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Elephants Dream Showing in Phoenix, Arizona


TheaterThe Elephants Dream DVDs will hopefully be shipped during the next few weeks, and the excitement in the Blender community about this event is mounting. This leads to interesting new activities: I received an email from Paul Venezio who is planning to rent a small theatre to show the movie and have a Blender usermeeting.

Paul wrote:

Coming Soon to a venue near you, the first open source animated film "Elephants Dream"!

Sounds exciting doesn't it? I can't wait to see it in theatres! Oh wait, there's no distribution network for the movie other than festivals, or is there? All of us that purchased the DVD, we are a distribution network! We can rent venues to show the DVD! We can place an ad for the premier! We can meet other Blenderheads and possibly create a few!

I've looked into this a little and I can rent, for an hour, a mini-theatre that will show the DVD on a large projection screen with surround sound during a week day for $200 US here in Phoenix, Arizona. I'll post the who, what, where and when soon. If your venue is more expensive, a few of you could join forces or charge admission, whatever it takes.

I challenge the rest of you who supported the movie by purchasing the DVD to go the next step and have your own premiere! Let's see how much world wide buzz we can create over this truly historic cinematic creation.

I love this initiative! If you are going to organise a similar event, please let us know and we'll spread the word.

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Olifantje in woestijngebieden???
    Arizona was in desert area's right(sorry for the one's who live there)
    Well gtg to school(and need to work at my geography for wednesday ;) )!

  2. That's a very good idea! Would love to see it ina a real theatre.
    Some "art" theaters where I live also do DVD showings, maybe I'll look into it.

  3. Might be worth while to checkout if you can display the HD version.
    Or even the 1024 version is better than the 24fps -> NTSC converted dvd-video one.

  4. Is it legal to charge admission to the movie? I am not completely clear on the license agreements here. What if I made money by setting this type of event up in my town and charging admission? Would that be legal?

  5. Very nice. I do have other legal questions about Orange. I am considering using it for a number of commercial ventures and was hoping they would show us the license agreement. I have never seen the entire agreement. If anyone has a link, I would love to read through the doc. Or if they have not created the agreement, they should asap.

  6. Hey! Live in Tempe! I am attending computer animation school right now! What theatre? I want to go, how do I contact Paul?!

  7. Toonami_Fan, Tallguy, etc. the first showing I plan on doing will be at Farrelli's in Scottsdale. I think I might be able to do a couple more, not sure yet. I have to talk to a friend of mine that has a home theatre company once I get back to Phoenix (working in CA right now). If he gives a green light, we can do a 'movie in the park' type thing in multiple places in the metro area. Stay tuned.

  8. This whole project has really got me thinking about opening an independant movie and coffee house in my hometown...

  9. I'm interested in setting up a premier in both Raleigh, NC USA & Asheville, NC USA soon after the DVD is released. There are good number of bars and small indy theaters that will show it for free (fold-out chairs for example) or for a nominal fee (more of a theater setting)

    I'm already planning a car Drive-In film festival all the way in October some day close to Halloween, but that's a long ways away. Anyhow, I've already got Elephant's Dream on the list of films to be shown. (I guess feel free to ask about that if you've got something to show off)

    Is anyone in NC that would like to help organize an even bigger premier? I called the coordinator at the Carolina Theater in Durham -- a very old, renovated, and large fancy theater used now for indipendent films. I didn't get a response and that was a couple months ago. I think a copy of the DVD sent to them will be a lot more convincing, and if they take it, I think I can expect some good results -- at the very least showing as part of a film festival which they do often.

    Elephant's Dream should be sent to The Animation Show too compiled by Don Hertzfeldt and Mike Judge. It's perfectly eligable. (I'll post this in their blog too)

  10. I didn't post any dates yet, because, well, I don't have the DVD yet so I can't really setup anything. The availability of Farrelli's (hope I spelled it right)is pretty well open during the time frames I can afford. As soon as I get my greedy little mitts on the DVD, I'll work out a schedule. It doesn't help that my day job is going through a major, global rollout during the same time frame. Oh well, patienced is a virtue.

  11. I'm trying to set up a showing in my home town, Houston, TX, at my university's theater ( I've already talked to the director, who would love to show the movie, though it'd only be NTSC projection (no HD projector...though if there were film prints somewhere we could do that...). Is anyone interested in helping me/attending? (It might not be for awhile, depending on when the DVDs come out/school ends...)

  12. You may want try Mesa Community College. They have a small theater on campus (at least they did last time I was there). Who knows, maybe they'll show it for free?

  13. Skottish, and anyone else near the colleges in Phoenix Metro area: Help me out and find out if they will let us show the movie there. Send me the contact information for the person in charge and I'll do the rest. Send any information to [email protected] . I would appreciate the help. Again, still waiting for the DVD before I set up anything concrete. Hopefully we'll be seeing it soon.

  14. Hey Paul, I think I'll be in the area of MCC tomorrow. I'll swing by their art/movie department and see if they'll hook us up. I've been in the MCC theater before (got to watch movies for credit!) and it's pretty nice.

  15. Here in Argentina there's an International Independent Films Festival going on... Now it is too late, but maybe a show (even in film) can be arranged fon next year... the website is
    I'll talk to some blenderheads and see what we can do...

  16. hy you may know there is an international animated film festival that will take place on june 2006 in France(festival d'Annecy) . this festival gathers thousands of art studends and professionals from all over the countries.
    During this festival,animated movies are shown indors, but there is also a giant screen in front of the Lac d'Annecy, on which some good annimated clasics are projected twice during the festival.
    I am quite sure it is too late to propose elephants dream for the official selection, but there may be a possibility to show it on the openfield screen (it is free for the audiance above all) here is the link hope it can be helpfull, . this festival is great . hope it will be possible to show blender possibilities to professional as well as to people who don't have an idiea of what can be made with it!

  17. Hey that sounds cool. I wouldn't mind trying to do something like that in NYC. Not sure where, but first I need a disc. I assume the disc has a an HD version on it, or is that a separate order?

  18. This sounds cool. I'm in tucson right now, and planning on attending NAU at flagstaff in two weeks. So, if something happens before then I could make it. :) But once I get to NAU I'm not going to have access to a car, so I won't have any way of getting to phoenix.


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