Does anyone else have problems with the thumbnails on this site?

    When I click on them all I get is a white rectangle on a greyed out background. I have to reloas the page to get it back to normal. I'm using Firefox on Debian Unstable (amd64).

  5. No, Christopher Lambert is a celebrity. I don't think he'd be out there visiting the booths.
    At least not without his sword. There can be only one!

    Oh, my god...

  6. I like the Blinn shader just fine and the guy really looks like he is a hoot... but talking about all those dead, possibly dead, dying guys, I miss my daily shot of news about actual fellow Blenderheads.
    I can feel the withdrawal symptoms creeping in...

    Aaarrrrgggg !

  7. can anyone tell me the software u used 4 the images, i mean how u did the thumbnail to full view projection of this freeware?, any links? :-)

  8. wow this look like a really experienced guy :D
    hope bassam let him get a good impression of Blender, but who else could if not he

  9. No video of that? Hard to tell from the blurry pictures what expression he has on his face but looks like deep thought. I'd like to see how he reacted to Blender.

  10. Awesome... man, though, yeah, Edwin Catmull would be so cool - who isn't indebted to him?

    BTW, thanx so much Lecksfrawen for the Lightbox link. I think I am going to use that 4 my image galleries from now on.

  11. Great! Maybe bassam find some time to share with us that what Mr. Blinn think on blender.

    Till now i see all videos about the show and i like it ... thanks Bart, great work
    ..... but who by th hell importet that holländisch beer to the US?? ;)

  12. Why, oh why use AJAX for displaying images. It never works on my Linux-Firefox. Using Web 2.0 tech for such a trivial task sure seems like overkill. And it's not user-friendly at all.

  13. Bassam knew it was him from the beginning (I think Ton sent Mr. Blinn to Bassam, so everyone knew). I'm not sure what Mr. Blinn thought of Blender since afterwards Bassam was too excited to tell us! I hope he posts about that, but I'll ask him.

  14. Pity there wasn't a correct implementation of Blinn's bump mapping (yes he's also the guy who invented bump mapping) to demo to him.

  15. OOOoo, so that is how a geek looks like when he gets old. I have so much to look for lol.

    Next step, make him interested to develop for Blender

  16. This could be big for Blender if he chats it up a bit. I gather he was impressed.

    I was fortunate to get a chance to chat with him while we were waiting in line to get our Walking Teapots.

    I don't think he would develop for Blender though. His boss Bill Gates might not like open source code. ;)

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