Tropical Cycle


By Bjarke Pedersen.

This is a short series of images, that I made, when I was sick. I have always been fond of desert islands, so I decided to make a couple wallpapers of one :)

You can find the separate images by clicking on my name.

Oula-Oula Journey


By Pieriko.


As announced, the Oula-Oula® journey iOS game is finally available.
I’ve spent hours to make an HD image to promot this game.

Hope you like it.



By Eldar Basic.

My name is Eldar Basic, i run a small 3D studio in Sweden. I do mostly product shots but lately I’ve been experimenting with low poly scenes. I modeled some buildings that characterize the town I live in, Jönköping.

Rendered in cycles with simple diffuse shaders.

I’ve made wallpapers of the vehicles used in the scene which you can download from my site. You are also free to use the final render.

Greetings from Sweden!



By abdou bouam.

i spent 15 days in this scene (1-8 hours/day), it is completely modeled in blender 2.7 and rendered with cycles, i can work more on it, but i decided to stop using blender for a while since i have more important things to do
btw i’m sorry for the bad quality, i made 1200 samples and it took a whole day to render with my hardware
hope you like it