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Noodles and CinePainting?


The Orange Team have been putting the thumbscrews on Cinepaint (a Gimp fork for use in the film industry), but things don't look good:

Cinepaint's capability of editing on a higher dynamic range was instantly evident in a simple curve and level based colour correction. There was no banding, no colour flipping, really nice!

Sadly however, some of the vital correction features appeared to be broken though, gamma crashed instantly for me, and colourwheels just messed up all our images completely and generally the results were not reliable to be used in an image sequence. General batch processing tools to make use of filter/layer handling in image sequences were unfortunately missing.

[...]As a conclusion, I don't think that we use Cinepaint for anything more than touching up small render errors. Even for matte painting or textures we generally prefer GIMP since we don't really have to paint high dynamic range textures and anything else can easily be cheated.

In real Blender spirit, all the required functions for high-definition compositing are now being added to Blender:

Blender's feature set - next to the existing material node editor (nicknamed ‘noodles') - will soon include node based compositing and pass rendering for outputting RGB, alpha, zbuffer, spec, shadow and custom passes. Recently HDR and EXR output was added, too. So all the compositing, post processing can be completely taken care of internally in Blender!

Original post: Orange » Blog Archive » Noodles and CinePainting?

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  1. Well it's not a matter of it not looking good, it's just that there seems to be a common misconception that Cinepaint is used for all sorts of high end motion graphics and FX work. It's not, it's just a Gimp fork for frame-by-frame painting - i.e. dust touch up and wire removal from scanned film frames. I don't know whose fault these high expecations of it are, whether it's the community or the developers, but it's only specialised for a small, particular task and I suppose it's useful for what it does.

  2. My guess is that many people have a deep WISH for OpenSource software to be
    used professionally - and thus advertise heavily for it when it gets used professionally.

    Heh...I´m even guilty of that kind of enthusiasm when it comes to Blender.
    Sometimes we just "wish" more would use the software in famous studios and
    get the attention "we" think it deserves. Ultimatively we´re the users of the future
    and the future owners of studios so I guess it´s just a matter of time anyway ;) but we´ve
    got a long way to go - but my guess would be ..thats why peoples expectations are so sky high.

  3. OpenSource is about getting people to understand how coding works.
    That can never compete with software that is created to let the artist do his job.

  4. Hmm, I'm not sure I would put it that way. Most OpenSource projects do seem to have a strong focus on technology instead of on the user though. Maybe that explains why the Apache webserver is a more mature product than the Gimp...

    What do you think of the improvements on the userinterface/workflow that have been added to Blender over the last few releases, by the way?

  5. say, this may be an antique thread, but...
    is there anyone who might be able to point me to some howto's ?

    i'm really impressed with the nodesstuff,
    allthoug this is the best i could find, i'm confident ALOT more is possible.

    so, does the functionality compare to programs like Combustion an AfterEffects ?
    CTRL-> moves to the video editor in blender, I think the node editor may deserve such a special place as well, concidering the screen real estate it takes, also, (sometimes)when you add a node, it appears off-screen-took me a while to figure out..
    Blender just keeps on making dreams come true-er !

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