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Videotutorial: Camera Mapping In Blender


CameraMapping.jpgColin Levy, the artist of "Handscape" and the caretaker of Icarus (and maker of it's video tutorials) also has an unscripted video tutorial discussing camera mapping (a.k.a front projection mapping) in Blender with his brother Alex. Since it's unscripted, let's just call it "Camera Mapping In Blender With Colin and Alex Levy: Live!"

From his tutorial site:

Camera mapping is a really powerful technique that's used extensively in movies to turn still photos or matte paintings into very realistic 3D environments. A texture is projected FROM A CAMERA onto the objects in front of it. It allows for some basic camera moves, like push-ins and pull-outs.

It's actually a feature in most 3D applications, and so far is not available in Blender. This tutorial explains an unothodox way to get the same effect in the best free 3D application out there.

I'm sure you'll find the video worth your time to watch. Especially because you finally get to use the "make sticky" button in the mesh editing panel!

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Well Colin you've now got it in the BlenderNation news(while it already has been a few months on you site)
    LISTEN CAREFULLY because I've got stuck by not listening too good!

  2. David McSween on

    Congrats to Colin and Alex on a very entertaining tutorial! It was cool to see someone demonstrating Blender much more naturally than those slick proffesional, easy to follow video tuts ; )

    I would really like to see more if you guys can be bothered.

    Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for posting this!

    David- I'm glad you find it entertaining! I'm sitting here watching it - I'm at 10 minutes and we haven't covered anything! It does get better though. After we decide *not* to start over it begins to get better.

    Anyhow, I hope some of you find this helpful. I do plan on creating a few more tutorials so stay tuned! Hopefully I can rope Alex into it too. :)


  4. Very nice tutorial. very home brew :P .

    I've been trying this out for the past hour, but i can't get my camera at the right angle/lens strength. Anybody know where I could find some nice info on triangulating my camera position?


  5. WeWa, that can be difficult. We've always used the "Does it look good now?" technique. What kind of image are you trying to use? A photo? Are there geometric shapes and right angles?

    If so, you might be able to use a camera tracking program to figure out the camera position and focal length. If you can specify two or more parallel lines in your image for each axis – x, y, and z – it should be possible with Icarus. I've never tried to do it before so it could be hard.


  6. @WeWa: I had to match a detailed model to a scene of a lake once, and there really weren't many clues as to where the camera might have been. In the end it was just a matter of patience till I found a working perspective. It took about three hours to get it right, but it was worth it. (Good I remembered this, I I'll have put it on my homepage soon)

  7. Colin, I'm busy trying out the math atm. I'm gonna link a picture in which I drew the height of the camera/horizon, and the vertical axis. I can't remember whether or not the building in the picture is 90 degrees but i doubt it.

    feel free to hit me at hotmail; thesaurie[leave this out]


    P.S> konrad, my picture isn't too complicated, but i just can't seem to triangulate properly anymore...

  8. Pretty darn good. thanks man, i o u.

    Oh! icarus just finished downloading. I'll be sure to read up on ur icarus tutorials then!


  9. sovereignncc-e on

    That was definitely one of the more entertaining video tutorials that I have watched; I liked the "tutorial by committee" approach:) Anyway, it was a very good tutorial. I had no idea that you could do anything like that and make it look good!

  10. Well, pity there`s no file download option. When I click the link on their site, I just have to open the movie... but the computer at work can`t handle QT. So how can I download the movie to watch it at home?!

  11. Very good tutorial!

    (but maybe better in explaning the texturing)

    I'll try also with Woodoo Tracker to fined the camere settings (it's a free and good tracker crossplatform).

  12. Hi!

    Very interesting tutorial! Thank you for making and sharing it!

    I finally know what are the sticky coordinates used for!

    I hadn't used them until now! I'll try with a picture as soon as possible.


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