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Displacement Painting Script


Paintmesh_th.pngMichael Schardt (Michael S) has posted an updated version of his "Espresso" displacement painting script (now version 1.1.1). Similar in concept to SharpConstruct, Espresso is integrated into Blender with some great features.

  • graphical user interface [inside Blender!]with floating panels
  • 5 different tools: brush, airbrush, eraser, sponge, magnet
  • 6 different shapes: freehand, line, circle, rectangle, filled circle, filled rectangle
  • mirror modes: local x, y, z (also for objects without mirror modifier)
  • undo / redo: preset to 16 steps - but limited by memory only
  • unlimited number of strokes: constant, random, bitmap-based (bitmap-based stroke for freehand shape only)
  • 5 different radial falloffs: sharp, linear, cosine, spherical, constant
  • OpenGL based occlusion tests (backface- and depthtests detachable in x-ray mode)

See the thread for more info or go to Michael's site for Espresso and several other great scripts like PyTablet, an external module for adding tablet support to Blender's python scripting system, amongst others.

About the Author


Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. Just like those crazy scientists in films this is my warning to you all! Soon everything will have displacement map painting even notepad and Vi! We are not safe!

    Nice script though

  2. out-of-your-mind on

    this is so amazing! ran it a litte. works fine out of the box. awesome addition to blender. i just hope its not to late for this to make it into the next release.

  3. Vassilios Boucer on

    Amazing Script!
    Works Great!
    Will this Included in the Blenders Python Scripts Folder in the New Blender 2.42 coming Version?
    ...everything about Blender is Amazing!!!

  4. I downloaded and installed the script, but I get the error -
    Traceback :
    Flie "string", line 73, in ?
    ImportError: No module named Interface

    A little help?

  5. nice script, very nice!!!

    script does not work if you have selected: "Select with left mouse button" (blender preferences window ->view&controls).
    Maybe you can modify.. would be great cause iam a LMB selecter and dont want to change my blender preferences before using your great script...



  6. @John Kiehn
    That is a weird error. Are you a Windows user? Just to be sure, you installed like this, right?:
    1. Copy file "" into Blender's scriptsdir
    (-> usually /.blender/scripts)
    2. Copy folder "EspressoData" (which has the interface script) into /bpydata
    (-> usually /.blender/scripts/bpydata)

    That's a nice catch.

  7. Strange, all is running, I cen setup brush size etc... but whatever I do has no further effect on selected object. Dunno what I do wrong cause everything seems to be running without any problems. Any clue what I could forgot?
    Thanx a lot

  8. I had the same error as you John Kien, but I didn't know you had to put the folder into bpydata. Just a suggestion, but maybe there should be something on the site there about that?

  9. One should always read the README or INSTALL file as the first, before one installs oneself possibly somewhat or implemented (inserts). In this, mostly of the programmer provided file, one finds usually all information which one for the correct installation necessary. And there is only the correct path indicated, or necessary dependence to other programs, on which a Script develops. ;-)

  10. Hi All

    Please help

    I am quite new to Blender but understand 3D apps OK.

    I have had no problems loading scripts into blender before, but i cannot get the displacement script to show up in the scripts menu.

    I have installed it OK as per the instructions into the correct directories.

    Also i have installed onto my windows machine Python 2.4.3
    but i still cannot see the script in the menu.

    I have also followed the instructions for create the mesh.

    There are no words in there mentioning Espresso.

    I am running the windows version Blender 2.41

    can anybody help please.


  11. @ 3ddd

    1. select any mesh object.
    2. select "script-window"!!! -> under "object" should appear espresso v1.1.1.
    (You can also select the script in the 3d-window under object->scripts->espresso v1.1.1)

    if you change anything in your blender script directory while blender is running you need to hit the "update menu" button to refresh the script list.

    hmmmmm....check your: in your blender script directory (C:\Programme\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts) important is the file extension .py! cause .txt wont work!!!

    Maybe try opening the script with a text-editor and change group assignment to mesh for example (Group: 'Object' change to Group: 'mesh') save and try again, but now you need to look under scripts ->"mesh".
    (this is the assignment to which script-group the script refers in blender)


  12. Vassilios Boucer on

    I also agree with dave62!
    3ddd ....maybe you forget to Update the Python Scripts in Blenders Scripts Window in List go Up and press Update!

  13. A Big thanks to you guys.

    The Espresso Displacement script is now working.

    Wow ! what a great script.

    Since i discovered Blender a long time ago i i never used it becuase i was still a little green about 3D apps. Also when i first looked at Blender many years ago the interface frightened me.

    Now some weeks ago i decided to download and look again at The current version of Blender for Windows, all i can say is what a fantastic powerfull 3D app it is, also i cannot believe how superb the interface is as for some reason i manged to use it within a couple of sessions and with the help of the also superb manual.

    I,m hooked, i think 3D max may take a back seat for a while.

    Blender Rocks, and so do all the talented scripters.

    Thanks again you guy,s for your very quick reply.


  14. Me Again

    Please can you help with one more question.

    I have downloaded and installed Blender 2.41 for Mac OSX.

    The only thing with the Mac OSX version though is i cannot see a Scripts folder within the installation, only a Plugin folder.

    Could any one tell me why this is.

    Thanks again


    Blender newbie

  15. I don't know about mac, but on linux the scripts folder is hidden within the /.blender folder
    ie. /path/to/blender/.blender/scripts (/.blender is hidden because it starts with a dot)
    Try turning display of hidden folders on - or else just try typing it into the address bar of whatever you use to browse your computer with. Hope this helps in some way - epat.

  16. Mac OS X Users can find the .blender folder at:


    scripts should be installed at:

    Replace "blender" with the name of the folder your own blender is in, if any.

    If you're using Finder to navigate to the folders, it's rough -- you can right click on and use "Show Package Contents" but I don't know how to see the .blender folder (it's invisible). It's easier to use terminal if you know how to do that. Instructions:

    If you use Terminal, and the .py is on the desktop, do the following commands in Terminal (this assumes you've started a new Terminal window and are in ~ (your home directory):

    cd Desktop
    cp /Applications/blender/

    If you want to move it replace cp (copy) with mv (move).

    Good luck!

  17. Very interesting but Michaels site is inaccessible and I am informed that Sharp Construct is no longer under developement.
    I do understand that it has been partially integrated into Blender but I would like to try Michaels offerings.
    Where do I go from here?

  18. The Sculpt mode in Blender is a result of the efforts of Sharp Construct being implemented into Blender.

    Where do you go? For Sculpting, Blender. For Michael S, I would search around the blender forums, wiki, and mailing lists.

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