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Siggraph Day Four - First Tradeshow Day


eugene kopie.pngTuesday was the first day of the Trade-show and believe it or not, when the show opened people came running in looking for swag. Within a few minutes the Open Source Pavillion was crowded and the fun began!

The Pavillion remained very busy the entire day: we were giving Blender, Verse, Inkscape, Aqsis and Gnome demos and the demonstrations on the big screen were constantly drawing a crowd. We could really tell the influence that Elephants Dream has on the perception that people have of Open Source software in general and of course of Blender in particular: Open Source is Serious Software, not toys that are developed by geeks and unusable for the rest of the world. A great achievement, I would say.

All in all the first day was a huge success!

Once the day was over we had a few beers at the booth. Of course this went the Blender way as well: even though Ton had arranged everything officially, the Siggraph organisation decided that nobody was allowed to have drinks at the booth after the show on Tuesday. As a result, we were the ONLY crew having a party in the convention hall and the security guards wanted to throw us out. Luckily, we were given another hour and a half to finish our beers first.

While we were having a drink we taped every crew member introducing himself. Prepare for a few laughs ;-) We'll be collecting videos of any community member that we can find as well; expect this video at the end of the week!

Download Siggraph Journal: mirror 1 | mirror 2 [Quicktime, 25 MB]
Download 'Meet the crew': mirror 1 | mirror 2 [Quicktime, 30 MB]

Note: right-click and save-as to store the files on your harddisk

About the Author

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. pretty sweet guys,

    it's like the man says on the Earthlink commericial, " Geeks get it done while a nerd doesn't."


  2. Thomas Vecchione on

    Thank you for fixing the Mic placement on your presenters...

    Suggestion if you arent already doing it, start a project to finish before the Siggraph is done to show what Blender, Gimp, Etc is capable of in just a short period of time when you use it and know how to use it.

    Also get a printout of your keymaps, or as a suggestion for a feature, the ability to import keymaps since some people are apparently having problems finding their keys(Didnt even realise you could change that myself;) Just slows things down if they have to search for keys and doesnt help the presentation. And of course there is no offense intended with any of my comments;)

    The last request I would make is to see if you can record the video output of the monitor, synced to an audio recording and the Video Camera to create some really nice tutorials to post up online as well later, some of the stuff on that list looks very impressive, and it would be a shame to not be able to reuse it.

    As always, have fun.


  3. Thomas Vecchione on

    If I was good enough that I thought it would actually be worth demonstrating... I might consider it.

    However I am nowhere close to good enough, plus it helps when people can see you actually working at the trade show as well I think;)


  4. Thanks for sharing the video! I feel as though I'm there with you.

    I espicially like it when those being interviewed give thier handle names. It's nice to oput a face and voice behind the names. Maybe you can get them to give a short explanation as to why they piked thier handle name.

    It's great to here from our "fearless leader" Ton.

    BTW - I noticed that you are next to the Boxx booth. Maybe youo can get them to sponser a contest with prizes like they do at CGsociety!

    Oh yeah, maybe Ton can tell us how to pronounce his in his next appearence. Long o, short o... ;-)

  5. Excellent. I don't say cause i'm into the communauty, but OpenSource Pavillon is the more interesting show i can see :)*
    I've watched other Siggraph's clip but that here was the best.

    cheers Heineken :)

    *okay, with Zbrush 2.5 too.

  6. Hey nice to meet you all or at least see the faces.
    Ton looks happy or at least quite merry :o)
    I wonder if we can see some shots outside of the building and walking to the pavillion just to put the whole Siggraph event in context.A lot of us won't get there. Just be nice to get an impression as if we were visitors too.
    PS anyone noticed Ton looks like Basil Fawlty....maybe its just me ;o)

  7. Nice to see you all in the boothteam in Boston! I wish I could be there...

    /me looks with an raised eyebrowse at trip

    Have fun all! :-)

  8. @tripdragon: don't worry, we still have your footage but I wanted to limit this video to the crew. We'll do a community members video as well.

    @Logan: the Blender demoloop will be made available for download; that's what HP is playing (it's the same as the one we have here)

  9. The pavillion looked really great. While there was a lot of the "choir" there, there was definitely interested outside parties checking it out. In as mach as I think it's next to impossible to keep most people's attention in a convention like that, I think all the apps will get a much higher profile in the graphics community. I myself was impressed with the way Verse intergrated apps. Great work guys!

    Siggraph was nuts. By the time I made it to the open source pavillion I was in a daze. My feet and back were killing me from all the trekking around there. I rode my motorcycle up to Boston from New York for this and I never thought I'd look forward to sitting down on it for 4 hours on the way home to rest my weary feet and back! :-P

  10. I'm wondering if it would be ok and legal to design & make my own Blender t-shirt? Not to sell, just to be able to wear? Is the Blender logo copyrighted or is it GPL?

  11. Hey Henrymop I think it is due to copy right issues i recently went to a convention and a security guard said i wasnt allowed to take pics. But later the convention announcers said Have your photo taken up here so i didnt listen to him :P

    Great vid btw

  12. LarryPhillips on

    Enjoying the vids alot. Looks like lots of fun being had while spreading the good word. Great work, guys! Only one thing missing -a couple hot Blender babes in tight cutoff Blender teeshirts! Oh well, at least Mr. Heineken was there. :)

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