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Blender on U.S. Television?


Eskil Steenberg (vlcsnap-3520234.jpgEskil) has possibly discovered something quite amazing and I'm sure that you will agree, because Blender might have made it into prime time television.

While watching "What About Brian" he noticed that the two characters in the show (that run a game company) were using a very particular 3D package. In the screen shots below check out their monitors. Recognize the interface? I think I do.



E-mails sent to ABC (the station that airs the show) haven't been returned, which I suppose is to be expected. But certaily someone that works for the show made the call that Blender be the program of choice, so if you're that person, send BlenderNation an e-mail! So what do you think the program displayed is?

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Just a guy really into 3D, especially where Blender is concerned.


  1. I do not know about US, but I certainly know that products made in Blender are used on Ukrainian TV - that is for sure. My company works with TV channels in Ukraine and we see them some 3D videos made in Blender on a subscription basis. Given this, there is no doubt that Blender is ready for prime-time :)

  2. plantperson on

    well, it does make sense. It's a lot cheaper, obviously, to use Blender on the show rather than buying a copy of 3DS Max just to show actors using it. It's also easier than making the art department create a fake interface that looks like a 3d program. Finally, blender also sports a scary-looking interface that is just the sort of thing Hollywood likes to show when depicting computers.

  3. Yep, that is definitely blender. If you look close, you can see the IPO curves in one of the pics. Wow, looks like they are working on some pretty sweet models. I wonder who made them? Maybe the art department learned blender, or they just downloaded them from somewhere?

  4. I agree with all of plantpersons comments, as it sounds reasonable, but the fact remains its still Blender! (If they used Blender to do the special effects of the show that would be even cooler) :P

  5. @Matt: do you mean the top screenshot? I think I can see two yellow blurs in the right part of the screen - is that what you mean? It looks very much like Blender to me. I've tried filtering the image but I think there's simply not enough information left to really get a better look..

  6. @shul
    The "Orion" in that post is me :) I'm glad you pointed it out though because I hadn't seen that anyone responded to it.

  7. Looks like Blender to me. They must've made it a definite decision because no doubt they could've used any of their production software. Sweet.

  8. Maybe they picked Blender because it's free. It seems to make budgeting sense to use free props as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on the "standard" commercial products.

  9. @blendenzo: as long as those characters aren't really using the software they can get away with screenshots being displayed. In that case, one call to one of their unboubtably many 3d design studios could solve the problem for free, too, I guess? I doubt that the price of the software is a factor in this.

    My personal guess is that someone in the studio has a friend who is a Blender user, and who made some nice models for the show. It would be nice to find out :)

  10. I'm not sure if it's blender, since on the top-right there's some kind of a big button or input field. And I can't remember that blender has something like that. Also the big blurred button on the right-bottom has some strange combination with another shape like buttons and the black blur (text) on it looks a little too bit to be the named Render on the Render button.

    But still it would be awesome if it was blender, but I'm not sure about it. Anyways I hope someone can tell ut. :D

  11. Is it me, or does the character in the screenshot in the second pic look a little like Lara Croft on a motorbike?

  12. Your right!!

    It does look like lara croft. Those big buttons are uncharacteristic of Blender's default interface, but don't forget, you can zoom in on the interface, making everything look bigger. As the input, it looks more like the user preferances to me, but I don't know.

  13. Cathy-Martha Stewford on

    I rarely watch tv anymore, and therefore, on some level, care little about Blender appearing on it.
    Television, among other media avenues, is often just plain annoying, and full of people seemingly out of touch, or aggressive, self-obsessed, manipulative, power-crazy, ugly (and I don't necessarily mean in terms of appearance), or at least appearing hardly like anyone I would want to meet, much less get to know.

    And if you've an idea of the effect of media, you might also be wary of, for example, the notion of "...the continuing concentration of ownership and control of the media, leading to accusations of a 'media elite' having a form of 'cultural dictatorship'."

    Maybe this show that features Blender is some kind of exception, an anomaly, but so what.

    Display your Blender work on your own site, oh unknown artist, maybe because you did it out of a kind of quiet, sincere, soulful, purity and passion, and you may have my attention or even desire to meet you before the same can be said of many on tv or in film, etc..

  14. ... and we got our first troll...

    I think this would be a good time to say:

    *** DO NOT feed the troll ***

    thank you

  15. I've been called a troll ones for expressing my opinion. Weird thing was it was done by the smallest man I've ever seen.

    Don't tempt me by saying that I should *not do* something.

  16. I've used blender to create a cool countdown for the production crew at the TV station where I work. They had wanted a customized countdown for quite awhile, but it was a low priority item. I'm trying to get them to use my other work now.

  17. In some weeks will be showed in Venezuela a new documentary about the Free Software in our country, featuring many images and videos from Blender (bacause of their high visual quality) and other Free Software applications. I'll have informed to the BlenderNation crew about this.

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